5 Advantages of Chain-Link Fences on Commercial Properties

5 Advantages of Chain-Link Fences on Commercial Properties

Whether it’s a convenience store, clothing store, or tattoo studio – running a business is tough. Aside from managing everyday operations, one of the top concerns of business owners is the security and safety of their commercial establishments. 

With a functional fence installed, you can establish boundaries and keep the parameters of your property secured at all times. 

Want to learn more about fences? Explore the advantages of chain-link fences on commercial properties. 


Chain-link fencing is considered one of the best choices for commercial properties because of its durability and stability. 

Aside from your alarm system, this fencing type can make it more difficult for people or wild animals to access your facility. 

We recommend tall chain-link fences (up to 15 to 20 if necessary) with small mesh hole sizes. You can also include additional deterrents such as spikes and barbed wires at the top of your fences to prevent people from climbing.  

Hire a certified fence installer to handle the project for you. Through this, you can have specifically crafted chain-link fences to protect your property. 

Low Upkeep 

Once the chain-link fencing is installed, it doesn’t need regular maintenance. If you opt for galvanized steel or steel with vinyl coating, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and rot.

This chain-link fence variety doesn’t need a paint job or professional cleaning service

Alternatively, if you choose regular chain-link fencing, you’ll need to get it treated annually. Spray a rust-resistant coating on your fence at least once a year. 

Besides that, remove growing plants or vines in your fence. If the plants grow, they can lift the fencing from its foundation or break the chain links. 


Chain-link fences come in varying heights, color coatings, gauges, and finishings. In addition to that, this fencing type can be customized. 

You can equip it with privacy slats, knuckle top, or barb wires to increase the security and privacy it can provide. We also like that you can conveniently install a gate to match it. 

For example, if you have a warehouse, pairing your chain-link fence with an automated cantilever gate might be best. 

Alternatively, if you want something simple, you can opt for a sliding or swing gate. 

Aesthetic Appeal 

Compared to other fencing types, chain-link fencing looks plain. However, through recent innovations, you can now find customizable and aesthetically pleasing chain-link fences. 

Along with the accessories you can add to the fence are various colors, weave patterns, and design options to choose from. 

Vinyl-coated and galvanized steel wire are some of the most popular chain-link options for landscapes and commercial establishments. 

If you want an extensive renovation of your business property, check out our listicle on the best renovation contractors and architects in Edmonton. 


One of the selling points of this fence type is its price. If your chain-link fencing is powder coated or made from galvanized steel, it can potentially last for around two decades or more. 

With its durability and strength, this fencing type is a practical and long-term security upgrade for your business. 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, it also doesn’t require much maintenance and care, so you can save more.