5 Easy Bathroom Lighting Tips

5 Easy Bathroom Lighting Tips

Having a well-lit bathroom is a must. Bad lighting can substantially make your bathing space look dull and unattractive, and we don’t want any of that!

Learn more about optimal lighting and have a spa-like bathroom experience. Look into these easy bathroom lighting tips we will share with you today. 

Make the most out of the natural light in your bathroom. 

Maximize the daylight in your bathroom because the sun is the best light source you can get for free. If you have a good source of natural light in your bathroom, don’t hold back and install big windows

If you want to try something extra, you can hire an interior designer or a window replacement service to help you build floor-to-ceiling windows. Just note that the main downside to this is the lack of privacy. 

Fortunately, you can opt for frosted glass panels or tinted windows. Moreover, there are various window blinds available on local depots. Check out our article about the different types of blinds to know which will suit your bathroom. 

Bright lights with dimmers are good go-to’s. 

When it comes to bathroom light fixtures, it’s essential to look for the ones that show the natural color of your skin, eyes, and hair. If you don’t have much access to natural light, you can select bright lights with dimmers. 

With this choice, you can conveniently carry out bathroom routines such as showering, shaving, and washing. 

We like lights with dimmers because they can be adjusted to suit your lighting preferences throughout the day. For example, if you just want to relax in your bathtub, you can tone down the brightness of the lights. 

Consider having layered lighting. 

Whether you have an extensive or tiny bathing space, installing multiple light sources can significantly upgrade its look. Using various light scenes can highlight different aspects of your bathroom. 

Layered lighting also goes with contemporary or traditional bathroom designs. For starters, you can try the three layers of light: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

If you plan to start this project, we recommend that you consult a renovation contractor or an architect. You might also need to hire an electrician to do the installation for you. 

Install vanity and task lighting. 

The vanity area is one of the highlights of a bathroom, so high-quality vanity and task lighting can be a good investment for you. 

Jazz up your bathroom mirror by installing sconces or pendant lighting on each side of your vanity. This can be a total game-changer to your grooming routine. 

You see, if you only have a light source on your ceiling, there can be shadows or splotches of light in your mirror, which can be a hassle if you’re applying makeup or shaving. 

Alternatively, you can hire a carpenter or get woodwork done to achieve a customized vanity area with countertop space for lamps or LED lights. 

Invest in ambient lighting. 

If your windows are small or you don’t have good access to natural light, we recommend that you install ambient lighting in your bathroom. Ambient light fixtures can illuminate an entire space. 

Ambient lighting is the base layer and focal source of lighting in a room, so make sure to pick the one with a warm tone. Opt for flush mounts or pendants with a cove or cantilever design so the light can reach all the spaces in your bathroom.