5 Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation

5 Ways to Save Money on a Bathroom Renovation 

Are there countless changes that need to be made in your bathroom? Whether you want to change your flooring or upgrade your shower area, renovating your bathroom can be a tedious and complicated process. 

Aside from the planning stage, one of the biggest concerns of homeowners when handling bathroom renovations is budget. In this article, we’ll share some ways to save money on a bathroom renovation. 

Always have an organized plan. 

Whether you want to add a customized cabinet or plan to have a large-scale bathroom remodel, make sure to create an organized plan before starting the construction. This is because making compulsive changes halfway through the project can lead to more expenses. 

There can also be delays since you’ll have to return materials and buy new ones. Moreover, you might need to hire another contractor to redo the work if you’re unsatisfied with the results. 

To avoid this problem, know what you need to prioritize for the bathroom renovation before buying materials or hiring builders. 

Alternatively, if you don’t have a clue where to start, you can hire an interior designer and renovation contractor to help you with the planning process. 

Make minimal changes to your bathroom’s layout. 

You may need to move plumbing pipes if you plan to rearrange or enlarge your bathroom’s layout. Hiring a plumber to move your plumbing system can be expensive, especially when dealing with sewer pipes. 

That’s why if you just want to give your bathroom some touch-ups, it’s best to leave your bathroom layout unchanged. Stick to less labor-intensive projects such as tile installation, cabinet painting, and installing layers of lighting. 

Take the DIY route. 

The cost of labor or professional services is one of the biggest factors contributing to the renovation’s expenses. 

If you’re confident with your skills, try to tackle simple tasks, including replacing showerheads, painting walls, or installing light fixtures or furniture in your bathroom. 

Aside from saving money, you can also learn new skills. Just remember that if you’re dealing with a project that requires professional tools and skills, let the pros handle it. 

For example, if you need to change your bathroom’s electrical wiring, it’s best to hire an electrician to deal with the complex project and deliver the results you require.

Look for good alternatives. 

Did you know that you can still achieve an elegant and spa-like bathroom without using a lot of expensive materials? 

Through recent innovations, you can now find cheaper alternatives that can still match the look and functionality you want to achieve in your bathroom. 

Before purchasing the materials needed for the project, look into the suppliers near you and the deals they offer. 

Nonetheless, you can still invest in one or two statement items to upscale the aesthetic appeal of your bathing space. For example, you can go all out with your countertop or opt for a high-end bathtub. 

Refinish bathroom fixtures instead of replacing them. 

If the fixtures in your bathroom still work well, it might be better to just refinish them instead of purchasing new ones. You don’t necessarily have to splurge on brand new fixtures to achieve the look you want. 

For example, if you wish to update the look of your bathroom without spending much, you can hire a painter to add pops of color to your walls. In addition to that, you can also update your toilet seat and lid.