Benefits of Cat Grooming

Benefits of Cat Grooming

Cats are known to be fiercely independent, and able to care for and groom themselves without much help. However, your cats will still benefit from regular grooming with a professional.

Here are the benefits of cat grooming for those who are not convinced.

Stay Matt-Free

While cats are among the most obsessed pets when it comes to grooming themselves, they can still get matted fur from time to time. 

Getting your cat regularly groomed can keep the matting at bay, and allow your cats to enjoy silky smooth hair all the time.

Think of it like a human getting their hair done every few weeks. It helps keep the hair shiny and pretty, doesn’t it?

Reduce Problems

Another benefit of cat grooming is it helps reduce problems for your cat. This includes heat stress, parasites and ticks, irritation to the skin and paws, and unnoticed lumps.

You can personally groom your cat, but having a professional do it can help make sure your cat is healthy and happy. You may not notice a particular problem, but a veterinarian or a professional groomer has been trained to see these things.

As doctors say, prevention is better than cure, so it doesn’t hurt to be careful and cautious.

Less Shedding

Another benefit of cat grooming is less shedding. Regularly groomed cats shed less because they have healthier hair. 

This is great and sometimes necessary especially if you live with people who have allergies.

Less shedding also means less fur for you to clean up from your furniture and clothes. 

Keep Claws Short

Getting your cat groomed regularly will ensure that its claws are short. Long and sharp claws can be potentially harmful and dangerous, not only for you but for your furniture.

Left unchecked, your cat’s claws can cause damage to themselves or other people as well.

Fewer Hairballs

Cats are known to lick themselves, but a lesser-known side effect of that goes by the name of hairball or furball. This is the lump of hair from their own coat that they often swallow.

Most of the time they can vomit it out, but it can be dangerous if they don’t. A particularly large hairball can block a cat’s digestive tract or choke them.

Getting them regularly groomed can help reduce hairballs by quite a bit, so they can avoid harming themselves.

Human Comfort

Cats don’t trust people easily, so a lot of times they may not react well to strangers. If you want them to be able to get accustomed to handling, regular grooming sessions can help with that.

Think of it as cat therapy and your groomer as their therapist. Plenty of groomers are gentle and accustomed to keeping cats calm, so you don’t have to worry about them either.

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