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Best Human Resources Jobs in Edmonton

The 5 Best Human Resources Jobs in Edmonton

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Employees are the number one asset of any company, which is why managing them effectively is often a difficult but rewarding job. If you’re looking for a career in human resources, then this list you’re about to read is made just for you.

With so many great companies in the city, we based our findings on the employers who provide the best compensation packages, work-life balance, and company culture.  If these sound like important factors to consider, then today’s your lucky day.

With that said, let’s take a look at the best human resources jobs in Edmonton.

1.   HR Assistant at the University of Alberta

HR Assistant at the University of Alberta's Homepage
ADDRESS116 St & 85 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 492-3111
Email: [email protected]
ESTIMATED SALARY$25.62 – $34.59 an hour

The University of Alberta earns a spot on our list because it’s one of the most highly regarded universities in Canada. It’s also one of the largest educational institutions to work for, which gives you access to modern, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

As a Financial and Human Resources Assistant, you will be reporting to your assigned department’s manager and the Manager of the Department of Administration and Finance.

You’ll serve as the main contact person for the department and will also be tasked with advising employees with HR queries. Your duties include handling the financial operating accounts and processing HR matters for staff.

Bookkeeping or accounting experience is necessary here, as you’ll be handling budgets, invoicing, and making deposits. You’ll additionally be processing access requests as well as the necessary identification cards for new hires and visitors.

Ironically, you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree for this position, although it’s recommended and increases your chances of getting hired. However, at least two years of experience in handling financials or HR processes is required.

This position also requires you to be quite technologically savvy, needing proficiency in several programs such as Peoplesoft Financials, Peoplesoft HCM, Campus Solutions, Adobe, Google Suite, and MS Office.

One reason to work at the University of Alberta is the benefits offered such as vacation entitlement – initially at 15 days yearly for those employed less than 5 years. Those who have been employed for more than 20 years will get a total of 30 days per year.

If you’re looking for advancement opportunities here, you may be disappointed as the HR role is assigned per department and may not offer many paths upward. However, you do get reasonable work hours allowing you to maintain a healthy balance with your personal life.

With several other perks, such as The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) which provides counseling services, working at the University of Alberta is one of our top picks for human resource jobs in Edmonton.


  • Good work and life balance
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Vacation and sick leaves
  • Discounted tuition for employees


  • Limited growth opportunity
  • Different departments have different perks
  • Large company means decisions can take a long time to process

2.   Human Resources Assistant at Edmonton Police Services

Human Resources Assistant at Edmonton Police Services' Homepage
INDUSTRYPolice Services
ADDRESS9620 103a Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 0H7
CONTACT DETAILSNon-Emergency Phone: (780) 423-4567
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Phone: (780) 425-1231
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 8:00am – 8:00pm
ESTIMATED SALARY$26 – $32 Per Hour

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has been serving and protecting Edmontonians since 1892 when constables were first permitted to maintain order in the town. With only two officers in the first decade, it has since grown along with the town and now has over 2,500 (sworn and non-sworn) employees.

There’s no better way to give back to your city than to work in city services. If you’re interested in a human resources position in Edmonton’s police services, then you’ll want to consider applying for this position.

As a human resources assistant and data processing clerk, you’ll be working in tandem with the Human Resources Support and Labour Relations Branch (HRS and LR Branch). You’ll be handling employee requests, complaints, and electronic records for hearings and collective bargaining.

Due to the nature of your responsibilities here, you’ll also be working in tandem with the HR Legal Advisor, which may involve you handling several union-related matters. Therefore, any experience you may have working in a unionized setting would be welcomed.

You’ll only need a high school diploma to work here, as long as you’re adept at processing text and information, with at least three years of experience in a work setting. If you have a Certificate or Degree in Human Resources and experience in using PeopleSoft, it could increase your chances of getting accepted.

Part of your requirements will be an Enhanced Security Clearance and if hired, you will need to consent to regular security checks. So if you decide to work here, common sense would dictate that you should keep your nose clean.

The benefits package includes a flexible health spending account of up to $500 per year, although it may have limited coverage. Don’t expect any performance bonuses, salary bumps, or extravagant work events either, since this isn’t a fancy corporation after all.

However, what you do get is the day-to-day camaraderie with your colleagues and superiors knowing that you’re doing your part for your city. While you may not be physically working the beat, you’re doing the city a great gesture by assisting to keep the organization running smoothly.


  • A flexible Health spending account
  • Working for the city is rewarding
  • Minimal application requirements\
  • Health spending account


  • No performance bonuses
  • Employees pay a portion of life insurance
  • Limited coverage for Health, Prescriptions, Major orthodontist

3.   Human Resources Coordinator at NUNA Group of Companies

Human Resources Coordinator at NUNA Group of Companies' Homepage
INDUSTRYLogistics, Industrial Construction
ADDRESSNuna Logistics Partnership Unit 14, 6194 – 50 Street NW, Edmonton, AB, Canada, T6B 2N7
CONTACT DETAILSToll-Free: 1-877-499-9114
Toll-Free Fax: 1-888-734-5770
Phone: (780) 434-9114
Fax: (780) 434-7758
Email Human Resources: [email protected]
Email General Inquiries: [email protected]
ESTIMATED SALARY$60,000 – $80,000 a year

Nuna Group of Companies provides logistic solutions and construction services to a variety of companies. They are responsible for creating a majority of airstrips and all-weather roads in the Northern Territories as well as assisting mining companies to explore and drill in the region.

As the largest Inuit-owned civil construction contractor in Canada, they have hundreds of employees working across the Arctic and Northern Canada. However, as a human resources coordinator, you’ll be stationed at the Edmonton office of Nuna Logistics.

You must be a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) to apply and you’ll be expected to be familiar with using several programs. These include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, and ERP systems, among others.

Part of your duties includes screening potential job candidates, recommending promotions, and facilitating reference checks. However, the main part of your responsibilities will be to evaluate, develop, coordinate, and implement HR policies including advising managers and employees.

The requirements for application include a solid foundation and knowledge in contracts, union representation, labor relations, and other HR personnel-related matters that may arise.

Do take note that you will not be provided with a company mobile phone nor vehicle with this position, even though having a valid driver’s license is a requirement. Part of your job may involve traveling to different locations, and while a shuttle service is available, it’s not guaranteed and may prioritize transporting skilled workers to job sites.

You should expect your hands to be full since you may be handling complaints or concerns from a large number of contractual construction workers. However, if you excel at your position here, you will get a rewarding compensation package, benefits, and the stability of working for a large, successful organization.


  • Comprehensive benefits
  • Large organization with room for advancement
  • Work with a diverse and multicultural group of people


  • Requires CPHR designation
  • Doesn’t provide company phone or vehicle

4.   Human Resources Advisor at The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)

Human Resources Advisor at The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA)'s Homepage
INDUSTRYSocial Services; Non-Profit Organization
ADDRESS11120 178 Street, Edmonton, AB T5S 1P2
CONTACT DETAILSToll-Free: 1-800-252-9392
Phone: (780) 451-0043
Fax: (780) 452-3276
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8:30am – 4:30pm (MST)
ESTIMATED SALARY$58,000 – $79,000 a year

The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta or CARNA, is responsible for regulating registered nurses and nurse practitioners. They ensure that the health care being performed is of the highest standard and follows a strict code of ethics.

This non-profit organization also approves and monitors educational institutions to ensure that programs have the necessary qualifications and to ensure that future nurses are well-equipped to join the healthcare workforce.

As a human resources advisor here, your main duty will be to facilitate the entire recruitment process of new hires. You’ll also develop and implement creative strategies to achieve the goals and objectives set forth by the HR department.

You’ll have a direct supervisor to report to and together, you will both handle employee concerns and refine the institution’s HR guidelines and implementation. Part of your duties includes advising other staff on their performance, interpersonal relations, and other internal career guidance.

At least 2 years of post-secondary schooling in human resource management is needed to apply here. If you’re currently attaining the credentials to be a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, it would be an advantage.

Aside from your monthly salary, which could range from $58,000 – $79,000 a year, you’ll also be eligible for performance bonuses. With a tightly-knit and professional work culture, you’ll be part of a small community that regularly fosters a positive team atmosphere.

Some of the benefits include dental, extended health care, life insurance, employee assistance, and paid leaves. You’ll also have full unlimited use of an on-site gym and parking at no extra cost.

All in all, working at CARNA is a fulfilling experience and although indirectly related to health care, you’ll be working for a non-profit organization that provides an invaluable service to residents of Edmonton. 


  • Not much technical experience needed
  • Non-profit work provides fulfilling rewards
  • Good compensation package with extras


  • Lack of advancement opportunities
  • May not receive promotions
  • Underfunded pension plan

5.   Junior Recruitment Advisor at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

Junior Recruitment Advisor at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)'s Homepage
INDUSTRYPost-Secondary Education

ADDRESS11762-106th Street, Edmonton, AB T5G 2R1
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 471-8930
Fax: (780) 491-3149
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
ESTIMATED SALARY$39,000 – $57,000 a year

The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology or NAIT is a polytechnic university that offers a proactive, technology-based approach to learning and research. Students that graduate here have skills that can contribute to society’s industrial, engineering, culinary, and research sectors, just to name a few.

NAIT has been named one of Alberta’s Top 100 Employers for 10 years and counting – they’re known for compensating their employees well and for promoting a supportive work culture. If you’re looking for a rewarding career that enables you to grow both in and out of work, then you’ll want to consider sending an application here.

As a junior recruitment advisor in NAIT’s HR consulting services, you’ll be reporting to a supervisor and collaborating on managing the entire recruitment process. You’ll also have a chance to help develop engaging interview processes and work together with other HR staff and managers to refine the hiring procedure.

You’ll need to have graduated from a diploma program in human resources with at least a few years of experience though. Those with a background in another post-secondary institution in a similar capacity will be prioritized on the recruitment list.

Take note though that if you received your education from another country, you’ll need to have it first evaluated by World Education Services or the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS). So you may want to perform this check before sending in your resume.

NAIT also provides a comprehensive benefits package, which includes a pension plan, dental, extended health coverage, and insurance, among others. You’ll also have a flexible spending account, employee and family assistance, and leave credits, which are generous benefits when compared to other organizations.

Moreover, you’ll have access to campus perks like their Retail Meat Store and the NAIT Animal Health Clinic. Should you decide to take a diploma course there while working, you’ll receive a discount on your tuition fees as well.


  • Health spending account of up to $800 each year
  • Free counseling service for employees
  • Good work-life balance


  • Low salary
  • Limited decision making abilities
  • Experience is a requirement

FAQs about Human Resources Jobs

This concludes our list of the best human resources jobs in Edmonton. We hope you found an employer or position that matches what you’re looking for.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations of other possible career paths in HR, drop us a line, and we’ll make sure to check it out.

Human resource management can be a complicated and tricky job that can often require legal consultation. Should you need a lawyer, check out this list of the best employment lawyers in Edmonton for your reference.