Different Kinds of Fences to Choose From

Different Kinds of Fences to Choose From

A fence is important in ensuring the safety of your family and property. When building a new fence, you need to take a look at your options and see which ones will benefit you the most.

All types of fences have different advantages that they bring to the table. It’s time to learn what they are.

Check out the different kinds of fences you can choose from to secure your house.

Wood Fence

If you value privacy as much as security, a wood fence can be a great choice. Compared to other fencing materials, wood tends to have an ace in privacy because you can put each slab next to each other and avoid spaces in between where people outside can look in.

You can make it as tall as you want and add some extra features to make it even more secure. Some homeowners like to add thorny plants alongside the fence to add more deterrent against criminals.

If that’s not enough you can install floodlights and security cameras too. 

You can also customize them to fit your aesthetic goals because of the many different options being offered in the market. You can use paint to add some colour or make shapes out of the slabs to give your fence some personality.

On the downside, wood fencing isn’t as durable as other fencing materials. It also requires quite a bit of maintenance from you. 

Precast Concrete Fence

If you want complete privacy and security, one of the best options you have is a precast concrete fence. This material is long-lasting, durable and requires little to no maintenance. 

You also won’t need to worry about holes because you’ll have a single block that will keep outsiders’ eyes off your property.

You can also experiment with different looks if you’re looking for a certain aesthetic since there are many ways to design and customize this kind of fence.

On the other hand, this type of material is a lot more expensive than others. It’s also permanent, so if you’re feeling indecisive we suggest you think it through some more.

Chain Link Fence

For some people, chain link fences aren’t the most visually appealing, but it’s an economical fencing solution. It’s affordable, great for containing pets, and extremely durable.

Chain link fences require little to no maintenance, so if you’re out of budget and don’t have a lot of time for upkeep, this is the one for you.

Steel Fence

If you want a durable, weather-resistant fence, you should go for metal or steel. Steel is one of the strongest materials that will help you keep out intruders but also contain any rambunctious pets or children. 

It does require ongoing maintenance like regular sanding and repainting to keep rust from building up, but it’s a good choice if you want something that won’t easily dent or bend.

Wrought Iron fence

If you want a fence that is visually striking, a wrought iron fence should be a great choice. It fits into an elegant, traditional look with its thin, long, black slates with unique designs and top pieces.

This material is also quite sturdy and secure, but since it is see-through you may not have much privacy. You may also need to prepare for a ton of upkeep.

It is also more expensive than other fencing materials. If you’re building a home, ask your contractor if you can set aside a budget for it.

Otherwise, you may need to take out a housing or personal loan.


 A white picket fence is usually made out of vinyl or PVC. These materials are often sturdy and easy to clean.

You don’t even need to hire a cleaning service to maintain them. Just a bit of soap and water can easily make it look good as new.

If you’re looking for a more practical fence that provides privacy and security with little to no maintenance required, this is your best choice.