How to Find the Best Event Planner for Your Party

How to Find the Best Event Planner for Your Party

When you’re planning a large event, all the details may seem confounding. Hiring an event planner to help you manage tasks and procure the needed resources can help you save time and avoid extravagant costs.

Find out ways to find and hire the best event planner for your party below.

Determine Your Main Objectives

Event planners can handle many aspects of planning a party, from music to party supplies to catering. However, it’s important for you to determine your main objectives before you start searching.

What kind of services do you need from your event planner? Do you need them to design invitations, select the venue, choose the food and beverage menu, hire waitstaff, source speakers and entertainment like comedians or magicians, or help you on-site for the day of production? 

Answering this question will help you narrow down your choices for an event planner and maximize your use of their services.

Once you have a clear idea of your goals, crunch down your numbers until you arrive at a budget estimate for the entire affair. This can also help you find and select event planners who will execute your ideas without breaking the bank.

Make a List

There are a million and one people who can help you plan a party, only one can help you make it special. Don’t just jump the gun with your choice of an event planner.

After you determine your objectives, make a list of prospective candidates. You can find possible event planners through online review websites, word of mouth, or social media. 

Get a clear picture of their offered services and pricing from their websites. Reading what their past clientele says about them is also important.

Interview Your Best Bets

Once you narrow down a list of your favorite places, find the time to sit down and talk to them. Consider yourself a recruiter getting to know an applicant.

Ask them questions about past experience, and their business. It’s also important to know how they will handle contingencies.

Events never lack for emergencies or last-minute changes, so having a flexible event planner will help you avoid trouble on the day of the event.

Do take note that good event planners will have questions for you as well. They will inquire about your preferences, guest count, budget and timeline to get a sense of what you want.

At the same time, you’ll want to filter out the candidates who don’t have a good rapport with you. You will be dealing with them a lot for the duration of the planning and the day of the event, so you don’t want someone who won’t be able to get along with your personality.

Be sure to check their references as well, just to be 100% certain they don’t have botched events in their past.

Find the Best Event Planner for Your Party

Once you follow all these steps, you’re ready to pick the best partner for your event. Next, you’ll need to hammer down other event necessities.

Do you want to hire photographers to commemorate and document your special day? Are you interested in finding videographers to turn your event into a film?

Whatever you need, you can find them through our curated reviews about the best party vendors in Edmonton.

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