How to Find a Good Concrete Contractor

How to Find a Good Concrete Contractor

For any concrete project, the presence of a good concrete contractor is important. They will make sure the construction goes as planned and within the allotted time and budget.

Whether you’re looking to create a concrete driveway, road, patio, or walkway, there are concrete contractors that will help you get the project done perfectly.

Use the following tips to help you find a good concrete contractor for your project.

Make a List

Before you sign with any contractor, make sure to do ample research first. You can look for reviews online to gauge customer experience from any particular firm.

On this site, we review different services in Edmonton and tell you the best options for each one. Our top picks for the best concrete contractors in Edmonton can be found here.

You can also go the direct route by going to the municipal building department and asking for a list of concrete contractors from a construction inspector. 

Construction inspectors have the job of inspecting concrete forms and sites before the concrete is poured, so they know the good companies.

By doing this, you can narrow down your list of potential contractors.

Ask for Recommendations

Another way to find a good concrete contractor is by asking for recommendations. If you have friends or family or neighbours who have hired concrete contractors before, they can tell you about their experiences and what to look for.

Their firsthand experience will let you know if a concrete contractor is worth your time and money.

Ask Relevant Questions

When you finally narrow down your list of companies, you can start asking for a consultation. As you do this, make sure to ask the relevant questions that will help you find the best fit for your project.

Here are some questions that you should ask your contractor:

  • Do you have a portfolio of pictures of your previous work?
  • How long will this project take?
  • Have you done a similar project before?
  • How much experience do you have with this kind of construction?
  • What are your terms of payment?
  • Do you have certifications?

Verify Insurance

Any decent contractor will have insurance in place. They will also be able to provide you with their licenses and permits, so don’t be afraid to ask for proof.

Contractors don’t only manage a construction project, they also handle the relevant legal and regulatory requirements for each site. 

Hiring concrete contractors with the relevant insurance and licenses will not only protect your investment but also make sure your project will flow smoothly.

Compare Prices

When you meet with potential contractors, you can ask them for a quote on their services. Ask every one of the firms you meet with to help you compare notes on their pricing, payment terms, and schedule. 

This will prevent you from spending too much or over the budget.

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