Things to do at High Level Bridge

Things to do at High Level Bridge

Beloved by local Edmontonians and tourists alike, the High Level Bridge of Edmonton is one of the most popular structures in the city. Let’s check out what people love about it, some things to do on the bridge and around the area!

A Little Background

Other than being an interesting-looking structure in Edmonton, the bridge has quite a bit of history. It actually opened in 1913 with the original purpose to connect Edmonton and Strathcona, when the two communities were still separate. 

It was constructed to be able to accommodate rail, streetcar, two-way automobile, and pedestrian traffic. But due to structural limitations, the bridge is only now open to one-way street traffic (bikers are more than welcome) and the High Level Bridge Streetcar.

The bridge spans the Saskatchewan River, with a height of 157 feet above the water. This height allows for scenic views over the river.

Some Notable Features and Additions

In 1980, the Great Divide Waterfall was added to the bridge. It was constructed by the artist Peter Lewis in order to commemorate the 75th birthday of Alberta.

It was a man-made waterfall that pumped out 50,000 liters of water a minute. However, it was shut down in 2009 due to issues affecting the river’s environment. 

While the pipes are still on the bridge, there have been no solid attempts to restart the waterfalls because it may not be cost-effective.

Another notable but enduring addition to the bridge is from a campaign called “Light the Bridge”, which started in 2013. For the project, 60,000 LED lights are installed on the bridge.

These LED lights provide a stunning display of colors during early mornings and evenings. The colors of the lights also change to honor various holidays, as well as in observance of different social causes.

Things to Do and Nearby Attractions

Of course, experiencing Edmonton’s High Level Bridge isn’t complete without having to ride the heritage streetcar. Passengers are treated to breathtaking views over the Saskatchewan river.

Many people consider hopping on the streetcar a must-do Edmonton experience.

To top it all off, people should also visit the Strathcona Streetcar Barn & Museum after crossing the river.

Speaking of things to do after checking out the High Level Bridge, there are a whole lot of other things to do to make the most out of your visit. 

After sightseeing and getting a history lesson, you can enjoy the nearby fine dining restaurants or cafes, such as The Butternut Tree, which is just a few steps away.

And you can make the night even more fun by chilling in one of the bars in the area as a great compliment to a casual date night or hangout among friends.

After all that, why not wait for the sun to set and hang out by the bridge to enjoy the lights over the river? The bridge and all the lights reflected over the water make for a perfect photo opportunity.

A lot of people also pass by the bridge for their early morning jogs just to check out how the LED lights look in the dusk. You can add some of these coffee shops to your route to perk you up, if you’re in this club.

And if you’ll be bringing your car instead, take note of reliable parking spots for your vehicle. 

Anyway, if you’d prefer to take a vehilce to visit the location, it’s pretty easy even without a car: you can always just use taxi services to get there. Or for larger groups, check out these bus rentals so you’re sure everyone’s in on the fun.