Remodelling vs. Renovation

Remodelling vs. Renovation

Should you remodel or renovate your property? It’s a question that many homeowners face at some point. 

Both have pros and cons, and the answer depends on your specific situation. 

This article will explore the differences between remodelling and renovation to help you decide which is most suitable for you.

What’s the Difference Between Remodeling and Renovation?

Remodelling and renovation are words that many people use interchangeably but have entirely different meanings.

Remodelling typically refers to changes made to a home’s interior. These changes could include updating the flooring, painting the walls, or installing custom cabinets.

You can also remodel specific areas around your house, like the kitchen or the bathroom. 

Renovation, on the other hand, refers to changes made to a home’s structure. Renovation contractors specialize in adding an expansion, repairing the foundation, changing the roofline, or installing new windows and doors.

If you want to upgrade your home’s interior or change your interior design, remodelling is your best bet. If you wish to restructure your house and fix major problems, you should go for renovation.

Suppose you’re still unsure what option to take. In that case, we suggest getting in touch with a professional like a contractor or interior designer who can provide the insight and information you need to make a decision. 

The Pros and Cons of Renovating Your Home

There are many benefits to renovating your home, both for your enjoyment and to increase its value.

Renovating can add extra living space, update outdated features, or simply make your home more comfortable to live in. It can also be a great way to increase your property’s value if you ever decide you want to sell.

Renovation can also reduce the cost of your utilities, mainly if you invest in better insulation

On the other hand, you can spend a lot of money on renovation. In particular, old houses can be tricky because you never know what surprises you might get.

Renovation is also a lot of work, especially if you do it yourself. To avoid the stress, we recommend hiring an excellent contractor.

Before making a final decision, ensure you understand the full scope of the renovation project and have a realistic budget in mind.

If you think renovation is your best option, check out this guide to renovation in Edmonton to help you figure out where to start. 

The Pros of Remodelling Your Home

Remodelling your home comes with great perks.

A well-executed remodelling can add up to 20% to the value of your home, so it’s a great way to increase your investment while also making your home more livable.

Some remodelling projects deliver high results, including garage door repair and installing vinyl windows and vinyl siding

Remodelling can also make your home more comfortable and functional.

You can also add new features like a home gym or a sunroom, which can make your home more enjoyable to live in.

Overall, remodelling is a great way to improve your home without going through the hassle and expense of moving. 

On the flip side, remodelling can be expensive and time-consuming. There’s also no strict guarantee that you will be able to recoup your investment.

If your house has existing issues, you can also encounter constraints during the remodelling process.

We suggest getting a home inspection from an accredited consultant to see if your house can be remodelled or renovated.