Edmonton is home to some of the best medical facilities in western Canada. Whether you’re suffering from a minor injury or a serious illness, we’ve reviewed every doctor, specialist, clinic, and hospital that offers the best medical services in Edmonton.


You don’t have to run around the city to find the best hospitals in Edmonton because we’ve done all that for you. We visited and listed down the leading hospitals that have the best treatments, well-trained staff, convenient billing services, well-furnished facilities, and experienced specialists who can take care of your needs.


If you feel like an emotional breakdown is just lurking around the corner, you should visit the leading mental health clinics in Edmonton. Whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or psychological trauma, the facilities on our list are the best at helping people manage their problems.


Running out of medication can be life and death for some. That’s why we’ve made sure to track down the best pharmacies in the city that are easily accessible, open 24/7, and have stockpiles of medicine available.


Our beloved pets also need medical attention from time to time. To make sure that your cute companions are in tip-top shape, we’ve listed down the leading vet clinics in Edmonton that provide regular checkups, diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries for different types of animals.


If your loved ones are too sick or old to leave the house, we also have a thorough list of the best services for home health care in Edmonton. The city has access to services like post-surgery care, certified home nurses, special-needs caregivers, companionship services, and more.

Edmonton's Top Cardiologist

The Top Cardiologists in Edmonton

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Best Edmonton Doctors

The 5 Best Edmonton Doctors

Featured Image Source: Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash By: Amelie Dube When you’re sick, the best thing you can do is to get checked by the best Edmonton doctors. This article will help you look for the top doctors in Edmonton to help you get checked. We’ve also included some of the common questions you might …

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Best Urologist in Edmonton

The 5 Best Urologists in Edmonton

Featured Image Source: The Blue Diamond Gallery by Noah Murray Have you been referred by your family doctor to see a urologist? If so, you can stop worrying about searching for one since we’ve made a list of the top urologists in Edmonton. After careful and thorough research, we’ve compiled a list of urologists based …

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