Other Services

Known as the “Gateway to the North”, Edmonton is a city that most travellers pass through before reaching the other areas of Alberta. As a result, Edmonton is a hotbed for local businesses that offer a seemingly endless list of services.


To give you a peek at the diverse offerings hidden within the city, we decided to put on our running shoes and explore every nook and cranny to find the most interesting services available. As a result, we’ve compiled detailed lists and personal reviews of all the odd jobs and essential services you can find in Edmonton.


If you love to drink and have a good time, you’ll love reading about the best alcohol delivery in Edmonton. Our adventures in the city have led us to the top companies that deliver affordable bulks of wine, rum, beer, and snacks for all your party needs.


Are you stuck with a tattoo that reminds you of a painfully embarrassing time in your life? You don’t have to beat yourself up anymore because we’ve listed down a few shops that provide the best tattoo removal in the city at super affordable rates.


Weddings don’t come often and planning the perfect one can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve listed down the best wedding planners in Edmonton who have the most recommendations, impressive customer reviews, customizable packages, and consultation services to make your weddings as convenient and memorable as possible.


Losing someone is one of the hardest things that anyone can go through in their lifetime. To help you say goodbye to your dearly departed, we’ve rounded up the top funeral homes in Edmonton that offer the best services, pre-planning options, onsite flower shops, 24/7 assistance, and affordable funeral packages.