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The 5 Vendors for the Best Artificial Grass in Edmonton

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If you’re in need of artificial grass for golfing, landscaping purposes, or the like, you’re in luck. Today, we’re listing the top vendors selling the best artificial grass in Edmonton!

These are the stores that we’ve found that supply the best artificial grass in Edmonton, whether in terms of variety of stock or environmental-friendliness of offerings. They have the most reasonable prices too!

Anyway, let’s go check them out:

1.  Rymar Grass

Rymar Grass' Featured House
(Source: Rymar Grass)
BEST FOR  Artificial Grass
ADDRESS 3117 – 16th Street NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 7K8
CONTACT DETAILS 403-278-9777 | [email protected]

First on our list of the places for the best artificial grass in Edmonton is Rymar Grass.

They have a varied selection of grass suited to your needs, whether it’s for landscaping, playground, pet, or sport solutions. They have mats and artificial grass of different density, materials and sizes.

Some of the pickings are environmentally-friendly, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it being unsustainable. Their products meet or exceed US CPSC and IPEMA guidelines, so you know they’re safe for use.


  • Non-staining
  • Polyurethane coating prevents abrasion
  • Financing available

2. The Synthetic Turf Co.

The Synthethic Turf Co.'s Logo

BEST FOR  Artificial grass
ADDRESS 15145 117 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5M 3V7
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 438 8873

The Synthetic Turf Co. is a premier provider of the best artificial grass in Edmonton. Their lush synthetic grass systems are perfect for landscapes, pets, playgrounds, roofs, decks, patios, and many more.

Their grass is low-maintenance and made with only the best and latest in artificial grass technology, so you’re getting top-of-the-line products. Aside from the low-maintenance build, The Synthetic Turf Co. has a longer life-cycle & low environmental impact as well.


  • Suppliers of Smart Turf® with Mircoban.
  • In stock turf and accessories
  • 100% US made Turf.

3.  Whitemud Landscape Center

Whitemud Landscape Center's Homepage
(Source: Whitemud Landscaping Center)
BEST FOR  Punctual and professional team
ADDRESS 5020 55 Avenue, NW, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780-886-0769 | [email protected]

Aside from creating gorgeous landscapes, Whitemud Landscape Center also supplies different materials needed for landscaping, including artificial turf. They hold a large supply of the needed items for all your artificial grass needs at a reasonable price.

Being one of suppliers with the best artificial grass in Edmonton, they quickly replenish their stock so that you get what you need when you need it. Now that’s quality service!


  • Accurate pricing
  • Reasonable rates


4.  Evergreen Turf

Evergreen Turf's Homepage
(Source:Evergreen Turf)
BEST FOR  Artificial Grass
ADDRESS 20920 100 Ave NW, Edmonton AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780.906.5065 | [email protected]

As a wholesale retailer of artificial turf and one of the places with the best artificial grass in Edmonton, Evergreen Turf supplies great artificial grass for a number of needs, from pets to T-lines.

They also provide installations for turf that you’ve purchased, and they offer financing with no upfront fees as well as penalty for early payouts. They also provide services throughout Red Deer and Northern Alberta.


  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • Long terms, low payments
  • Zero downpayment


5.  BurnCo Landscape Centre

BurnCo Landscape Centre's Homepage
(Source:BurnCo Landscape Center)
BEST FOR  Artificial Grass, Landscaping Materials
ADDRESS 11703 – 199 Street NW, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 718-5231
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Saturday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

BurnCo is a well-known supplier of landscaping needs, from mulch to accessories. They also have an array of artificial grass products from a number of brand names — there’s no shortage of the choices they can roll out!

Being one of the providers of the best artificial grass in Edmonton, they can provide nearly any artificial grass, green kits, as well as turf accessories you require.

They also have branches all over Alberta, so even when you’re out of town, you can go to any of their branches and pick out artificial grass that suits your needs.


  • Brand-name carrier
  • Several branches all over Alberta
  • Responsive staff

If you get artificial grass from any of these stores and companies, no doubt you’ll be getting prime stuff, whether you need it for your kid’s playground, or lining out football fields.

Are there any places that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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