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Best Wedding Videographers in Edmonton

The 7 Best Wedding Videographers in Edmonton

By Emma Fraser

The best wedding videographers in Edmonton can capture the most magical moments on one of the most special days of your life. What better way to tell a love story than to piece together cinematographic shots into a compelling narrative?

We’ve gathered a list of those who can express your love story in a series of videos, weaving them expertly through editing. Here are the best wedding videographers in Edmonton who can make your wedding video a work of art.

1.  Visionary Weddings

Visionary Weddings' Logo
(Source: Visionary Weddings)
BEST FOR  Wedding Videos
PRODUCTS https://www.visionaryweddings.ca
WEBSITE https://www.visionaryweddings.ca
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | https://www.visionaryweddings.ca/contact

First in our list of the best Edmonton videographers is Visionary Weddings.

They aim for the creation of ageless videos that are long lasting. They don’t want outdated videos: they want to create videos that are gorgeously rendered and that will never lose value.

They do a great job capturing emotions and the moments of tenderness in between. Their style is minimalistic and timeless, and a mix of seriousness and playfulness.

It’s this that makes them one of the best wedding videographers in Edmonton.


  • Premium video production
  • Films all over Canada

2.  Zokah Photo and Video

Zokah Photo and Video's Logo
(Source: Zokah)
BEST FOR  Wedding Videography
PRODUCTS https://www.zokah.ca
WEBSITE https://www.zokah.ca
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 1 7806678595 | [email protected]

Zokah offers wedding videography services suited to all needs. With an earnest need to capture your love story in a raw and honest way, they’re a firm believer of no filters and authenticity in showing love.

They’ve told stories in a compelling manner through editing and great cinematography. So many couples across cultures and boundaries have attested to the quality of their work, which is why we believe they’re among the best wedding videographers in Edmonton.


  • Multi-day wedding photography available
  • Packages available

3.  IntegraFilms

Integrafilms' Homepage
(Source: Integrafilms)
BEST FOR  Videography
PRODUCTS https://www.integrafilms.net/weddings
WEBSITE https://www.integrafilms.net
ADDRESS 10818 Jasper Avenue #35017 Edmonton, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS 780-909-2763 | [email protected]

First in our list of the best wedding videographers in Edmonton is IntegraFilms.

What makes IntegraFilms unique is their signature “blockbuster” look. They’ve served countless businesses, government agencies, and the city itself. What they usually try to do is shoot in a way that captures authentic emotions and genuine moments.

With their artistry and love for the craft, your wedding video will look like something people would actually see in a film. Their HD videos are a sight for sore eyes!

It’s this that makes them one of the best wedding videographers. Their work takes you back to that special day itself, and the magical feeling you got from it.


  • Premium video production
  • B2B and Wedding packages available

4.  Cinema Captures

Cinema Capture's Logo

BEST FOR  Wedding videography
PRODUCTS https://www.cinemacaptures.com/
WEBSITE https://www.cinemacaptures.com/

IG: instagram.com/cinema.captures
FB: https://facebook.com/cinemacaptures

ADDRESS 9327 223 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 7K1
CONTACT DETAILS 780-293-6716 | [email protected]

Cinema Captures is one of the best wedding videographers in Edmonton. They’ve even been featured in plenty of blogs and can be hired for a fair price.

They have a lot of experience in multiple types of videography, but they specialize in capturing weddings on video. They capture important moments that are  filled with emotion and genuine, no-frills reality.

If you want content that makes you look back fondly on your special day, Cinema Capture is a popular got-to for the best wedding videographers in Edmonton.

To top it off, they also won a lot of awards:

Junebug Weddings 2021 Choice Awards Winner for Favorite Video “Bliss” – Aug 2021
Best Cinematographer 2022 Sweden Film Awards “Cooking With Kyssara” – Feb 2022
“Best Of Canada” Wedding Videography on Love Stories TV – Oct 2019-21
Vegas Movie Awards Best TV/Web Series “Cooking With Kyssara” – Dec 2021
“Best Wedding Videographer” by Giggster – April 2022
Golden Leaf Intl Film Festival “Cooking With Kyssara” Best Children’s Short – Nov 2021
“Best Videographer – Edmonton” by Three Best Rated – Aug 2020-21
New York Film Festival Award “Cooking With Kyssara” Best 1st Director – Jan 2022
“Best Wedding Videographer”, Best In Edmonton – June 2020-21
Vegas Movie Awards Audience Choice Winner “Cooking With Kyssara” – Dec 2021
“Aidan & Janelle Wedding” Publish on Confetti Magazine – April 2021
Featured Vendor at The Wedding Fair, Calgary – Mar 2022
“Drive” FB Highlight on Love Stories TV – Feb 2021
Vegas Movie Awards Best Child Actress “Cooking With Kyssara” – Dec 2021
“Great Adventure” FB Showcase on Wedding Fair Calgary & Edmonton – Sept 2020
“Top Videographer” by Best In Edmonton – April 2020
Official Selection Arizona Faith & Family FF “Cooking With Kyssara” – Feb 2022
“Breathtaking” video Feature on LSTV – Sept 2020
Okotoks Film Festival Showcase “Cooking With Kyssara” – Apr 2022
“I Will Follow You” video Spotlight on Wedding Fair IG Stories – Aug 2020
“Finally, Freddy!” video Headline Feature on Love Stories TV – Jan 2020
Nomination 4th Meihodo Int’l Youth Visual Media Festival – Feb 2022
“Breathtaking” video IG Highlight on Wedding Fair Calg & Edm – Sept 2020
1st Place – DJI Official “Share Your #Summer” Event – July 2019
Showcased on LS Instagram’s “Meet the Filmmaker 2019” series
‘Finally, Freddy!’ Showcase | LSTV Facebook – Feb ’20
Featured Vendor at The Wedding Fair, Edmonton – Jan 2020
“Essential Drone Travel Tips” – Official DJI Guides 2019
“Sunshine & Whiskey” Styled Shoot Feature on Confetti Wed Mag – Nov 2020


  • Packages available
  • Engagement videos
  • Award-winning firm


5.  LifeSong Films

LifeSong Films
(Source:LifeSong Films)
BEST FOR  Wedding videography
PRODUCTS https://www.lifesongfilms.com/weddings
WEBSITE https://www.lifesongfilms.com/weddings
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780-278-8112 | [email protected]

LifeSong Film’s main objective is to capture love in detail. Whether you get their full-day or half-day package, their services are like no other, being able to tell you stories in a meticulously stitched video that you will be sure to watch again and again.

Their down-to-earth approach has delighted several couples, who recommend this amazing service. They can store moments in a raw, personable manner that will bring out tears or laughter.

Their effective visual storytelling has made them a go-to for wedding videography. In fact, many say they’re one of the top choices for the best wedding videography in Edmonton.


  • Half-day packages available
  • Small business services available

6.  Forever Films

(Source: Forever Films)

BEST FOR  Wedding videography and photography
PRODUCTS https://www.foreverfilmsweddings.com/wedding-videography/
WEBSITE https://www.foreverfilmsweddings.com/
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS http://www.foreverfilmsweddings.com/investment/

Forever Films consists of Gabriel and Elisa, Edmonton-based wedding photographers and videographers for local and destination weddings. Together, they strive to create high-end films what will withstand the test of time and capture those moments that will make you relive your wedding day over and over again.

They look at wedding videography as an extension of their filmmaking background. Making something that is cinematic is just as important to them as making something that will be timeless.

They focus on creating a film that encompasses every moment you experience on your wedding day and especially those that you don’t!


  • Offers various packages
  • Skilled and experienced

7.  Panemorfi Weddings

(Source: Panemorfi Studios)

BEST FOR  Video production with a signature cinematic style
PRODUCTS Wedding Collections, Elopement Collections, Destination Weddings, Multi-day events
WEBSITE https://www.panemorfiweddings.com/
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]780 – 991 – 1537
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

If you’re looking with a studio with a signature creative style injected in all their projects, we think that Panemorfi Studios is the right fit for you. For over a decade, they have been providing stellar photography and videography services in Edmonton.

We were really impressed by Panemorfi’s portfolio. Their past projects all stunning. If you want something to remember your special day with, one of their pieces could would definitely be a gorgeous memento.

They consider themselves to be storytellers, and their pieces are emotionally-driven films. So if that is something you are interested in, we implore you to go check their work, which you can find on their website

Another thing that we really appreciate is that they also offer photography services for your wedding. We like that they have complete photo and video services, from the consultation to the post-production.

All in all, Panemorfi Studios is a good studio that is worth checking out. And if you like their work, they also do dance films, music videos, commercials, and bordior and editorial photography.


  • Signature cinematic style
  • Offers both photography and videography
  • Complete services from consultation to post-production

The best wedding videographers in Edmonton can capture beautiful moments in your special day, and with great editing, they can weave a beautifully written love story that’s unique for you and your love.

But what if you need wedding photographers instead? Then, try checking out this list of the best wedding photographers in Edmonton to help you capture the love of your life on camera.