The 10 Best Business Consulting in Edmonton

By Noah Murray

The best business consulting in Edmonton can give you the advice needed for your businesses to make the right decisions for the long haul.

We’ve searched Edmonton for agencies that helped build plenty of businesses, local or otherwise. And we also asked companies which consulting firms were the best at giving great analyses and planning.

These were the ones we’ve discovered. These firms were a cut above the rest and have proven their excellence time and time again. Try them out!

1.  Omni Management Consulting

Omni Management Consulting's Logo
(Source: Omni Management Consulting)
BEST FOR  Business Consulting
ADDRESS Unit 217, 236 91 Street SW Edmonton AB, T6X 1W8
CONTACT DETAILS 780.777.6777 |

First on our list of the services with the best business consulting in Edmonton is Omni Management Consulting. Omni offers better strategies by building better relationships, crafting better strategies, and creating manageable goals.

Building and delivering a strategy is just a small part of what they do, as they offer a slew of programs to suit your needs and what kind of plan you want for the long run.

They have an easy-to-understand 4-step process for their clients. Dedication to helping your business succeed makes them one of the services with the best business consulting in Edmonton.


  • Leadership program available
  • 4-step process
  • Relationship building


2.  Magnolia Consulting

Magnolia Consulting's Logo
(Source: Magnolia Consulting)
BEST FOR  Business Consulting
ADDRESS (Jasper Ave) Scotia Place 10060 Jasper Avenue Suite 2020, Tower 1 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5J 3R8

(NW) 201, 4139 – 98th Street NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6E 5N5

CONTACT DETAILS (Jasper Ave) 1-844-888-6488 | (NW) 1-780-680-4884 |

Magnolia Consulting mainly focuses on marketing consulting, but also provides business consulting as well. They also offer business plan writing, offering you market research, writing, and formatting.

As a top consulting firm in the realm of marketing, they will guide you on how to build brands and manage franchises. They can help businesses with solutions that go across different media.

This makes them one of the better options if you need the best business consulting in Edmonton.


  • Marketing consulting
  • Offline conversions available
  • Franchise management


3.  Spurrell & Associates

Spurrell & Associates' Logo
(Source: Spurrell)
BEST FOR  Small business consultation
ADDRESS 10207 111 Street NorthWest, Edmonton, AB T5K 2V6
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 665-4949 |
OPERATING HOURS 9:00-5:00 (Mon-Fri)

Spurrell & Associates’ goal is to keep small businesses from failing within the first five years by guiding them with financial planning and consultation. They’re mainly an accounting firm but they provide useful intel for small businesses to succeed in terms of longevity.

They provide accounting services to their clients, whether corporate or personal, and also offer financial services, incorporation and corporation reorganization, and more.

They’ve made a name for themselves and have been given a ThreeBestRated Business award. With their great accounting and consulting services that help businesses soar, they have a spot in this list of picks for the best business consulting in Edmonton.


  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Free consultation
  • ThreeBestRated awardee

4.  The Business Clinic

The Business Clinic's Logo
(Source: The Business Clinic)
BEST FOR  Business Consulting
ADDRESS 11007 Jasper Ave, #729 Edmonton, AB T5K 0K6
CONTACT DETAILS 780 982 3102
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday   9:00am-5:00pm

The Business Clinic focuses on business consultations for companies in the health and wellness industry. They’re the only firm in Alberta to focus on this niche, so they’re definitely a good consulting agency to turn to if you’re in this industry!

They offer both business and marketing consultation, analysis, and research. Other services they offer are tutelage on how to market different health care, mostly dental marketing fitness ads marketing, cannabis marketing.

With their tailor-made business planning and solutions, you’re guaranteed that your needs will be addressed and that your services will reach those who need it the most.

Their solutions are why they are one of the companies on our list for the best business consulting in Edmonton.


  • Only business consulting focused on the health industry
  • 3-step plans
  • Healthcare-focused marketing


5.  Western Management Consultants

Western Management Consultants' Logo
(Source:Western Management Consultants)
BEST FOR  Business Consulting
ADDRESS 10609 – 124 Street Edmonton, Alberta, T5N 1S5
CONTACT DETAILS 780-428-1501 |

Western Management Consultants is one of Canada’s long-standing companies in management consulting. They offer practical solutions that work for your organization and culture.

They’ll be with your team in each step of their collaborative process, and help you achieve inspiring results. Their services cover strategic advisory, operations & performance improvement, people services, marketing and customer strategy, executive search, and more.

They’ve helped a wide range of businesses in different industries, from associations to corporations to not-for-profits, governments, and everything in between. With this, they’ve earned a spot on this list as one of the companies for the best business consulting in Edmonton.


  • Collaborative, facilitative approach
  • Marketing available
  • Wide range of services


6. Perspect Management Consulting & Executive Coaching

Perspect(Source: Perspect Management Consulting & Executive Coaching)

BEST FOR  Business Consulting
ADDRESS 101-8143 Fairways West Drive Regina, Saskatchewan Canada S4Y 1A9
CONTACT DETAILS +1 306 543 2231 | +1 306 591 5101 |

With the vision of supporting their clients’ business growth agenda, Perspect Management Consulting & Executive Coaching has a lot to offer. From management consultation, to strategic deployment, their team of highly motivated individuals wants to take a company to the next level.

Their expertise caters to both start-ups and established businesses, providing all their customers with proper guidance and assistance with any of their business concerns. They promise continuous improvement, and are eager to meet their clientele’s demands.


  • Free Leadership Assessment
  • Wide range of services


7. L6S Business Consulting Inc.

L6S Business Consulting Inc

(Source: L6S Business Consulting Inc.)

BEST FOR  Business Consulting
ADDRESS  61, 2131 Oak Street, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A4W9
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 868-1867 |

L6S Business Consulting Inc. helps pin-point what entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses. Their team of creative problem solvers assist with system developments, operational improvements, business planning and much more.

L6S Business Consulting focuses on small businesses, providing sustainable results at reasonable rates.

Whether their client is looking to improve KPIs, restructure financial affairs, or improve overall performance, LBS Business Consulting has it covered


  • Workshops Series
  • Free Consultation
  • Has reasonable rates that also small businesses can afford


8. Delphi Consulting Ltd

(Source: Delphi Consulting)

BEST FOR  Solving problems in the areas of Earned Value Management, Technology, and Business Analytics
ADDRESS 55621 – 10405 Jasper Ave Edmonton Alberta, T5J 3S2
CONTACT DETAILS Tel.: 1 (587) 881 4208  | Email:
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

Delphi Consulting is a firm that keeps things simple. The company focuses on innovative solutions for all your problems.

The intent of the firm is to solve existing problems and provide amazing solutions.


  • Constantly looking for ways to improve
  • Pursues projects that they are passionate about
  • Always makes it right


9. Sage & Summit Consulting

(Source: Sage & Summit Consulting)

BEST FOR  Leadership Training and Coaching
ADDRESS 10060 Jasper Ave. Tower 1, Suite 2020 Edmonton, AB T5J 3R8
CONTACT DETAILS 780-903-0240

OPERATING HOURS Weekdays, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday, 8:30 AM – 1 PM

Sunday, Closed

Sage & Summit Consulting’s mission is to strengthen business focus and operations. They build competent leaders with their training and coaching. 

They support small & medium businesses. They strongly believe that strong relationship is based on respect, honesty, and reliability.


  • Strategic and experienced workers
  • Accountable
  • Customize your journey


10. Cerberus Consulting

(Source: Cerberus Consulting)

BEST FOR  Business Consulting
PRODUCTS Business Valuations, Investment Valuations, Financial Proposals
ADDRESS 10665 Jasper Avenue, Suite 1400 Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3S9
CONTACT DETAILS 587-400-3858 |
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm

Cerberus Consulting specializes in business valuations, investment valuations, and financial proposal preparation. Their team specializes in valuing your business, valuing potential investments and preparing financial proposals for companies in need of capital!

As their motto says, “Your Vision. Our Mission.”


  • Client driven
  • Collaborative and accommodating
  • Experienced and professional


With these firms, you’ll be able to plan the goals for your business. These agencies will give you the best business consulting in Edmonton.

Are there any services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you’re also in need of financial advice, here’s the list of the best financial advisors in Edmonton. You’ll be able to plan the expenses of your company better once you have them by your side.

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