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Best Parking Options in Edmonton

The 5 Best Edmonton Parking Options

By Ethan Cote

If you’re looking for parking garages, then these places for the best Edmonton parking are the solutions to your problem.

Whether you need a one-time parking space or an everyday spot, these places are the ones we’d suggest for you because of their services and rates.

We’ve picked parking around Edmonton that has fair prices as well as being highly recommended by other car owners. So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look!

1.  South Scona Parking Lot

South Scona Parking Lot
(Source: South Scona Parking Lot)
BEST FOR  Parking
ADDRESS 8011 105 St, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z9

First on our list of the places with the best Edmonton parking is South Scona Parking Lot.

This is one of the better picks for parking in Edmonton, as their all day parking is only around $10 or so, and this place often has plenty of slots. It’s quite easy to get a parking spot as well!

Overall, this place offers spots for parking and has been a pick for many locals when asked where to go parking. This place also is within walking distance of Whyte Avenue’s best attractions, so come check those out as well.


  • Cheap parking
  • Plenty of slots available
  • Within walking distance of many attractions

Customer Reviews 

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Parking was decently priced for the area. $10 all day at the time of writing the review. Lot was well plowed and tidy. Not much more to say. I was there during the day so I cannot comment on how well lit it would be at night.

—Thomas Rogers, Google Reviews

Best parking lot in the city! Amazing views, colourful foliage, and easy walking access the best sights on Whyte Ave. It’s cleverly tucked away just off Calgary Trail, and you’ll find it’s unpretentious exterior a wonderful change from those concrete Impark dungeons.

Truth be told, this is one of Edmonton’s best attractions. Every first date I’ve ever had – with great success – I first bring here.

It’s a personal, boutique parking lot – rich in tradition – that gives your heart a glow of hearth and home; an ember that’ll keep your soul warm for years to come.

Come for the parking, stay for parking. Then leave, because it’s a parking lot.

Edit: They sold to impark. It now takes credit card, and it’ll never be the same.

—Jake Hammell, Google Reviews


2.  City Hall Underground Parkade

City Hall Underground Parkade
(Source:City Hall Underground Parkade)
BEST FOR  Parking
ADDRESS 10248 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-442-5311

This place is one of the best Edmonton parking spots, which is why so many locals recommend this place. With their cost-effective rates and wide spaces, rest assured you’ll find a spot here to park in.

Secure and equipped with a fast process, this underground parkade can provide ample parking, especially when the colder months set in. They even have even lower rates on the weekends!

Their dedication to customer service makes them a good pick for those who want to try the best Edmonton parking.


  • Affordable rates
  • Safe parking
  • Hassle-free processing

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Safe and hassle free. This was convenient for us, especially since we didn’t have to brave the harsh weather outside to visit City Hall.

—G Aquino, Google Reviews

My favourite parkade downtown to park. Easy access and operates on the E Park system.

—Jesse Buswell, Google Reviews


3.  Rice Howard Parkade

Rice Howard Parkade
(Source:Rice Howard Parkade)
BEST FOR  Parking
PRODUCTS https://www.westcorp.net/commercial/edmonton/rice-howard-parkade/
WEBSITE https://www.westcorp.net/commercial/edmonton/rice-howard-parkade/
ADDRESS 10143 100a St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0R5
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-420-1976

Located just outside of Scotia Place, Rice Howard Parkade is a spot where anyone can park. With 442 total stalls, including both monthly and hourly stalls, you can easily access different places downtown.

What’s more is it’s just a block away from Edmonton City Centre Mall. So if you need to do your weekly groceries, then head right out here to park your car without any hassle.

The prices are just right for the spaces, and hourly parking is remitted by Hangtag. Their services make them one of the best Edmonton parking spaces.


  • Fair parking rates
  • Accessible

Customer Reviews 

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

As I was in town for a conference,  it was easy to extend time on the app and when my car battery died, they were very helpful in giving me guidance on getting it going and on my way home!

—Dee E, FB Reviews


4.  Edmonton Parking

Edmonton Parking's Logo
(Source:Edmonton Parking)
BEST FOR  Parking
PRODUCTS https://www.edmonton.ca/transportation/driving_carpooling/epark.aspx
WEBSITE https://www.edmonton.ca/transportation/driving_carpooling/epark.aspx
ADDRESS 9803 102 Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 3A3
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-496-6569

EPark is the City of Edmonton’s owned and operated paid parking program. It’s publicly managed by the local government and has three locations, City Hall Parkade, Library Parkade and Canada Place Parkade.

The parking usually costs $1 to $3.50 an hour, depending on the day. They also accept payment through cash, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex as well.

Their straightforward manner in providing accessible and cheap parking makes them one of the best Edmonton parking spots.


  • Public parking spaces
  • Several payment options
  • Cheap fees


5.  Coast Edmonton Parking – Lot #161

Coast Edmonton Parking - Lot #161
(Source:Coast Edmonton Parking – Lot #161)
BEST FOR  Parking
PRODUCTS https://lots.impark.com/imp?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_content=0020161&utm_campaign=local_canada#details=2,161
WEBSITE https://lots.impark.com/imp?utm_source=google&utm_medium=maps&utm_content=0020161&utm_campaign=local_canada#details=2,161
ADDRESS 10155 105 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-420-1976

Located at the Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel, this parking spot is brightly lit and safe to access. There’s a wide variety of restaurants, professional services, and shopping destinations that are within reach and transit.

However, the Levels P1-P3 are designated for registered hotel guests only. This place is a little costlier to park at than others at around $5 hourly rate.

But don’t let that stop you: this place is safe and clean, and definitely one of the best Edmonton parking spots.


  • Several payment options
  • Accessible parking
  • Safe, brightly lit areas


And our list for the best Edmonton parking comes to a close. We hope you find the best spots for parking here, so you won’t have to worry next time to park your car.

So, come give them a call, and make a reservation for your next day out!

Are there any other great options that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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