The 6 Best Family Lawyers in Edmonton

Best Family Lawyers in Edmonton

Sometimes, we need an intervention when a marriage dissolves or when within the family, abuse has been rampant and one needs to take legal action. So to seek out the best family lawyer in Edmonton is a wise call.

To help you out with that, we went looking for the top options in the area. These attorneys can bring about a fair settlement or aggressive legal action for cases within the domestic sphere.


1.  Verhaeghe Law Office

Verhaeghe Law Office's Homepage
BEST FOR  Divorce & Family Law, Criminal Defense Law, Wills, Trusts, & Probates
ADDRESS 10525 170 Street NW Suite 203 Mayfield Business Center Edmonton, AB T5P 4W2
CONTACT DETAILS (587) 410-2500 |
OPERATING HOURS 8:00-4:30 (Mon-Fri)

First on our list of the best family lawyers in Edmonton is the Verhaeghe Law Firm. Established in 1956, they’ve helped different clients of all backgrounds and ages, different types of cases.

Of course, their focus is on family law, from spousal abuse to sorting out wills and testaments. Regardless of your legal situation, they strive to help each client get justice.


  • Industry veteran
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Available by appointment


2.  McKee Law Office

McKee Law Office's Homepage
BEST FOR  Divorce & Family Law, Real Estate Law, Wills
ADDRESS #205,11717-42 St. Edmonton, AB T5W 4V8
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 471-1100 |
OPERATING HOURS 8:30-4:30 (Mon-Fri)

Next on the list of the best family lawyer in Edmonton is McKee Law Firm. They help with legal family matters that involve divorce and other legal cases.

Helping their clients with domestic cases is their main priority while matching the client’s expectations, doing the best for the matter at hand.


  • Open to all
  • 100% response rate


3.  Worobec Law Offices

Worobec Law Offices
(Source: Yelp)
BEST FOR  Criminal Defense Law, Divorce & Family Law, DUI Law
ADDRESS 228, 150 Broadway Crescent, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 0V3
CONTACT DETAILS 780-467-6325 |
OPERATING HOURS 8:30-4:30 (Mon-Fri) 11:00-3:00 (Sat)

Another in our list of the best family lawyers in Edmonton is Worobec Law Firm. Aside from family law, they also deal with criminal law and DUI charges, as well as immigration law.

They’ll represent you if you’ve been charged with criminal offences or need to deal with legal domestic cases, whether dealing with divorce or child custody.


  • Free parking
  • 100% response rate
  • Legal resources available


4. Ronald S. Billingsley, Jr.

BEST FOR  Family & Divorce Lawyer
PRODUCTS Divorce Custody and Access to your Children
Parenting Time in Common Law Relationships
Child Support
Spousal Support
Property Division
Emergency Protection Orders
Constructive Trust Claims
Prenuptial Agreements
Separation Agreements
ADDRESS 9533 – 101st Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0W6
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 587-873-5610 | FAX: 780-990-9941 | E-mail:
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM to Noon
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday: Closed

Ron Billingsley’s Edmonton Family Law Practice focuses on divorce law and family law including all issues that may arise when a marriage or common-law relationship ends.

Mr. Billingsley understands the stress associated with divorce and family problems that require a lawyer and uses his expertise in Alberta family law to alleviate this stress from the legal process you are going through. If you’re in need of a family lawyer or divorce lawyer in Edmonton or the surrounding area, please call Ron Billingsley for a free initial consultation.


  • Reasonable Lawyer Fees
  • Cost-benefit Analysis Before Heading To Court
  • Speedy Resolutions
  • Ongoing Communication With Your Lawyer
  • Honesty and Integrity

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Mr. Billingsley:

I recently acquired the law services of Ron Billingsley, and I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out. The issues I brought forward to Ron were parenting time with my children (despite the presence of an Emergency Protection Order (EPO), with respect to my ex and the children), representation regarding the EPO, and effective negotiation with efficient costs. Mr. Billingsley got me a very specified access schedule, by consent, with my high conflict ex. He was honesttrusting, and took extra time after court to discuss cost benefit analysis with my family and I. Mr. Billingsley also advised not to litigate, saying that a consent order is the best I’d do in court. On the order I was given quite a bit of parenting time (considering my children live in another province), equal decision making for the children, and a police enforcement clause to ensure I will see them. I was very pleased with Mr. Billingsley’s services and wouldn’t hesitate to hire him again if need be.

Thank you Ron Billingsley,

-Taylor Snook

“Ron Billingsley was able to get me significant spousal support from my ex-common-law spouse for 5 years through negotiation in a 4-way meeting, and also to negotiate the division of my ex’s pension that was accumulated through our long-term common law relationship. Ron advised me throughout the process on what was a fair settlement, and through his effective negotiation, I was able to avoid costly litigation through the Courts. I was extremely happy with Ron’s representation and service to me throughout, and would highly recommend him on the issues of common-law spousal support and property division.”

-Candy Cormier


5.  Latitude Family Law

Latitude Family Law's Homepage
(Source: Yelp)
BEST FOR  Family Law
ADDRESS #425, 10115 100A Street, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780.784.0628
OPERATING HOURS 8:30-4:30 (Mon-Fri)

Meeting the highest standard of ethics, these professionals will help you with cases. As they’re constantly updated in new developments in law, you can make sure that you’re well taken care of in their hands.

They make their services accessible for those who need it the most by volunteerism and involvement in various community projects.


  • Locally-owned
  • Members of Alberta Legal Aid
  • Community volunteers

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Latitude:

I met with Sarah for a consultation.  She patiently listened to all my evidence and gave me such clear and direct advice, including ways to save money should I choose.  I loved knowing my options and had enough info to make a good decision.  She followed up within a couple hours with a clear and detailed email so that I feel completely prepared and confident to make a decision.  Best money I’ve ever spent.
-Crystal K., Google Reviews

Sarah, I wanted to sincerely Thank you for your poise and everything youve done for us so far.  I am very happy with the contrast you offer to my perception, and grateful!
-Iram I., Google Reviews

6.  Callioux Family Law & Mediation

Callioux Family Law & Mediation's Homepage
BEST FOR  Family Law
ADDRESS 1800 Sun Life Place 10123 99 St NW, Suite 1745 Edmonton, AB T5J 3H1
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 424-0812 |
OPERATING HOURS 7:30-4:00 (Mon-Fri)

Having served as representatives of Child Welfare in Alberta, they’re experienced in several domestic legal matters. With compassion and drive, they’ll represent you and your interests.

Their focus on handling cases and helping families navigate around the court of law is what makes them topnotch. That makes them a contender as one of the best lawyer in Edmonton


  • Legal package offers
  • Litigators of Child Welfare in Alberta

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Cailloux:

For the past 3 years Callioux Law has been representing me in my complex family law proceedings.

Asha has, and is still representing me and has done an absolute amazing job doing so.

I can’t express how grateful I am for the work this firm has done for me. Ryan and Asha in particular stayed up all night one night to make sure that my son was safe.

I would highly recommend Asha and this firm they take the time to listen and they do show their empathy. I believe they want to see the best outcome for all their cases and in mine particular the best was what they worked very hard for me to get.
-Chris N., Google Reviews

Awesome lawyers and staff! I would Highly recommend these guys!
Kristi S., Google Reviews


And that concludes the list of the best family lawyers in Edmonton. We hope it helps you with your search for legal aid.

Did we miss some quality services from this list? Tell us if so, and we’ll update the article accordingly.

If you need to take legal action on personal injuries instead, though, here’s a list of personal injury lawyers in Edmonton. These are the ones we’d go to ourselves for such cases!

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