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The 5 Best Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in Edmonton

Best Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in Edmonton
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Disposing of hazardous waste safely is a good example of being a responsible citizen. The problem is that you may not know how to do that – which is where this list comes in.

This list we have for you today has the best hazardous waste disposal companies in Edmonton. We picked them based on the quality of the services they offered as well as their reputations in the field.

Before we find out more about them, though, we first need to discuss how much their services will cost.

How Much Does Hazardous Waste Disposal Services Cost in Edmonton?

Hazardous waste can only be collected and disposed of by a government-accredited company due to the nature of the materials. Moreover, businesses or individuals are required to place waste in proper government-approved containers with proper labeling before it can be collected.

Waste is often collected and charged by weight, with additional costs for fuel and the distance travelled. You will also be charged extra fees for labor and the personnel who collect and transport it, since they are trained individuals.

The table below gives an example of the average cost of collecting specific kinds of wastes here. Take note that the prices indicated below are for each kilogram of hazardous waste.

Asbestos, Non-Friable – Roof Tar And Tile (triple Wrapped And Wetted)$2.00
Ballasts, Pcb$1.00
Flammable Liquids$0.50
Flammable Solids$4.50
Lighters, Butane Or Other$6.75
Mercury, Compounds/Solutions/Elemental$24.00
Paint, Oil-Based Paints/Stains$5.00/100 kg
Photographic Chemicals$2.00
Dig: Iso-Tubes$8.00
Aerosol Cans$4.00
Batteries (Alkaline)$1.00
Batteries (Lithium Primary/Button Cell)$6.00
Bulbs – Compact Fluorescent Lamps (cfls)$2.00
Bulbs – Misc. Mercury (hid, Sodium, Not Cfls)$1.80
Bulbs – UV$3.00

The Best Hazardous Waste Disposal Services in Edmonton

Now that you know what to expect financially when hiring a hazardous waste disposal service, we can now take a look at our picks for the top companies  in Edmonton.

1.   Biomedical Waste Disposal

Biomedical Waste Disposal's Homepage
SERVICESBiohazard Waste Disposal, Sharps Disposal, Chemical Waste Disposal, Infectious Waste, Cytotoxic Waste,  Container Replacement, Pharmaceuticals Disposal, And Document Recycling
ADDRESS11407 160 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 3T7
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 784-8623
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday to Sunday: Closed

Biomedical Waste Disposal or BWD specializes in waste disposal services for the medical industry, with employees trained on the correct processes and safety measures involved in the collection, transport, and disposal of waste.

They primarily work in conjunction with hospitals, doctors, dentists, nursing homes, laboratories, and animal clinics. So if you need to dispose of hazardous wastes that are not medical in nature, unfortunately, BWD isn’t the company for you.

However, this company is excellent at what they do and can help your business save money with perfected systems and streamlined processes. Whether it’s biohazards, chemicals, syringes, or pharmaceuticals, they handle just about every single kind of biomedical waste there is.

We did find it rather odd that they also offer to recycle confidential documents, which seems a little askew from their reputation as a biomedical waste transporter. This may have arisen out of the need to keep old medical records secure, though.

We like that you can also purchase the appropriate containers to place your waste in from BWD, as they offer a wide range of products that fulfill all regulations. Some of the products they carry are biohazard trash liners, biohazard tapes, and sharps disposal containers from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital, Biomedical Waste Disposal has you covered. As one of the few companies that offer this kind of service in Edmonton, they definitely earn their spot on our list.


  • Biomedical waste disposal expertise for all kinds of hospital byproducts
  • Flexible contracts
  • Convenient online booking


  • Only collects biomedical waste
  • Closed during the weekends

Customer Reviews

Clients particularly loved BWD’s extensive customer service. Monica, a long-time client, is grateful that she was able to cut down her costs as she shares:

“Savings. Biomedical waste disposal was able to drastically reduce our waste management bill (more than 20%) with no loss of capacity, frequency, or customer service. I feel a great relief each month knowing we are no longer overpaying thanks to BWD.“

Brian, another customer, bounced around different companies trying to find a reliable service provider. He finally found his home with BWD as he shares:

“We’ve tried several other service providers and can honestly say that BWD has topped them all. Their willingness to go above and beyond is a true testament to the level of service that they offer. I cannot say enough, we have had zero issues with BWD and would highly recommend them!”

2.   One Environmental

One Environmental's Homepage
SERVICESHazardous Waste Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Lab Pack Services, Containerized Waste Collection, Vacuum Truck Services, Hydrovac Excavation Services, Industrial Cleaning, Spill Response
ADDRESSEdmonton West 22132 113 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5S2V7  

Edmonton East 13145 24 Street NE, Edmonton, AB T6S 0A4
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (587) 222-6633
Email: i[email protected]  

24 Hour Site Contacts:
Katrina Meidinger: (780) 271-8166
Tyler Hollman: (780) 707-3909
Monday to Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm
Additional service times can be arranged.
Edmonton East
Monday to Friday 7:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday: On Call
Additional service times can be arranged.

One Environmental Inc. is a wholly Canadian-owned and operated private company that has handled waste management in its on-site facilities since 2013. Built from the ground up, their highly trained team and environmental solutions will manage the entire process from collection to disposal, keeping your business in check while remaining equally sustainable.

They are authorized and approved by the government to collect a diverse range of waste materials, whether it’s for the commercial or industrial sector. Each of their facilities has been built with efficiency in mind, and offloading and turnaround times can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

Another advantage to hiring One Environmental Inc. is that they operate 7 days a week – although they have limited hours on Saturday and are only on call on Sundays. However, they can perform collections after regular operating hours and have site contacts available 24 hours a day in case of an emergency.

This emergency service can be great in cases like an onsite mishap that will urgently need something like a vacuum or hydrovac truck. They can quickly deploy such trucks to your location then to suck up any leaking wastewater or hazardous material before it leads to environmental disaster.

They have two branches in Edmonton offering the same list of services, which include sludge processing and tank washouts, among others. However, the East location offers additional drum and tote waste collection and specializes in slurry collection.

As an added option, you may also drop off your waste at their treatment centers instead of having it picked up.  However, they must be containerized, adhere to all regulatory guidelines, and must be transported by a government-approved vehicle.


  • Open seven days a week
  • Caters to both commercial and industrial sectors
  • Can collect outside regular operating hours


  • Does not handle biomedical wastes
  • Extra fees for off-hour collection

Customer Reviews

Customers such as David testify to One Environmental Inc.’s services and say it’s one of the best companies with hazardous waste disposal services in Edmonton. Here are his thoughts:

“Last month I renovated my office in Calgary, AB and called up for waste management without having an idea about what is in the box. It turns out that they are similarly as great in the commercial sector as they are in the other areas. They have done work beyond my expectations. I will recommend them to everybody I can.”

3.   Aevitas

Aevitas' Homepage
SERVICESWaste Disposal, Waste Water Treatment, Environmental Services, Recycling
ADDRESS7722 9 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6P 1L6, Canada
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 440-1825
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Saturday to Sunday – Closed

Aevitas has been operating in Canada for over 25 years, handling most types of industrial, institutional, or commercial waste. With over eight locations across Canada and one in the United States, they are currently the largest authorized receiver of wastewater for treatment in the country.

With the ability to accept over one million liters of industrial wastewater each day, their state-of-the-art facility can process a wide range of water-based and solid waste materials. Some of their services include oily water disposal, waste fuel recycling, and receiving drum waste, just to name a few.

Aevitas welcomes potential clients to visit and tour the facility to see first-hand the scope and capability of their facilities, by the way. This kind of transparency is rare in companies and they openly share their previous projects as well, adding to their credibility.

Despite the company’s competency in wastewater treatment, Aevitas actually established its foothold in the sector through its PCB ballast recycling and mercury-bearing lamp recycling. This led to the vast number of environmental and recycling services they offer, which includes resource recovery and treatment of industrial wastewater.

Aevitas also has a unique Recycle-by-Mail program wherein they’ll send you a container via a courier with instructions on how to fill it up with recyclable items such as lamps, bulbs, batteries, among others. Once the container is full, you simply send Aevitas a message, and your items will be picked up and sent to their facility for recycling or treatment.

As a final note: Aevitas also gives back to the community. They have constant community involvement with several charitable organizations such as Crime Stoppers, Kirkland Lake Public Library, Sick Kids Hospital, Toronto People with Aids Foundation, Upper Thames River Conservation, and Wounded Warriors.


  • Handles a wide variety of hazardous and non-hazardous waste
  • 2 and a half decades of experience in the industry
  • Very responsive and accessible on social media


  • Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Not suitable for small-scale waste management solutions

Customer Reviews

This company has great client feedback, which proves why they’re on this list of Edmonton’s best companies with hazardous waste disposal services. Mark, one of their clients, says:

“Great customer service from start to finish, they provided me with a solution to safely handle my waste without charging inflated prices. The sales rep told me it would be about 2 weeks to have the material picked up but I got an email from the scheduler 3 days later to let me know the driver would be there in two days so my pickup was done the same week that I called in. The driver was friendly and knowledgeable and it took less time than I had planned for, he filled out the shipping paperwork for me and all I had to do was sign the shipment and he was on his way. I would recommend Aevitas for your hazardous wastes.”

4.   Absolute Environmental Waste Management

Absolute Environmental Waste ManagementAbsolute Environmental Waste Management's Homepage
SERVICESOilfield Waste Disposal Services, Industrial Waste Disposal Services, Laboratory Services
ADDRESS1250 Hayter Road, Edmonton, Alberta T6S 1A2
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 477-9894
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSOpen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Eco Industrial Business Park Inc. took over an abandoned industrial property known as Brownfield and redeveloped the site to function as a multi-purpose environmentally sustainable industrial park. At this facility, they can perform oil and gas-related processes, petrochemical manufacturing, and transloading facilities, just to name a few.

Their location near highways, pipelines, and the North Saskatchewan River makes them a prime location as an industrial park. With facilities that include a water intake and treatment plant, they are authorized to draw water and divert a yearly quota of up to 5.5 million cubic meters.

However, what they are particularly known for is their Class 1A deep injection well that can safely dispose of liquids or metals deep underground. The byproducts they deal with include contaminated liquids, herbicides, pesticide-filled water, and pharmaceutical wastes, among others.

Now, it’s important to note that Absolute Environmental Waste Management caters mainly to large-scale pharmaceutical, chemical, and oilfield companies that focus on long-term partnerships. 

So, if you’re running a small to medium-sized business, then you’ll probably want to search for a different hazardous waste disposal company.

Moreover, Absolute Environmental Waste Management doesn’t have a recycling or sludge facility as of yet, which puts them behind other companies of the same scale. However, they do have plans to establish these facilities in the future that aim to accept waste from all over North America with a 1.4-acre containment area.


  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Has state-of-the-art equipment specifically used for oil and industrial wastes


  • Offers long-term contracts only
  • Not good for small-scale waste disposals

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are generally positive for Absolute Environmental Waste Management. Here is a testimonial from one of their clients:

“Absolute Environmental Waste Management delivered and stayed true to expectations. Our company appreciated that they were open round the clock. Thanks, guys for your service! Happy jappy.”

5.   Collective Waste Solutions

Collective Waste Solutions' Homepage
SERVICESOilfield Waste Management, Construction Site Waste Management, Commercial Waste Management, Municipal Waste Management, Waste Disposal Bins, Organic Waste Collection, Large Item Waste Collection
ADDRESS22603 112 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2M4
CONTACT DETAILSToll Free:1-877-324-5329
Phone: (780) 453-2767
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday to Sunday – Closed

Collective Waste Solutions was founded in 2006 and expanded to Edmonton in 2017, with concentrated efforts towards waste management of oilfields. Through the years, they have added a wide array of services to their portfolio, which includes the collection and transport of material waste for commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

With a fleet of over 70 vehicles in their arsenal, one of their standout offers is a 48-hour turnaround guarantee to take care of your waste from cradle to grave. Their highly trained professionals are versed in all regulatory processes and will even perform due diligence on all necessary paperwork for clients.

Collective Waste Solutions doesn’t just provide you a turnkey service, basically – they’ll customize their systems and processes to suit your business’s unique needs.

Whether it’s hauling rubble from a construction site or providing you with eco-friendly recycling options, they can promptly cater to temporary on-site services that require real-time disposal of waste.

Speaking of construction, this company can also provide industrial-grade fencing and large-scale waste bins measuring up to 40 cubic yards for active sites. If you need smaller waste bins and portable toilets for your on-site construction team, they can provide those as well.

However, take note that if you rent a waste container, you’ll be held responsible for ensuring only the proper waste goes inside of it. Collective Waste Solutions cannot accept flammable or toxic materials and are limited to mostly organic materials (biowaste) and debris from construction sites.


  • Locally owned and operated waste management
  • Sells waste disposal bins
  • They have branches too outside Edmonton


  • Closed the entire weekend
  • Limited scope of hazardous waste services

Customer Reviews

Collective Waste Solutions is known for its commercial work but enjoys a healthy reputation with small business and is even known for collecting waste from residents. Paul, a previous client, writes:

“After escaping the horrors of Waste connections formerly waste something else / formerly BFI (They have to keep changing their name) these guys are a breath of fresh air. You know when you are dealing with an honest, fair, and reputable company and this is it. I hope they don’t sell out to the huge pirate operation. Great service, price is fair and low, never looking back. Thanks, guys”

FAQs About Hazardous Waste Disposal

With that, our article comes to an end on the best hazardous waste disposal companies in Edmonton. We hope that this list helped you out in choosing the right service provider for you.

If you have experience with any of the service providers listed above or know of any others we should include in our list, please send us a message.

Now, if you don’t have any hazardous waste and just need regular junk cleared from your home, check out this list of the best waste management companies in Edmonton.