The 8 Best Land Surveyors in Edmonton

Best Land Surveyors in Edmonton

By Amelie Dube

To get the measurement of an estate or a property, it’s pivotal to hire a land surveyor to get the numbers. And with the best land surveyors in Edmonton, you’ll get reliable results whether this is for personal property or an industrial project!

We’ve scoured the area for those whose services are a cut above the rest, and we found these companies who are praised for their work. Check them out below.

1.  Challenger Geomatics

Challenger Geomatics' Logo
(Source: Timothy Weber)
BEST FOR  Land Survey
ADDRESS#110, 2899 Broadmoor Blvd Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 1B5
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 424-5511 | [email protected]

With Challenger Geomatics’ extensive experience providing services within the industrial and commercial construction industries, it’s no wonder they’re one of the best land surveyors in Edmonton. They’ve been around for 30 years, serving Edmonton, Calgary and many more.

With these kinds of high standards, expert technicians, surveyors, engineers come together to help with topographic mapping, road and bridge construction, and more. That’s why they’re so highly regarded in the area.


  • Industrial sector specialty
  • Variety of services for commercial industry
  • Edmonton Construction Association


2.  Alberta Geomatics Inc.

Alberta Geomatics Inc.'s Logo
(Source:Mcguire Financial Group)
BEST FOR  Land Surveying
ADDRESS6908 Roper Road NW Edmonton, Alberta  T6B 3H9
CONTACT DETAILS1-877-437-8033 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Thursday: 9:00am – 4:30pm
Friday: 9:00am – 3:00pm

With a variety of land surveying services, along with real property reports, Alberta Geomatics Inc. brings to clients one of the best services that land surveyors in Edmonton can offer. They offer services for fill construction, new home construction, condo development, leases and many more.

Their main focus is to give accurate results and high-quality services while following assessment guidelines for municipal and rural residential, commercial, and industrial properties.


  • Member of Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association
  • Accurate assessments


3.  Hagen Surveys

Hagen Surveys' Logo
(Source: Clayton Financial)
BEST FOR  Land surveying
ADDRESS8929 20 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T6P 1K8.
CONTACT DETAILS780-464-5506 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday, 8am – 5pm.

As a business that has stood the test of time for 50 years, Hagen Surveys has offered their knowledge and experience to multiple industrial, real estate, and commercial companies.

They provide accurate assessments while ensuring your projects run smoothly, as well as upholding the safety standards needed.

They keep up to date with the latest technology while maintaining practices that deliver the finest results for the client. With them, you can expect exemplary work done by one of the best land surveyors in Edmonton.


  • Safety-focused
  • Latest technology


4.  Geodetic Surveys & Engineering LTD.

Geodetic Surveys & Engineering LTD.'s Logo
BEST FOR  Land surveying
ADDRESS9538 – 87 Street NW  Edmonton, Alberta, T6C 3J1
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 465-3389 | [email protected]

As one of the contenders for the best land surveyors in Edmonton, Geodetic Surveys has served Edmonton for over 19 years. They offer services such as real property reports (RPR’s), Development Permit Surveys, Topographic Surveys, and more.

They specialize mainly in legal residential surveys, especially Real Property Reports and Boundary Surveys. With a reputation for accurate and reliable surveys, they present only quality work for their clientele.


  • Flexible estimates
  • Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association members


5.  Pals Geomatics Court

Pals Geomatics Court's Logo
(Source: Yelp)
BEST FOR  Land surveying
ADDRESS10704-176 St. Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1G7
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 455-3177 | [email protected]

Pals Geomatics has served multiple industries around Western Canada since 1989. They pride themselves on the extensive professional surveying experience that they have gained over the years.

They have gained a reputation of quality and careful planning, giving only the most accurate results to clients. They’re dedicated to environmental and worker safety as well as being client-based, making them some of the best land surveyors in Edmonton.


  • Quality services
  • Client-focused approach


6.  LN Land Development Technologies

LN Land Development Technologies' Logo
(Source: Land Development Technologies)
BEST FOR  Surveying
CONTACT DETAILS780-488-9064   |  [email protected]

LN Land Development Technologies has been providing a complete range of surveying services in the residential, commercial, industrial, government and energy sectors since 2007.

They’re one of the best surveyors in Edmonton for their quality assurance and in-depth knowledge of the industry. With advanced equipment and know-how, they’ll get the job done right.

Another thing worth mentioning is that they offer specialized services depending on what sector they’re serving. That’s why you know they’ll provide you with the surveying services you need.


  • Variety of services for each industry
  • Edmonton Construction Association

Customer Reviews

Check out what the customers have to say about them:

They are reliable, cost-efficient and very accessible. The office staff is not only professional but very courteous too. I have even met some of their surveyors….also very professional and accurate. I highly recommend LN.

—Kimber Le, Google Reviews

Excellent company that treats both clients and employees with respect and honesty. LN uses the latest software and equipment to provide reliable surveying services of the highest quality.

—Kurt W, Google Reviews


7.  McElhanney

McElhanney's Logo
(Source: McElhanney)
BEST FOR  Land surveying
ADDRESS138, 14315 – 118th Avenue Edmonton AB T5L 4S6
CONTACT DETAILSTel. 780-451-3420
OPERATING HOURS[email protected]

McElhanney is one of the veterans in the industry. They’ll take care of everything in whatever project the client has, from planning to construction and everything in-between.

Improving communities all across Western Canada is one of their goals. They also work for the betterment of a number of industries in the area.

What’s more, they have diversity, collaboration, and safety as some of their main principles. With them, you can rely on the most efficient work done by only the best surveyors in Edmonton.


  • Safety-focused
  • GIS and remote sensing available
  • Latest technology


8.  Earth Works Serving & Drafting

Earth Works Serving & Drafting's Logo
(Source:Earth Works Serving & Drafting)
BEST FOR  Land surveying
ADDRESS#470 – 11007 Jasper Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5K 0K6
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 907 7587 | [email protected]

As one of the options for the best surveyors in Edmonton, Earth Works Survey & Drafting has been consistently bringing quality work to projects all over Canada.

They offer services such as ensuring accurate construction layouts, topographic surveys, quantity calculations, drafting, and terrain mapping services.

They have RPAS and drones to improve their surveying services. They also make a point to keep safety a priority.

With over 15 years working in the industry, they know how to accurately gauge measurements and collaborate with people all over. That’s how they made this list!


  • 15 years in the industry
  • NAV Canada member
  • RPAs, drones available

Customer Reviews

Check out what the customers are saying about them:

Our project consisted of surveying the drainage area for a creek over a 14 mile area. Adam was recommended to us, he was equipped for the job and had the knowledge to get the job done. Excellent results, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for professional work.

—Al Caron, Google Reviews

Excellent to work with, very  knowledgeable, efficient and very detailed. I would highly recommend to anyone

—Michael Penner, Google Reviews


These best land surveyors in Edmonton will help make your projects, whether in the residential, industrial, or commercial sector, run smoothly.

Are there any great services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you’ve begun with your construction project, head on over to the list of the best concrete contractors in Edmonton to help you with the structure too. You might as well get quality builders to go with your quality surveyors!

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