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The 19 Best Life Coaches in Edmonton

Best Life Coaches in Edmonton
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Sometimes, we stumble through life and need a pick-me-up. And sometimes, that pick-me-up comes in the form of a life coach. If you need such a pick-me-up, the best life coaches in Edmonton can help you see life through a new lens.

Searching for those who can give you a boost, we’ve turned to the life coaches who offer the best-regarded and most in-demand services. At the end of our search, these were the ones we found to be the best life coaches in Edmonton:

1. Shawna Campbell Life Coach

Shawna Campbell Life Coach's Homepage

BEST FOR  Life Coaching
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780.221.3393
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

Shawna Campbell is a Professional Life Coach committed to helping individuals, couples, and organizations grow and create the changes they’re seeking.

Whether you are working on relationship issues, career challenges, improving self-care, boosting self-esteem, overcoming past challenges, dealing with overwhelming and/or making big decisions, Shawna has the experience and insight that makes it possible for change to happen.

According to the testimonials, her clients felt safe when talking with Shawna, and her warmth, compassion, and desire to create positive changes were evident in each session.

Her Life Coaching is tailored to each client’s individual needs. She draws on over twenty years of experience and multiple modalities and tools to ensure that her clients feel supported and confident as they take steps to improve their lives.


  • Neuroscience based Life Coaching
  • Helping you to Change Your Mind, To Change Your Life
  • Uses Emotional Freedom Technique

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from her past clients:

“I enjoy working with Shawna because she is an experienced coach, and therefore knows the issues many of us face in achieving our personal and business goals.  She is able to suggest ways around these issues, not only in a practical manner, but in helping me with my mindset as well. I think of her as much a coach, and as a mentor, and value the post-meeting summaries she sends me, together with other exercises that help me progress. I would whole-heartedly recommend Shawna if you wish to achieve more in your life. “

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with Shawna. I reached out to her knowing that I had this big dream inside of me, but feeling frustrated about where to start. Since working with Shawna I am in awe of what I have been able to accomplish in the last year on my journey as an artist. She helped me see that I don’t have to wait to “get there” before I can be happy and every step in the right direction is worth celebrating. When I opened myself up to these positive affirmations great things started happening! I truly attribute my current success to the foundation of self love and confidence that she helped me build. Investing in Shawna’s life coach services was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.”

2. El Growth – Nimir Raval

(Source:El Growth – Nimir Raval)
BEST FOR  Holistic Coaching and Counselling
PRODUCTS They offer Holistic Coaching and Counselling, Leadership and Business Coaching. Clients may also get 3 sessions for 350$ in a holistic coaching package until Jul 15, 2024.
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS Connect with Nimir via his website
OPERATING HOURS By appointment basis

Nimir Raval stands out as a life coach, partnering with clients to transform their lives through holistic life coaching and counseling. His approach combines deep empathy with strategic guidance, helping clients achieve remarkable personal growth and fulfillment.

Nimir blends innovative thinking with a profound understanding of human behavior, crafting personalized coaching experiences that elevate clients’ lives. He immerses himself in your journey, unlocking transformative opportunities through insightful guidance and tailored support.

Specializing in holistic life coaching, Nimir ensures a comprehensive approach to personal development. Whether you seek to improve relationships, career satisfaction, or overall well-being, his expertise covers all aspects of life, providing a balanced and fulfilling path forward.

For those needing dedicated support, Nimir offers focused counseling sessions, drawing from a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to client success. His methods are rooted in the latest psychological principles, ensuring effective and meaningful outcomes.

In today’s complex world, good isn’t good enough, and Nimir understands this deeply. He offers not just services, but a partnership aimed at unlocking your true potential and achieving lasting change.

Choosing Nimir means choosing a dedicated professional committed to realizing your personal vision. His blend of empathy, expertise, and innovative thinking makes him a standout choice for anyone seeking to transform their life through holistic coaching and counseling.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Responsive staff
  • Excellent coaching style

Customer Reviews

“I never felt I was talking to a counsellor, I always felt that he was like my friend who was helping me figure out my life. he listens to you , invests himself in your story of life and then helps you to become more optimistic.” — KIRANJUT KAUR

“I can’t thank my stars enough that I found Nimir when I did. The person who went to him for her 1st session and the person who I am today are 2 entirely different people all thanks to the help and support I got from Nimir! He understood very well when I needed the understanding and support of a counsellor and when I needed that extra push from my coach… Thank you so much for all the help Nimir, Life seems a lot less complicated after your sessions!” — JASMINE KAUR

3. Redefine Coaching

Redefine Coaching's Logo
(Source: Redefine Coaching)
BEST FOR  Life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Yoga
ADDRESS 1140 Chappelle Blvd SW Unit #14, Edmonton, AB T6W 2Z3,
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-660-9824

First in our list of the best life coaches in Edmonton is Redefine.

Redefine specializes not just in life coaching but in spiritual healing through Reiki energy and yoga practice. They also provide support groups for divorcees and relationship endings.

As they’re one of the best life coaches in Edmonton, you’re assured that you will get great care, a boost in self-esteem, and healing through Redefine.


  • Retreats available
  • Divorce and relationship ending support groups
  • Spiritual healing available

Customer Reviews

Customers are all praise for them. Take a look at these reviews:

“I understand now that Spirit steered me to Carolyn in a time when my life was in a million fragments. Carolyn’s love and spirit helped me get to a place/space of self love embraced in the love of the Holy Spirit.”
—Lorraine Oberg, Testimonials

“My emotional and spiritual advisor. Finds me calm and happiness. Take bad out. insert good. Thank you.”
—Brandon Van Unen, Testimonials

4.  The Taylor Way

The Taylor Way's Magazine
(Source: The Taylor Way)
BEST FOR  Life Coaching
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-554-8219 | [email protected]

Author of the book P.S. I Made It, Dawn Taylor is a life coach with an unconventional strategy-based style of coaching as well as a blunt way of putting things in perspective. With her, you’ll be able achieve outstanding results and changes in your lifestyle.

She offers multiple types of coaching, from life coaching, to business, to dealing with your traumas, and relationships.

She offers different courses as well, being one of the best life coaches in Edmonton. You will begin your journey and end it with a renewed sense of self, as well as a heightened self-esteem.


  • Courses available
  • Public speaking services available
  • Business coaching available

Customer Reviews

Check out these reviews — they’ll give you an idea of what to expect:

“I have worked with Dawn personally and professionally since we met and she is a must for anyone who is looking to level up either professionally or personally. It’s one thing to set goals in life. Goal setting is the easy part, doing the work to achieve those goals, staying motivated, being accountable and tweaking as necessary is an entirely different story.

It’s challenging to find people in your life that can be empathetic and compassionate, yet assist in keeping you focused and disciplined.

Thank you Dawn for all the work we’ve done together. Thank you for being one of my people. Thank you for keeping it real with me. Thank you for really being an ass-kicker!”

—Sherisse, Testimonials

“Visiting Dawn will be one of the best decisions that you can make in your life. She will dive into areas of your life you never realized existed, figure out what makes you tick, and put it all back together so you can be your best. I would highly recommend Dawn!”

—Tyler L, Testimonials

5.  Game Changers Life Coaching

Game Changers Life Coaching's Session
(Source: Game Changers)
BEST FOR  Life Coaching
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780 932 3955 | [email protected]

Offering individual and group approaches, Game Changers offers youth services as well as life coaching. They aim to make you feel successful and happy with a more holistic perspective that will bring about good changes to your lifestyle.

As one of the best life coaches in Edmonton, they will help align your activities with your goals and help you turn yourself into the best version you can be. Their services are for those who want to begin a journey to their new self.


  • Free discovery session
  • Youth coaching available
  • Podcasts available

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about them:

“Harsh is a great life coach and individual that puts immense effort into helping everyone out. My experience with Harsh helped me a lot with school and life in general!”
—Dhrumil, Testimonials

“Harsh is an amazing individual and his passion for helping others become successful shines in his coaching. No matter the person, Harsh will give his 110% to making sure that every individual he coaches is able to achieve and go beyond the level of success they desire.”
—Kunal, Testimonials

6.  Radiant Core Solutions

Radiant Core Solutions' Homepage
(Source: Radiant Core)
BEST FOR  Life Coaching
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780-293-3052 | [email protected]

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated, Corby of Radiant Core Solutions is here to ease your frustrations and aid you emotionally. With a combination of coaching and emotional freedom technique (EFT), they will ease you into sustainable long-term growth.

As one of the best life coaches in Edmonton, they aim for the personal and professional success of the client. Helping the clients realize their own boundaries and potential, Radiant Core helps their clients grow.


  • Programs and workshops available
  • Emotional freedom technique eases clientele
  • Resources available

7.  Jillian Schecher

Jillian Schecher's Homepage
(Source:Jillian Schecher)
BEST FOR  Joy & Mindfulness Life Coaching
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | 780-278-4225

Founder of The Joy Method™ and creator of The Joy Sessions, Jillian Schecher is a multi-passionate Joy + Mindfulness Coach whose mission is to empower others to feel better and wake up to a life they love. Jillian believes life is too short to wake up dreading the day ahead and encourages, inspires and strategically supports clients, teams and communities to access and utilize their power to deliberately design a life they are excited about.


  • Up-Level Your Life
  • Live Your Dreams
  • Courses and Workshops
  • Public Speaking and Events
  • One on One Personal Coaching
  • Joy & Mindfulness In Business
  • Corporate & Team Coaching and Workshops

Customer Reviews

“Jillian took me from confused to crystal clear!! As an entrepreneur, sometimes the chaos of life jumbles around you. You have no “boss” to tell you what to do, or help you figure out a clear path. Jillian literally showed me an outside perspective of my life. She see’s the WHOLE PICTURE. I HIGHLY recommend coaching with Jillian and her JOY sessions!! She is amazing.”

–Nicole M

“What a joy it truly is to work with Jillian. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Jillian to offer a Joy Session to a local group of Edmontonians as a community building opportunity. Jillian is organized, energetic and truly went above and beyond to ensure that the attendees received the best possible experience with joy at the center of every decision. The Joy Session was very well received by the attendees and I would highly recommend it for a social gathering or community building initiative of any kind.”

–Madison K

8.  Seeking Simple Life

BEST FOR  Life coaching
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | 780-908-1902

Seeking Simple Life is different from your average life coach. Jacquie spent over 25 years as an industrial engineer, helping businesses improve their productivity, and is now a certified life coach that empowers people to create your work-life balance.

When she says that she is a root cause ninja and productivity expert, it’s the truth. From her years of experience, she knows that there is a formula to creating a work-life balance, and it isn’t an equal measure of work and the rest of your life, since that is impossible.

She also doesn’t believe that  everyone needs to cut work hours and take more bubble baths to achieve work-life balance, since what works for you won’t work for someone else. Jacquie firmly believes that the key to work-life balance is YOU.

It requires you to know who you are and who you want to become. That is where mindset and life goals come into play. She knows that there are 6 pillars of balance: personal development, career, relationships, health, wealth, and spirituality.

Every life journey will favor 3 of these prominently during a period of time. It is understanding which three of the pillars of balance your journey needs in this moment so you can align with your life goals.


  • Resources Available
  • Membership Program
  • Personal Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Business Coaching

9.  Empower Men

BEST FOR  Empowerment strategy for men
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
(780) 263-5950

Empower Men, as their name suggests, is all about helping men realise their full potential in the modern world.

Morgan Berry of Empower Men is a certified life coach with the CCF or Certified Coach Federation. Given this, he can help his clients turn their life around, be it through managing their time or their career, or simply tackling obstacles in order to brighten one’s moods.


  • Workshops and conferences available
  • Personal strategies offered
  • Resources available

10.  Boost Your Potential

BEST FOR  Empowerment strategy for men
ADDRESS 204, 5110 97A St NW Edmonton, AB, T6E 5E6
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected] | 780.707.0737

With a team that has a dream strategist, Boost Your Potential can help you tap into your inherent strengths and uncover your true potential. They can help you understand and resolve any challenges you are facing in your life.

By enhancing your personal tools, they can help you overcome life’s painful experiences and help you grow in various areas. Whether you’re just looking for guidance through a difficult situation or you’re looking to empower yourself and head in a new direction in life, they can help you.


  • Increase your productivity and motivation
  • Plan to achieve your goals

11. Narcissists Awareness Advocate

BEST FOR  Life Coach
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780 554 5388 | [email protected]

Get ready to move forward in life or business with expert coaching from Narcacissts Awareness Advocate in Edmonton. Realise your desire for personal growth, develop positive habits, achieve better fitness or productivity, progress in the workplace or navigate a career change – these are all challenges that I can effectively tackle together.

The truth is that real and lasting change, more often than not, requires the support, incisive input and motivation that a skilled coach provides. So don’t wait another day, get in touch on +17805545388 now.


  • Helps with business or personal goals
  • A wide range of issues explored

12. Benoit Wellness Consulting

BEST FOR  Life Coaching
PRODUCTS Resiliency Coaching, Resiliency Workshops, Speaking, Grief Recovery Method, Financial Coaching
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS t. 780.916.7734​
e. [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Saturday, 9AM – 4PM

Benoit Wellness Consulting’s vision is to improve mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of their clients. With their coaching and workshops, they will help you with your journey. 

They understand how important it is to take care of yourself especially at this time. For further concerns, you could contact them and reduce stress in your life.


  • Highly professional
  • Genuine
  • Warm environment

13. Gem Stone Life Coaching

Gem Stone Life Coaching homepage

BEST FOR  Life Coaching Services
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
Tuesday – Thursday: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Friday – Sunday: Closed

Sandy Miller is the professional life coach of Gem Stone Life Coaching. She is very passionate about motivating and encouraging people to live a life with a purpose and good intentions.

People love how Sandy has a lot of experience in being a manager, trainer, team builder, and mentor. In line with this, her services are motivational speaker, team builder and workshop facilitator, and leadership coaching.

What’s unique about Sandy is she holds a designation of Professional Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation, with specialties in Divorce Coaching and Retirement Coaching.

Another factor why people prefer Gem Stone Life Coaching is because they offer a lot of creative workshops on a variety of topics.


  • Free Consultation
  • Has a Master’s Degree in Administration, with a major in Organizational Leadership.
  • Easy to contact

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of her past clients:

“Very Well Put And Discussed. Thk You For Sharing Your Experience. Will Definitely Follow The Guidance. I Am A Life Coach Too And Love To Share Expertise With Fellow Coleagues .”

14. Alana Belik

Alana Belik homepage

BEST FOR  Hypnotherapy
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780.907.6192
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

Alana Belik C.Hyp., RTT is a professional clinical hypnotherapist and life coach speaker. She has been serving the Edmonton community since 2006.

People love Alana Belik because of her affordable services. Her coaching sessions range from $165 to $286 (1 hour = $165, 1.5 hours = $235, 2 hours = $285) for Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, and Mentorship.

From the testimonials of her previous clients, they said that one session with Alana can really make a difference. That what she says is truly effective and really helps her patients.

Some mentioned how Alana’s approach to all things is very unique. And when they are in session with her, they feel very comfortable and validated.


  • Free Consultation
  • Offers online courses to become a life coach
  • Easy to communicate with

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from her past clients:

Weight loss.

Thanks again for everything Alana. You have changed our lives and the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. You’re an angel. You came into my life at just the right time. Also, I am so grateful for the business referral. He’s my favorite client now haha.” – P.L., Edmonton, AB


I just had an amazing first date with a girl who fit all of my wishes! Thank you for guiding me through this and convincing me that it is possible. Thank you for pushing me to keep going. Also thanks for the confidence/affirmation you give me in our sessions!” – R.P., Los Angeles, California

15. Leanne Bala

SERVICES  Breakthrough Discovery SessionWebsite DesignCareer and Life Purpose Coaching
CONTACT DETAILS Tel: (780) 686-6103[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Sunday, 8:00 AM – 8 PM

Leanne Bala, a highly skilled Career and Life Purpose Coach, is dedicated to empowering her clients to reach their fullest potential and live a life filled with passion and purpose. With her expertise as an Internationally Certified Health, Life, and Career Coach, Leanne guides individuals in overcoming challenges that have been holding them back, helping them uncover their passions, values, and ambitions to lead an inspiring and fulfilling life.

Leanne’s commitment to her clients’ well-being sets her apart. She offers one-on-one service in a clean, disinfected, and safe environment, ensuring her clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their sessions. Her personalized approach allows her to tailor her coaching to each individual, whether they are new mothers seeking to return to the workplace, professionals yearning for more purpose in their daily work life, or individuals looking for guidance in starting their own company.

As a Career and Life Purpose Coach, Leanne assists her clients in making the transition from making decisions based solely on the mind to incorporating the heart, finding fulfillment, and living a meaningful life. She helps individuals explore their true selves, identify their deeper life purpose, and eliminate self-limiting beliefs, creating a positive and inspiring journey towards self-discovery and growth.

Leanne Bala’s coaching services have garnered high praise from satisfied clients, who have experienced life-changing results under her guidance. Her empathetic and understanding nature, combined with her determination to help clients achieve their goals and dreams, makes her a trusted and supportive coach.

If you are seeking more meaning and passion in your life, Leanne Bala can be your guiding light. Her mission to help people find their path to purpose is not just a business name; it is her life’s purpose, and she is ready to help you embark on your journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. With Leanne as your coach, you can confidently step into your true self and freely become what you were meant to be.


  • Highly skilled Career and Life Purpose Coach.
  • Personalized coaching for inspiring and fulfilling life.
  • Empathetic and supportive guidance for life-changing results.

16. Krista Yaksiw Coaching

SERVICES  Coaching, Workshop, Couples Workshop, and Mental Load Masterclass
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
Monday: 6-8pm
Tuesday: 6-8pm
Wednesday: 6-8pm
Thursday: 6-8pm
Friday: 8:30am – 4:00pm

Krista Yaskiw Coaching is a highly experienced and passionate couples coach, offering personalized virtual coaching to help relationships thrive. With over a decade of experience as a trained couples counsellor and coach, Krista provides evidence-based tools and strategies to address specific relationship challenges, goals, and strengths, enabling couples to create their dream relationships.

The coaching approach at Krista Yaskiw Coaching is personalized and tailored to each unique couple. Unlike standardized programs, Krista focuses predominantly on couples and specializes in relationships, drawing on the Gottman Method and various counselling modalities. With a focus on vulnerability, fun, and accountability, Krista creates a safe space for couples to express thoughts and feelings, leading to positive outcomes.

Through coaching sessions, couples can learn effective communication strategies, practical tools, and methods to navigate gridlock issues, leading to better compromise and resolution of solvable issues. Krista also helps couples address domestic labor imbalance, explore family origins, deepen appreciation, and revive intimacy. The goal is to create a vision for the relationship that excites both partners, providing the necessary support and accountability throughout the journey.

The coaching packages offered by Krista Yaskiw Coaching are designed to suit different goals, comfort levels, and budgets. Couples can choose from single sessions or packages of five or ten sessions, each offering unique benefits to cater to individual needs. The virtual coaching sessions are conducted over Zoom, making it convenient for couples to access professional support and guidance from the comfort of their own homes.

Krista Yaskiw’s expertise, training, and accomplishments in couples coaching are backed by her extensive experience in the field of addiction and mental health. As a certified flourishing life coach and relationship coach, she is a member of the Association of Counselling Therapy of Alberta and has completed various couples counselling training, including Gottman Level 1 & 2 and Gottman Treating Affairs and Trauma. Additionally, Krista is a published author of “The Daily Check-in: A Journal for Couples,” further demonstrating her dedication to helping couples thrive.

If you’re looking to improve your relationship, connect with your partner, and overcome relationship challenges, Krista Yaskiw Coaching provides a compassionate and effective coaching approach to support couples in creating lasting positive changes in their relationships. With Krista as your couples coach, you can expect transformation, growth, and the tools to build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.


  • Highly experienced couples coach fostering dream relationships.
  • Personalized coaching with focus on vulnerability and fun.
  • Evidence-based tools for improved communication and intimacy.

Customer Reviews

Would definitely recommend her

“Attended a couples night workshop facilitated by Krista at a local venue. I cannot say enough good things about it! Krista was so down to earth and super knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend her.” – Bailee Orr

We really enjoyed the course! 

“We really enjoyed the course! Well organized and very informative! Definitely going to use the tools we learned at home!”  – Amanda Loomer

These best life coaches in Edmonton are willing to help you through stormy seas, step by step. You may benefit a great deal from relearning to love yourself all over again through their lessons and great courses.

17. Elevation Life Co

BEST FOR  Life Coaching
PRODUCTS Book and Speaking
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

At Elevation Life Co, we’ve experienced a transformational journey that’s worth every ounce of praise.

Their comprehensive range of services leaves no stone unturned, ensuring holistic personal development. From goal setting to stress management, their adept life coaches cover it all, making sure no aspiration is left unattended.

Convenience is the name of the game, and Elevation Life Co plays it flawlessly. Our schedules were in the capable hands of their flexible coaching sessions, accommodating even the busiest days.

Virtual sessions brought their expertise right to our doorstep, erasing any excuse for missing out on self-improvement. Convenience wasn’t a compromise—it was a commitment.

Reputation speaks volumes, and Elevation Life Co’s resounds with success stories.

Their team of skilled coaches boasts credentials that command respect, while their personalized approach fosters a genuine connection.

The community they’ve built is a testament to their dedication, providing us with a supportive network to lean on while chasing our ambitions.

Cost versus value is a battle that Elevation Life Co unequivocally wins. Our investment in their services felt like a steal, considering the immense returns in clarity, motivation, and personal growth.

With packages tailored to various needs, our financial concerns were assuaged, affirming that self-betterment is an investment, not an extravagance.

Elevation Life Co has a way of making every session count, sparking “aha” moments that rewrite our life’s narrative.

The process isn’t always a cakewalk, but their coaches wield just the right balance of compassion and tough love.

The synergy between their expertise and our commitment creates a momentum that propels us towards our aspirations.

Sadly, they don’t offer discounts at the present. We advise checking their website for other affordable deals.


  • Flexible Virtual Sessions Tailored to You
  • Backed by a Community of Success Stories
  • High Value Returns at an Attainable Cost

Customer Reviews

“Life before Elevation Life Co was a maze. Now, I’m navigating with purpose and clarity. Their coaches are like beacons, guiding me towards success.”

“Elevation Life Co didn’t just coach me; they transformed me. Their personalized approach felt like a roadmap to my best self. Forever grateful.”

18. Ashley Anjlien Kumar

BEST FOR  Life Coaching
PRODUCTS Coaching, Yoga, Wellness, and Books
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS Contact them via their website
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more information

Our experience with Ashley Anjlien Kumar – The Confidence Coach, the premier Kids Confidence and Self-Esteem Coaching and Master Parent Coaching company in Edmonton has been nothing short of exceptional.

As a trauma-informed Certified Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Coach for Kids and Certified Master Parenting Coach, she supports families to go from disempowered, disconnected, and struggling to self-empowered, self-connected, and thriving. For kids, she uses a 6 step system rooted in story-telling, multi-sensory learning and somatic wellness practices to develop skills for resilience and confidence. Kids in her programs enjoy stories, games, arts, experiments, crafts, yoga, dance, journaling, discussions and other fun activities while learning important life skills. Her parent-clients are working towards conscious parenting with a desire to help their children develop high self-confidence, soaring self-esteem, and a strong self-image.  Holding immense empathic and brave space, she collaborates with parents to discover subconscious patterns that are impacting family dynamics and shift them using a combination of modalities. This allows parents to grow into conscious, confident and empowered family leaders.

From the outset, Ashley’s services radiate professionalism and insight. With a wealth of strategies at her disposal, her expertly tailored guidance supports each individual’s unique journey, ensuring a transformative experience.

Convenience is a cornerstone of Ashley Anjlien Kumar’s approach. Flexible online scheduling and virtual sessions ensure that personal growth fits seamlessly into kids’ and parents’ busy lives. Her interactions transcend physical boundaries, breaking down barriers to progress by utilizing a cozy in-person studio space as well.

The reputation of Ashley Anjlien Kumar precedes her and rightfully so. 

Renowned for her empathy and deep insight, she has garnered praise for catalyzing genuine change in countless lives. She stands as a beacon of trustworthiness in the realm of child and parent coaching.

We understand that value extends beyond monetary aspects, but it’s worth noting that Ashley Anjlien Kumar’s services are an investment that pays dividends with some of the most affordable coaching services in North America.

Ashley’s services shine brightly. Her personalized approach, convenient format, sterling reputation, and undeniable value makes her a standout choice for your children and family. Sadly, she can get busy during peak days. We advise booking them ahead of time.


  • Child self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience coaching from age 5 to 16 years

  • In-depth custom tailored Parent Coaching

  • Parent Transformation Courses (online)

  • Kids self-development courses (online)

  • Kids author

  • Adult book author

  • Podcast host

Customer Reviews


“This is the first time my daughter has attended coaching with Ashley. I’ve noticed increased confidence in my daughter and she’s using new words/vocabulary from the program at home! She’s also trying new things with less anxiety. She is excited to show and share what she’s learned each session and she’s sharing the yoga and the crafts with her friends. I would recommend this program to friends and colleagues.”

– Monica Baker, mother of 10 year old participant, Canada


“Working with Ashley has changed my life. Her warm personality helped build a trusting partnership right away. I, personally, felt that her intuition and skill of the latest data within the scientific field of learning to work with emotions and trauma has really proven to address my immediate need for support. She is kind and accountable and her professional etiquette offered me the confidence and determination I was seeking. Thanks to Ashley, I am able to grow, even reaching beyond what I could only imagine was possible. I am utterly grateful for her.”

– Brooke Mundell, Mother of 2, Hawaii, USA

19. Ron Waterfield’s Executive Winners

SERVICES  Personal and professional coaching
ADDRESS 50 Wolf Crescent NWEdmonton, Alberta, T5T 1E2
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 444-4724[email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Ron Waterfield, the Canadian author, entrepreneur, and life coach, stands out as one of the best life coaches in Alberta for personal and professional growth. With over 40 years of experience, Ron has transformed hundreds of clients through his seminars, keynote speeches, and self-help books. His teachings promote kindness, respect, generosity, forgiveness, honesty, and patience, creating a positive impact on countless individuals.

Ron’s one-on-one coaching program offers personalized attention to accelerate personal and professional growth. His coaching approach emphasizes healthy and happy relationships, work-life balance, and clarity and commitment. Unlike standardized programs, Ron tailors his coaching to each individual’s unique needs and challenges, making it more effective and relatable.

Testimonials from clients highlight Ron’s educational, inspiring, and accommodating coaching style, enabling individuals to see themselves differently, love themselves, and be proud of their journey. Through evidence-based interventions, tools, and strategies, Ron helps clients overcome negative patterns and achieve extraordinary results.

Executive Winners, the coaching platform founded by Ron, provides life coaching and professional speakers to enhance personal and professional lives. The business workshops and coaching sessions offered by Executive Winners focus on various aspects, from leadership and performance to team building and entrepreneurship. Ron’s expertise as a keynote speaker and motivational speaker further adds value to the platform.

Overall, Ron Waterfield and Executive Winners offer a comprehensive coaching experience, empowering individuals to unleash their hidden power and reach their full potential. With their compassionate and effective coaching approach, they inspire positive transformations, turning ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. For anyone seeking personal or professional growth, Ron Waterfield’s coaching expertise and Executive Winners’ services promise to make a profound impact on their lives.


  • Personalized Coaching with Positive Impact.
  • Empowering Lives: From Ordinary to Extraordinary.
  • Alberta’s Premier Life Coach & Transformation Expert.


  • Closed on weekends

Customer Reviews

Ron is exceptional to work with

“Ron is exceptional to work with and has a great personality which makes him so easy to connect with. Ron is a man with great integrity and shows genuine care for his clients. I am improving my personal and professional life with his coaching. I look forward to our meetings and interactions, I always leave our sessions/chats with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone in my life. Thank you Ron and Executive Winners! I am excited for my future like never before!” – Lisa Gee

His guidance and knowledge is invaluable 

“I met Ron years ago through work, at that time he had given me some advice which I then pondered for 2 years . I reconnected with Ron a few months ago and decided it was time to have him coach me. Ron is a kind and caring person, he has taught me so see myself, love myself and be proud of who I am and who I will become. Through Ron’s guidance I have learnt how to better my life, from school, work, relationships (both professional and personal) . Ron has helped me reconnect with my children so I can communicate with them on their level. Ron has helped me and continues to help me through so many things, his guidance and knowledge is invaluable and I owe him a great deal for help showing me the way to my own success.”  – Tereza Ferguson

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