The 21 Best Edmonton Web Design Firms

Best Web Design in Edmonton

By Noah Murray

So you need a website for business, nonprofit organisation, or just for personal use. The problem is you have no idea how to code or do graphic design. Luckily for you, the top firms for the best Edmonton web design firms are here to help!

Today, we’ll give you our picks for the best Edmonton web design firms. Let’s start with a highly recommended web design group (well, all of them are that!).

1.  Pixel Army

Pixel Army's Logo
BEST FOR  Web Design and SEO
ADDRESS #315, 10357 109 Street, Edmonton, AB T5J 1N3
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 428-8089 |

First in our list of the best Edmonton web design firms is Pixel Army. They do web design and development, as well as SEO and digital advertising.

They give stellar support services and great layouts to web pages that are functional as well as good eye candy.


  • Offers search engine marketing
  • Content Management Systems
  • Website hosting

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Pixel Army: 

Working with Pixel Army and their wonderful staff made the whole process of building my website easy and straightforward. Everything was explained to me in detail and they took the time to answer my questions. They got to know my business and what we needed to get across to clients and potential customers. The entire website was completed in weeks from the time I sat down with Amber, meeting the team and the owner Kevin to set up my marketing plan with Daniel. If you need a website built in a timely manner while having all your needs met this is the team and Company to go with. Thanks, Pixel Army.
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

Working with Pixel Army has been fantastic! Great customer service from our account manager Kaneesha every time! Answering all our questions promptly and giving step-by-step instructions when needed. Highly recommend to any organization to have Pixel Army create their website!
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

2. Creologic Design

Creologic Design's Logo
BEST FOR   Web Design, Web Marketing
ADDRESS 10180 101 Street, Suite 3400, Edmonton, AB T5J 3S4
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 628-6826 |
OPERATING HOURS 8:00-6:00 (Mon-Fri) 9:00-5:00 (Sat) 10:00-5:00

Next in our list of the best Edmonton web design firms is Creologic Design. They don’t just build  websites but also create apps for your needs.

They offer site creation, maintenance, SEO, lead generation and more. They’ll help deliver a lot of traffic to your website.


  • Offers Shopify
  • Offers Pingdom
  • Affordable starter rate

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Creologic:

Kelly has been our go-to guy for all things web-related and has done an outstanding job communicating the vision of the company in a polished and effective way. Our website looks fantastic and he is always easy to get in touch with for any questions or issues we have. Would definitely recommend to anyone needing web design services or advice!
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

Kelly has been great to work with. extremely prompt and efficient with anything I have asked of him, updates are done quicker than I could imagine. after previous experiences with having a website created and how much of a headache that was, working with Kelly is a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t ask for a better person to work with.
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

3.  Web3 Marketing

Web3 Marketing's Logo
BEST FOR  Web Design
ADDRESS 201 3204 Parsons Road Northwest, Edmonton, AB T6N 1M2
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 760-3333 |
OPERATING HOURS 9:00-5:00 (Mon-Fri)

Focusing on keyword-related search results, they’re determined to market your site to help it reach its target audience. Their dedication to making a functional and great site while targeting the mark is what makes Web3’s services excellent.

Their creative sites and SEO marketing ideas put them among the best Edmonton web design firms.


  • Offers social media marketing
  • Offers content marketing
  • Locally-made

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Web3:

I am very impressed with the service that we received from Web3. We had them redesign 2 of our current websites and build a third from scratch. The whole team was great to work with but Jordan was truly outstanding!! He always understood just what I wanted and was so quick with everything even while juggling all 3 of our projects. He always made me feel like he was working just for me even though he had several other projects on the go for other clients. The Web3 team is amazing and you won’t be disappointed in choosing to work with them
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

These guys are awesome. Jordan was the head developer of my website’s project and he always went above and beyond for basically anything I requested. He spent hours after the website launched to make sure everything was working smoothly and was always very reachable. I don’t normally write reviews, but the service given here made it very necessary
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

4. Marvel Websites

BEST FOR  Custom Web Designs, Competitive Prices
ADDRESS 3448 93 St NW (1st floor) Edmonton, AB T6E 6A4
CONTACT DETAILS 1-780-231-7420

Every business starts off small. This is why it’s imperative for newbie entrepreneurs to focus on building up their brands whenever necessary, and as much as possible online considering the power of the Modern Internet over entrepreneurship.

The best way to go about this feat is by hiring a web design company that can handle most of the logistics for you. Case in point, Marvel Websites. They offer free consultation and in this time, they get to know better you and what your business stands for. This knowledge will then be put to you in establishing your brand, from your domain name and custom website, to the SEO and social media integration later on.


  • Free 2hr consultation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Domain Names

5.  Bubble Up

Bubble Up's Homepage
(Source: Bubble Up)
BEST FOR  Web design, Online marketing
ADDRESS #101, 17865 – 106A Avenue Edmonton, AB T5S 1V8
CONTACT DETAILS 587-400-2005 /
OPERATING HOURS 9:00-5:00 (Mon-Fri)

Dealing with clients mostly from the government sector, Bubble Up has been around for 15+ years. They offer services such as website design and development, marketing, branding, research and strategy.

With their quality of work & services, they’re one of the best Edmonton web design firms


  • Offers traditional marketing
  • Offers web hosting services

6.  Box Clever

Box Clever's Homepage
BEST FOR  Web Design, Digital Marketing
ADDRESS #200, 100 Palisades Way Sherwood Park, AB  T8H 0T1
CONTACT DETAILS 780-485-1230

Box Clever is dedicated to creating well-functioning sites that are also great to look at. They create custom-designed websites, as well as developing brand strategies and executing stellar digital campaigns.

Box Clever has created many websites in multiple industries, and will help your brand navigate the Net.That’s why they’ve earned a spot in the list of the best Edmonton web design firms.


  • Award-winning company
  • Offers e-commerce and app creation

7. Rednosal PLUS

BEST FOR  Web Design, Online Marketing
ADDRESS 9351 Simpson Dr NW, Edmonton, AB T6R 0N4, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS +1 587-589-8399 |
OPERATING HOURS 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

In the Age of the Internet, your business’ presence on the map is partly reliant on how you come across online. Which is why you need to put your trust on a company that understands this very fact and can dedicate much of their time in establishing your company’s reputation through web design and marketing.

Enter: Rednosal PLUS. Their talented team of designers and marketers will collaborate closely with you, working around the clock to provide for your online marketing needs.


  • Optimised for SEO
  • Round the clock work

8.  SOS Media Corp

BEST FOR  Website Design, Social Media Management, Video Production, Google
ADDRESS 10355 Jasper Ave #200 Edmonton, AB T5J 1Y6
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 475-7545 |
OPERATING HOURS 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Monday to Friday)

A player as big in the online market as Google is should be an important factor consider when making marketing strategies. And who better to make a website for you than the company who’s a certified partner of the world’s largest search engine?

SOS Media Corp is adept at everything Google. Not only that, but they work closely with all of their clients, so expect them to learn more about your business so they can incorporate this knowledge into strategies that will help you generate more traffic and interaction on your website.

Another important facet about the company: No location is too far for SOS Media Corp., so long as you require their services, they’ll get the job done.


  • Google Marketing
  • Forbes Agency Council Member

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about SOS Media Corp:

“Great company dedicated to providing marketing and media advertising to local businesses. If your starting out or been in business for years you should meet these guys and see what they can do to help you grow. Amazing results.”

-Rocko Milan, Google Reviews

“Working with the SOS Media Corp family has been a true pleasure. I started a charity that supports single moms called Kaleo Collective, and I needed help with a logo and website. They were delivered on time, on budget, and exceeded my expectations.

Each member of the organization that I have had the privilege of working with has been an industry leader in their respective fields. I look forward to working with SOS in the future and will continue to send anyone looking for assistance with design, websites, advertising etc., their way.

Beyond being incredible marketers, SOS is also a company who gives their time and talents to give back to the community. I couldn’t recommend them more!”

-Layna Haley, Google Reviews

9.  Bright Art Media

BEST FOR  Web Design, Online Marketing
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 902-8007 |

New to the world of online marketing? Or just marketing in general? Don’t have a logo just yet? Then Bright Art Media is the perfect Website Designer for you. Their services are new user-friendly considering their team guides you through every process, starting with your branding.

With in-depth consultation, they learn more about your business and its intricacies, from your philosophies and services to your desired goals. All of these they use to create the perfect website that will catch potential clients’ attention.


  • Branding Help
  • Continued Service Post-Launch

10.  James Murgatroyd Communications

BEST FOR  Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation
ADDRESS 2F 10363 104 Street Edmonton, AB T5J 1B9
CONTACT DETAILS 780.887.3033 |

Ranking is one of the most important things when it comes to the digital world. This is why businesses need to place great importance on how they rank on search engines. It’s quite fortunate that you don’t have to worry about such matters on your own.

With the help of James Murgatroyd Communications, you can solve any digital problem regardless of how complicated they may be. A few solutions James Murgatroyd Communications offers their would-be clients are SEO, web design and support, and even consultation for WordPress.


  • WordPress Consultation
  • Website Support

11. Digital Max Solutions

BEST FOR  Web Design Services
ADDRESS 10050 112St NW Edmonton, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: (780) 233 7046

For over 17 years, Digital Max Solutions has been building and updating websites. They do not just fix problems but also involve you in fixing it,

They will give you 5 minutes worth of advice and it will save you a lot of time.


  • Web Design Experts
  • Social Media Guru’s
  • Graphic Design Hotshot’s

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Digital Max Solutions clients:

“Our entire experience with Digital Max Solutions has been very enjoyable. Right from the start Brock and his staff took the time to understand our needs and wants which allowed for our website design project to flow quickly and effortlessly. We were very impressed at how accurately their design matched what we were expecting and we went through the entire process via email and phone! We are looking forward to future projects with Digital Max Solutions!” – Kris Thapa

Here’s another one:

“Kris was great to work with. He was fast, efficient, and understood my vision. I would happily work with Kris again and would recommend him to anyone who wants to build a easy to navigate website.” – Jessica

12.  Happy Hour Design

BEST FOR  Modern Web Design
CONTACT DETAILS 780-512-6343 (Matt) or 780-994-1455 (Brandon) | or

Another beginner-friendly web design company on this list is Happy Hour Design. They specialise in all things digital, notably branding and SEO implementation. So, they’re the perfect company to work for regardless of your business’ position in the online market.

Another facet to note about Happy Hour Design is that they offer photography and video production services — the best service option if you want to boost your presence on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram.


  • Photography and video production
  • Social Media Integration

13.  SM Web Development

BEST FOR  Custom Digital Solutions, Web Design
CONTACT DETAILS 587-779-9943 |

At SM Web Development, it is understood that every business is unique. Hence, the need for creative and unique solutions when it comes to your online marketing woes. Every step they take into making your website, they’ll be consulting you. Not only that, but they’re prepared to make a prototype of the website to get your full acceptance before launching it.

An added bonus to working with SM Web Development is that you don’t have to rely on them long term for management if you don’t wish to. They offer training alongside the entire development and design process, so you’ll be going from newbie to a pro when it comes to managing your website after you’re done working with them.


  • Website Training
  • In-depth consultations

14.  Paper Leaf

BEST FOR  Website Creation, App Development
ADDRESS 10217 106 St NW #200, Edmonton, AB T5J 1H5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 780-633-0415 |
OPERATING HOURS 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

Attention to detail is an important characteristic to note when choosing the company to work with for your digital marketing needs. After all, the slightest bit of mistakes can cost your business a slew of potential clients and revenue. Hence, the need to collaborate with a team that will dedicate a lot of time to get things right.

This is where the team at Paper Leaf enters the picture. Reliability and professionalism are two most noteworthy foundations of their work. They only execute websites and applications that your business needs. You won’t need to worry about unnecessary projects or costs when working with this company.


  • Award-winning team
  • Mobile app development

15.  IM Solutions

BEST FOR  Web and Graphic Design
ADDRESS 6116 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5W 0L2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 988-2795 |
OPERATING HOURS 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

When it comes to website designs, anything too loud or complicated will only serve to drive traffic away rather than boost it. Hence, the importance of hiring a talented designer who can work with this facet in mind.

Fortunately, you can have just that when you work with IM Solutions. Yvette of IM Solutions is dedicated to assisting small and home based businesses. She is adept at handling anything that has to do with the online market. From branding to the website development itself, she has your back covered.

IM Solutions is truly a one-stop-shop for logos, business cards, brochures, banners and websites. In addition, IM Solutions can set up and brand social media accounts and put together Google, Bing and Facebook advertising campaigns.


  • Free tips and tricks
  • New user-friendly
  • Affordable Hourly Rates w/ No Hidden Costs
  • Female Owned Local Business

16.  WEWA Design

BEST FOR  Extensive web design services
ADDRESS Suite 4-212, Enterprise Square
10230 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 4P6
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 851-8815 |
OPERATING HOURS 9:30 am – 5:30 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

With the continued progression of technology, it’s no surprise that everyone, even businesses, need to adapt to new trends in order to survive in this ever changing world. It doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone, though. Why should you, when design companies like WEWA exist?

WEWA Design is your best bet when it comes to all things related to modern information technology.  They provide a full spectrum of services to all of their clients. Notably, planning, designing, and developing your very own website. But they can also do video production and online advertisements.

If you want simple yet effective designs, then choose WEWA Design today.


  • YouTube Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • eCommerce web system


BEST FOR  Sleek and function web designs
ADDRESS 4196 93 St NW, Suite 202
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 5P5
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 862 3204 |
OPERATING HOURS 10 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

SAVIAN has won an award-winning agency whose scope of work spans across many mediums: From web and graphic design and SEO, SEM, and social media to video production, and animation, they have you covered.

They work hard to meet and exceed all your expectations. With a team that consists of talented individuals, they produce quality output that you will no doubt love.


  • Broad range of experience and solid personal ethics
  • Approachable staff
  • Safe and comfortable team to work with

18. Maple Leap Group

BEST FOR  Web Design
ADDRESS 10210 140 St. NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 2L4
CONTACT DETAILS 780-800-6922

Maple Leap owns and operates a number of businesses. Their experience allows them to operate efficiently.

They are known to be a dominant player in the Online Marketing Solutions Space and they will continue to grow.


  • A modest fee of $99
  • Create and build a good website
  • Huge variety of services

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Maple Leap Group’s clients:

“There is not enough good words I can say about this company.
There team has been nothing but AMAZING at helping our business grow from day one
Extremely affordable and always there for us all the time.

Here’s another one:

“Maple Leap Groups did excellent job while designing and developing our company websites which was fully functional and as per our requirements. These people also perform excellent job in SEO to ranked our website in first page of google. Dedicated and Professional team of Maple Leap Develop amazing website for us. We would like to thank Maple leap Groups and recommend this company for all who need website with creative and SEO friendly Design.” – MSA Towing

19. PDERAS Consulting Group Inc.

BEST FOR  Digital Solutions
ADDRESS 7341 104 St NW Edmonton, AB T6E 4B9
CONTACT DETAILS 780.702.2583

For over a decade, PDERAS has been providing great quality digital services. They are a team of people who are highly professional and skilled.

They believe in lasting business relationships that is why they establish long term relationships. They understand that the digital world rapidly changes and they are ready to help their clients.


  • Device Oriented
  • Technology Orientation
  • User Interface

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of PDERAS Consulting’s clients:

“Great work Great Team, Pderas has been a key partner in our digital endevours!” – MC Dispatch

Here’s another one:

“I have worked directly with Nathan and Ken from Pderas and they are very trustworthy, knowledgeable, and dependable when it comes to websites, web app. development, and on-line solutions. They provide custom solutions that can meet the needs of any business.

They are very talented team, whose primary goal is to get your business running more efficiently, so that you can be more successful.

If you want your business to run more efficiently, give Nathan a call today.” – Kyle Watson

20. DO Originals

BEST FOR  Website design, brand identity and creative online store.
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780.266.1733 |
OPERATING HOURS 10 am to 7 pm weekdays

DO Originals aims to help you reinvent or improve the way you brand your products and create websites that draw people in. In search for website design ideas? They are all for creative designs whether it’s big, compelling visuals or a minimalistic approach.

They offer basic to premium services to meet our customer budget and needs with an array of options to create their website design so that they can create a dynamic, eye-catching website at affordable rates. They also offer you a platform for creative fun through our creative design services with fresh and innovative ideas.


  • Brand designing services helping you showcase your brand with informative details
  • Will help you create a brand uniqueness that wholly reflects your brand
  • Provides the best customer service

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of DO Originals’ clients:

“Deepa is a talented designer who created a website and logo for my business. She asked questions, provided mock ups and took feedback to ensure I was happy with the design. She surpassed my expectations and she was always available to answer questions. Outstanding customer service!”

Here’s another one:

“Deepa is really professional and works really hard. I wanted a logo for my hair page.She delivered exactly what I was looking for! She sent me a survey with questions figuring out what I was looking for, and sent me updates of the logo throughout the process and made sure I was happy with it. I would highly recommend DO Original for your work, she will not disappoint you.”


21. Device Media Inc.

BEST FOR  Digital Marketing
ADDRESS 18427 78 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5X3, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS +1 (780) 488.7886


Device Media is a full service digital marketing agency. They are a team of knowledgeable online marketers that will help you in making your business a success through effective marketing strategies. 

You can entrust them in coming up with a well planned website and a lot more at reasonable rates.


  • Experienced Online Marketers
  • Custom website design
  • Advanced Analytics

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from one of Device Media Inc.’s clients:

“I have been fortunate to work with Device Media on a few projects and one thing that keeps impressing me is the knowledge that they draw upon to make it work. Whatever it was, video conferencing, integrating technology, or marketing they knew the options and helped pick the best way forward. Thanks Guys!”


And that’s it for our list of the best Edmonton web design firms. These are the ones that will give you a site for sore eyes, and help you with online brand strategies.

If you also need to set up your business’s computers in addition to your website, not to worry, here’s a list of the best electricians in Edmonton. These can fix all your wiring concerns so your new desktops don’t overload your power lines.

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