What to Expect From a Home Inspection

What to Expect From a Home Inspection

Thinking of buying or selling a house? A home inspection is a great way to assess a house’s physical structure and mechanical system to help people know a house’s value.

This will help buyers make a more informed decision about a property. It’s also a chance for sellers to address problems to negotiate a good sale price for the house.

Here’s what you can expect at a home inspection.

Reviewing Property Disclosure Statement

If you’re a seller or a real estate agent, you have to provide any potential buyer with a Property Condition Statement (PCS) or Real Estate Disclosure Form. This document will include all details about the condition of the property.

Before the home inspection, the inspector or buyer will review this statement. The extent of the obligations of the seller to disclose defects often depend on provincial laws, so the format and contents will vary.

Some provinces only require seller disclosures to include visible defects and other issues the seller is aware of. Hiring a home inspector can reveal issues that not even the seller knows.

The information in the disclosure is taken into account when inspecting the home, but a home inspection goes beyond that.

Identify Issues and Suggest Fixes

Strictly speaking, the main job of a home inspector is to inspect the house for potential issues and defects. 

This includes the interior and exterior parts of the home. An inspector will look at the following:

Once done, the inspector will prepare a written report of the results. The buyer can then decide if they want to close the deal as is or request for the seller to fix the issues.

The home inspector generally suggests what defects are viable to repair as well.

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

Typically, a home inspection can last for two to four hours depending on the size of the property. Sometimes, inspectors will do the inspection in pairs to be more thorough and cut down the time.

In this case, the inspection typically lasts for about an hour to two hours.

What Inspectors Don’t Look For

While home inspectors need to be thorough, they will not be inspecting cosmetic defects like the paint job, wallpaper, or carpet stains

They also won’t bother looking at the sewer line. If they see mold or pests, they may label it in the inspection as potentially mold but will not test to confirm.

They’re also not going to check the decor. They’re not going to check the internal wiring systems or piping either.

Home inspection focuses on the structural damages to give the buyer an idea about what they’re purchasing. However, they’re not going to be giving their opinion on the sale price of the property.

If done well, a home inspection will benefit both the buyer and the seller to get a more transparent transaction.