Most Popular Edmonton Breakfast Dishes

Most Popular Edmonton Breakfast Dishes

Edmonton has an excellent culinary scene, known for high-quality beef and a wide range of flavour options. 

While many Canadians tend to be too rushed to enjoy breakfast in the morning, they still have plenty of great breakfast dishes. 

Find out what people in Edmonton like to have for breakfast below.

Western Breakfast

Most Canadians have a typical western diet, so a breakfast made of cooked eggs, fried pork sausages or bacon, and fried or deep-fried potatoes is usually the norm. 

You can easily find the ingredients for these dishes in most grocers, markets or convenience stores, so they’re easy to cook and prepare. 

There are also plenty of restaurants serving western breakfast in Edmonton. 

You can find our top picks for breakfast places here


Just like many other cultures, Canadians are partial to pancakes. Canadian pancakes are particularly iconic because of the staple Canadian maple, one of the country’s most popular products. 

Pair pancakes with a hot chocolate or coffee from the best cafes in Edmonton, and you’re all set for the day. 


Canada offers a large variety of cereals that many people consume for breakfast. Cereals are a nutritious choice for both children and adults.

Many nutritionists recommend cereal because of its high fibre content. However, not all cereal brands will give you a good balance of nutrients you need to sustain energy for the day.

We recommend choosing brands that contain whole grain and not too much sugar.

Sandwiches and Burgers

Many Edmontonians don’t have much time to grab a full breakfast in the morning, so the best alternative is to grab something simple like a sandwich or burger.

Fast food restaurants provide many breakfast options. There are also excellent food blogs that can teach you simple sandwich or burger recipes that you can prepare yourself. 


Many Edmontonians also like having fruit for breakfast. They are delicious and don’t need any preparation or cooking, so they’re perfect for busy people.

Fruit baskets are also a favourite among the health-conscious because of their high nutritional value.

Edmonton is one of the most productive agricultural lands on the planet. You can find different kinds of berries, peaches and grapes here.

Edmonton also has plenty of different farmers’ markets where people can access local produce and horticulture. 

Where to Find the Best Food in Edmonton

Edmonton offers a plethora of delicious and healthy breakfast food. No matter your preferences, there is undoubtedly a place you can go to have a great breakfast.

We have reviewed different restaurants around Edmonton and found the best places to get any type of food you want. Check out the comprehensive reviews below: