What’s The Sports Scene in Edmonton Like

What’s The Sports Scene in Edmonton Like? 

The sound of uproarious crowds and die-hard fans usually surround any game in Edmonton. Once you’ve been to a hockey, football, baseball, or basketball game, you’ll understand why the sports scene in Edmonton is tough to beat. 

When the games are not held live in the city, you’ll find fans in custom t-shirts of their sports team, sipping on happy hour drinks in one of the many sports bars around town. Others prefer to host friends in their homes, get alcohol delivery, and munch on pizzas and other finger snacks while watching the game. 

But which sport is set to be a crowd favorite? Read on to find out more. 

1. Ice Hockey 

Ice Hockey is one of the prevailing sports in Edmonton. The local team, called the Edmonton Oilers are no doubt a crowd favourite.

Edmonton is known as the oil capital of Canada, so it only made sense to name this franchise the Oilers when they entered the league in 1972. They started as one of the twelve founding franchises of the major professional World Hockey Association (WHA). 

In 1979, they were one of the four teams to be admitted to the NHL. They retained their name and have won 5 stanley cups since then. 

2. Soccer

For FIFA fans, here’s great news: Edmonton is playing host to the upcoming world championship in 2026. The games will be held at the commonwealth stadium that has a seating capacity of 55,000 people. 

The government, tourism board and private companies are all working hand in hand to welcome a bulk of tourist in the next season. Everyone, from restauranteurs to the hospitality industry, are putting their best foot forward while preparing to play host and welcome tourists from across the globe to Edmonton. 

3. Canadian Football

You’ll find a sporting good shop selling football products in around every corner of Edmonton. The local team called the Edmonton Elks have won 14 championships until date. 

They are only 3 championships away from being the leading team in Canada, right behind the Toronto Arganauts with 17 titles. A game between the two leading teams usually bring in huge crowds and a heart racing match. 

4. Basketball 

Basketball is a sport the Edmontonians love and this is quite evident by the number of basketball camps and training schools they have in the city. On weekends, you’ll find children and adults both playing the sport in the local park or open courts around the area. 

Their sports team the Edmonton Stingers are not only a national favourite, but they’ve also made their way to debut at the Basketball Champions League. This is a step towards putting Edmonton on the international map of sports. 

In conclusion, Edmonton is a city of sports lovers. If not for any of the major sports mentioned above, you’ll find that almost everyone like to keep active in one way or another. 

From adventure activities like rock climbing and go karting, to child-friendly activities like mini-golf and swimming, to say that Edmontonians love their sports is not an exaggeration.