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The 6 Best Hair Extension Services in Edmonton

Best Hair Extension Services
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Most girls know this secret – that hair is sometimes an enemy you need to conquer. It’s only when you take hold that you’ll find a well-behaved beast: never angry, only voluminous and in control. 

Great hair is a goldmine of confidence. That’s why we knew our next piece about beauty services in the city had to be something to do with it.

To that end, we present to you our choices for the best hair extension services in the area. Many trips and tests later, these were the ones the girls on our team picked as the top options!

The Cost of Hair Extensions in Edmonton

Hair extensions in Edmonton vary depending on factors like the method and the quality of the hair. Some salons also charge labor costs.

To give you an idea, see the table below for the estimated costs.

Type of hair extensions Estimated costs
Good non-permanent hair extensions (halos, clip-ins)Between $200 - $500
Professional permanent extensionsBetween $600 - $3000

How We Picked the Best Hair Extensions in Edmonton

Quality of service – We chose places that offer current designs and trends on hair extensions to deliver quality service. We also considered the overall process including the consultation.
Client care – We looked into places that have a variety of hair attachment options with comprehensive client care (before and after the procedure). Staff must have a positive and professional attitude. 
Experience and credentials – We chose hair extension shops that have experienced and certified hair technicians to perform the procedures.
Rates and additional fees – We chose places that provide good value for money for the services. Flexible payment options are also preferred. 

1. Hot Hair Extensions

Hot Hair Extensions Homepage
ADDRESS11615 93 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 1C8, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS1-403-813-6691
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Quality of service4/5
Client care5/5
Experience and credentials4/5
Rates and additional fees (A higher score means better value)5/5

We’re usually suspicious of affordable hair extensions, but people told us Hot Hair Extensions would prove our suspicions wrong. This is because they’re known around the area for their low prices, but patrons come back for other notable qualities.

Anyway, the salon offers several options including nano hair extensions, regular tape-in extensions, and invisible skin weft hair extensions. This variety of options is likely another reason they’re well-received by the public.

But what we liked the most when we tried them out is that clients are not kept waiting. The salon has all the hair they need for any extensions, eliminating waiting times for new materials and speeding up the process from start to finish.

We also appreciated their informative website – containing do’s and don’ts after the treatment. Of course, all of this will be provided to each client following the procedure (it’s a standard process anyway to achieve the best results).

Now, we did say that the salon is popular for low-cost hair extensions, so we’ll run through the cost of their bestselling offers. Standard extensions start at $380 and thick virgin extensions at $1,120 (maintenance is around $150).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t help but notice some hair extension tangling and misplacement in ours – although they were pretty rare. Fortunately, the satisfactory results outweighed the bad even in our group, so we were still happy overall. 


  • Wide variety of hair extensions options
  • Solid post-procedure guidance and care
  • Always well stocked with all the hairs needed 
  • Low-cost hair extensions
  • Online booking available
  • Open daily


  • Minor issues in service quality and results

Customer Reviews

Fantastic experience, always communicate

My experience with Myriam was fantastic. She communicated with me about what I was looking for and picked the perfect color combination to blend with my hair color. I love the color and the length and that she made sure it was perfect before I left! I’ll be back for sure. – Sarah Snively

Pleasing service, knowledgeable

I will never go to anyone else for extensions as Myriam is amazing!   I have virgin extensions and they are the best I’ve ever had!  I can’t say enough !  Extremely pleased with her service, friendliness, knowledge and my hair !  Thank you myriam – Jodi Gibbons

2. Extension Garage Hair Studio

Extension Garage Hair Studio Homepage
ADDRESS8623 177 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Z 0A5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS(587) 984-6242

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Quality of service5/5
Client care5/5
Experience and credentials5/5
Rates and additional fees (A higher score means better value)4/5

Extension Garage Hair Studio is a full-service salon in Edmonton that specializes in hair extensions and hair coloring. And actually, they might be your best bet if it’s natural-looking hair you’re after. 

We love that their hair experts offer more than just skill and expertise. They also accommodate customers professionally and are friendly from the consultation process until the end of the service.

The quality of their service is almost like a work of art type of workmanship. Their hair technicians do more than just attach hair – they also use it to add length, volume, and texture in a way that we really appreciated.

Moreover, their personnel seem well-versed in ensuring that the procedure is safe at all times. In fact, they specialize in voguepearl hair extensions, which is a procedure that doesn’t involve the use of adhesives, chemicals, or glue.

This technique causes no damage to the natural hair and is perfect for those who want long, beautiful hair in the process. We’d like to call it one of the best methods in extensions since it’s our favorite, but it’s always on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, Extension Garage Hair Studio won us over with their daily availability. And, while they don’t have an online booking (an important factor for all businesses nowadays), they’re always reachable by phone to schedule an appointment.


  • Full-service salon in Edmonton
  • Trained and experienced extensionists
  • Specializes in voguepearl hair extensions 
  • Good safety measures to protect natural hair
  • Easy to reach via phone
  • Open daily


  • No online booking

Customer Reviews

Exceptional experience, amazing result

I came here to get extensions in my hair for the first time and it was an unbelievably exceptional experience! My hair turned out looking absolutely amazing, you really do get what you pay for! The colour blends perfectly and I couldn’t be more satisfied! I highly recommend getting your hair done here! – sarah finn

Amazing extensions

I love this place! I went in with some pretty badly damaged hair that was beyond help, (or so I thought). I left feeling spectacular!! My extensions are absolutely amazeballs!!! Thank u Juli, for making me feel beautiful with luscious long locks that are to die for!!!  – Squishy Bug

3. The Extensionist

The Extensionist Homepage
ADDRESS10838 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5M 0H3, Canada

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSTuesday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM | Saturday - Monday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Quality of service4/5
Client care5/5
Experience and credentials5/5
Rates and additional fees (A higher score means better value)3/5

The Extentionists, we can say, are hair experts at the very core. They have a wide range of solutions to various hair problems, but they mostly target hair loss issues through replacement and hair extensions. 

In 2018, they bagged the Alberta Hair & Beauty Award, which not only screams prestige but also experience. But like we always say, no award weighs more than client perception. 

Having said that, we’re not surprised to learn that they’re experts in voguepearl hair extensions. In fact, they’re exclusive to that hair extension technique.

If the client wishes, their staff can also color hair extensions and have them hidden both up and down for a completely natural hair look. That’s what we selected for our test and we loved the results!

Clients who need long hair for special occasions can also rely on this salon. The salon is knowledgeable about all things regarding hair clip-ins and can even customize them to client preferences. 

Lastly, The Extentionists use premium quality human hair in both of the hair extension procedures they offer, resulting in more natural-looking hair. The thing is that they don’t put their prices on their website, so don’t forget to call them for a quote.


  • Over 10 years in the industry
  • Specializes both in voguepearl hair extensions and hair clip-ins
  • Uses premium quality human hair
  • Can custom hair clip-ins
  • Guarantees a 7-month wear duration
  • Online booking available 
  • Complimentary consultation


  • Complaints regarding overpricing 

Customer Reviews

Happy to help, makes me feel comfortable

I have been going to this salon for the past 8 months and have never been happier with my hair. They make you feel so comfortable going in there. Any adjustments needed they are more than happy to help. Highly recommend! – Hudsyn Arnold

Color matched extensions perfectly

Jenna is a fantastic stylist! This is my first time having extensions and she color matched perfectly, and also did my tone and gloss amazingly. She is very skilled and the process went by so quick! Not only is she a great stylist, but she’s a great person to talk to and she made the whole experience really fun! – sighhjess

4. HairCandy Inc.

HairCandy Inc. Homepage
ADDRESS11723 145 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 1M2, Canada

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM | Saturday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Quality of service4/5
Client care4/5
Experience and credentials5/5
Rates and additional fees (A higher score means better value)5/5

HairCandy is easily Edmonton’s one-stop shop for hair extensions. They specialize in providing premium hair extensions in various styles, which is always a treat for option-obsessed people like us. 

About that, HairCandy utilizes unique blending techniques and original designs in every hair extension procedure. Aside from attaching human hair to your natural hair, they also cut to blend and style.

Aside from service quality, HairCandy also offers payment plans. Of course, we see it as a cost-effective option, seeing as customers can split their fees into four interest-free payments scheduled over a six-week period.

Unlike the other salons on our list, customers can order just the premium quality human hair from HairCandy (the large catalog suggests they won’t run out of hair for their service). They have a huge selection of colors, lengths, and textures to suit every need.

We give HairCandy extra points for having before and after photos available on their website. It’s not a direct influence on service quality, but having reference photos actually helps clients decide better for themselves. 

Unfortunately, we found a few poor reviews from their previous clients, noting poor service quality. However, the issue is a small case, showing that there are more positive outcomes than bad. 


  • Premium hair extensions in various styles
  • Payment plans available
  • Customers can order just the hair
  • Upfront pricing 
  • Specializes both in voguepearl hair extensions 
  • Uses premium quality human hair


  • Minor issues regarding service inconsistency
  • By appointment only

Customer Reviews

Always on time, never cancels

I have been wearing extensions for 9 years straight taking breaks once in a while and my hair were not damaged at all.  Part of it is the care Lori give me but I also don t wait too long for them to be redone (4 months). She works from her house and it is really nice set up. She is always on time, never cancel and always professional. I recommend her to anybody. – La belle vie coaching

Worth every penny

I have been visiting Laurie for the last 5 years and she HAS THE BEST QUALITY Hair that I found so far…. I never lost a piece of hair and she works fast .. Removing and installing them. It worth every penny.  And you can re use the hairs at least twice. – Monami massage

5. Luscious Hair Extensions

Luscious Hair Extensions Homepage
ADDRESS12080 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5K 0P3, Canada

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Friday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Quality of service4/5
Client care5/5
Experience and credentials4/5
Rates and additional fees (A higher score means better value)3/5

If you want not only longer but also thicker hair extensions, Luscious Hair Extensions is a great option. The hair extension technique they employ is nanobeads, which are the industry standard for such quality extensions.

Besides being organic and safe, the technique is also comfortable and precise (as nanobeads are so small that they can barely be felt). Of course, with that size, it’s also not visible in the hair, which is an added bonus.

Luscious Hair’s extensionists are, needless to say, experienced and professional in the field, having been trained and educated in it. With such a background, we’re not surprised that they personalize every appointment they handle.

Talking more about them, they also cater to color-matching your hair with extensions. Their specialists are well-equipped to use various ones to perfectly match your natural hair color – they found something to match even the trickier manes in our group!

The only issue we have with them is their customer service, which is mostly about how they can be difficult to reach at times. Customers can, thankfully, book appointments through their website, though expect to not be entertained on weekends, as they are closed on those days.


  • Can cater to long and thick hair extensions
  • Organic and safe
  • Comfortable process 
  • Can color match extensions 
  • Flexible in various styles 
  • Experienced and professional extensionists


  • Closed on weekends
  • Can be difficult to reach at times

Customer Reviews

Made me comfortable, easy to work with

Chrystal got me in last minute after I explained my situation to her – she was the easiest stylist I’ve ever spoken to & made me so comfortable! Super thankful I found her! – Shae-Lynn Farr

6. Euphoria Collection



CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

1(800) 555-1234

Quality of service4/5
Client care5/5
Experience and credentials4/5
Rates and additional fees (A higher score means better value)5/5

In a world where hair is the ultimate crown, the Euphoria Collection reigns supreme. Our experience with their impeccable services left us in awe, as they seamlessly transformed lackluster locks into a cascade of opulent beauty.

Convenience, a prized possession in the modern era, is woven into every strand of Euphoria’s offerings.

Our appointments were a breeze to schedule, and their team’s punctuality mirrored the precision they put into their craft.

No time was wasted, and every second spent in their capable hands was a testament to their commitment to efficiency.

Reputation often precedes greatness, and the Euphoria Collection wears its sterling reputation like a badge of honor.

The industry buzz surrounding their work is well-deserved, as their artisans possess an artistry that can only be honed through years of mastery.

Stepping into their salon was like entering an enclave of style, where our follicular dreams were meticulously turned into reality.

Cost, an unavoidable consideration, need not be a deterrent when choosing the Euphoria Collection. While luxury is often associated with exorbitance, their pricing proves to be a refreshing exception.

We found ourselves pleasantly surprised by the value they offer for the transformational experience they provide. Euphoria ensures the path to glorious tresses remains accessible to all who seek it.

Our journey with the Euphoria Collection was a symphony of professionalism and indulgence.

From the moment we walked through their doors to the time we left, our hair took center stage, and their dedicated team of stylists orchestrated a performance that left us spellbound.

However, they can get busy during peak days. We suggest booking them ahead of time.


  • Highly recommended hair extensions with impressive results
  • Halo Hair Extension for a quick and versatile makeover
  • Wide range of options to suit different preferences and styles


  • No promos at the present

FAQs About Hair Extensions in Edmonton