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5 Places to Get the Best Balloons in Edmonton

Best Balloons in Edmonton
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When you were a kid, didn’t you feel excited when you saw balloons at your birthday party? Because I definitely did.

Even as an adult, balloons remind me of that childlike wonder and anticipation. There’s just something about them that makes any event, big or small, feel more lively and fun!

So if you’re organizing an event, or just want to make someone’s day better by sending a gift, you should definitely check this list of where to get the best balloons in Edmonton.

The Best Balloons in Edmonton

There are a lot of awesome places to get balloons in Edmonton. But we’ve narrowed down the search to the best places so you don’t have to keep looking.

1.   The Balloon Store

The Balloon Store's Building
(Source: Sean Bliss)
KNOWN FORBalloon Bouquets
PRODUCTSBalloon Bouquets ($10.75 – $29.50 per arrangement) Chrome Balloon Bouquets ($11.25 – $33.00 per arrangement) Latex Balloons ($2.85 – $35.99 per piece) Mylar Balloons ($6.50 – $42.95 per piece) Gender Reveal Balloons ($24.95 – $39.99 per piece) Specialty Balloons ($9.00 – $42.95 per piece)
ADDRESS6328 104 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2K9
CONTACT DETAILS1-780-438-2717 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Tuesday to Friday 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday Closed on Sunday and Monday

As the name suggests, The Balloon Store is all about balloons. They make customized bouquets for special occasions, but you can also make your own arrangement by choosing from their wide array of balloon products.

Plus, they have a lot of color options available, so your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating an arrangement. You can choose from more than 70 balloon colors!

Aside from balloon bouquets in Edmonton, you can also purchase other party essentials from The Balloon Store. They have pinatas for children’s parties as well as stuffed animals, ceramic mugs, and jewelry for giveaways.

 You may also send someone from another part of the world a balloon bouquet through their affiliate, Balloon Planet!


  • Let’s you customize your own balloon arrangement
  • Affiliate open to international balloon deliveries
  • More than 70 balloon colors


  • Expensive delivery fees
  • Small physical store

Customer Reviews

Read this review from a customer of The Balloon Store.

“I was so impressed with the two arrangements I got from The Balloon Store! Someone suggested it to me after I found out Party City was closed, and I will only be going to The Balloon Store from now on. Fiona was lovely, helped put together exactly what I was looking for at a great price, and the balloons have been here for nearly a week and have not lost any helium yet! I highly recommend The Balloon Store and will be coming here all the time now..” —Erin McFarlane, Google Reviews

2.   Balloons, Bears & Bouquets

Balloons, Bears & Bouquets
(Source: Hybrid | Unsplash)
KNOWN FORRomantic Balloon Arrangements
PRODUCTSClown Balloon ($52.00) Daisy Balloon Bouquet ($45.00) Floral Well Wishes Balloon Bouquet ($36.00) Funky Balloon Bouquet ($45.00) Star Baby Boy/Girl Balloon Arrangement ($36.00 – $60.00) Wowzers Balloon Arrangement ($36.00) Hot Air Balloon Ride Birthday Balloon Arrangement
ADDRESS4302 118 Avenue NW, Edmonton AB T5W 1A6
CONTACT DETAILS1-780-479-1075
OPERATING HOURS9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM on Saturday Closed on Sunday

Balloons, Bears and Bouquets is your one-stop shop for personal gifts to make someone special’s heart flutter. Their specialties are—did you guess?—balloons, teddy bears, and flower bouquets.

This store is the best option if you’re looking for romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. But you can also purchase balloon arrangements for birthdays and well wishes from here.

In addition, they sell balloon arrangements with fun and colorful designs for children’s parties. They also have packages for special events like proms, weddings, mother’s day, thanksgiving, and even halloween.


  • A lot of romantic gift options
  • Different packages for a lot of events


  • More floral products than balloon products
  • Expensive prices

Customer Reviews

Look at what a customer said about Balloons, Bears & Bouquets.

“Brittany helped me pick out the perfect balloon bouquet for my friend’s birthday, and personally followed up to make sure my order was to my liking. A+ service and A+ balloons. 10/10 would recommend.” —Iris Coates Mccall, Google Reviews

3.   Opal’s Artistry in Flowers & Balloons

Opal’s Artistry in Flowers & Balloons
(Source: Opal’s Artistry in Flowers & Balloons)
KNOWN FORWedding Balloon Arches
PRODUCTSBalloon Birthday Bouquet ($55.00) Balloon Arch
ADDRESS248 Manning Crossing NW, Edmonton, AB T5A 5A1
CONTACT DETAILS1-780-413-9888
OPERATING HOURS9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM on Saturday 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM on Sunday

Opal’s Artistry in Flowers and Balloons is the best option for weddings. They can create gorgeous balloon arches for your wedding venue as shown in the picture above.

Aside from balloon arches, they also create customized balloon birthday bouquets. You can make someone’s birthday more special with a special balloon arrangement from Opal’s Artistry in Flowers and Balloons.

With that said, we recommend this store for weddings. They can make the best day of your life more memorable with their beautiful balloon arches and flower arrangements.


  • Extensive experience supplying balloons for weddings
  • Same-day delivery in Edmonton
  • Open daily


  • Very limited options for personal balloon gifts
  • Expensive balloon bouquets

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from Opal’s Artistry in Flowers & Balloons’ customer.

“I’ve been going to Opal’s for a couple years now. The owner is very friendly and helpful! Opal always sends me home with a great arrangement. Most importantly, my wife LOVES the flowers. Highly recommended!!” —Jamie Humeniuk, Google Reviews

4.   Deluxe Balloons Decorations

Deluxe Balloon Decorations
(Source: Deluxe Balloon Decorations)
KNOWN FORBalloon Decor for Events
PRODUCTS3ft Custom ($100.00) Detailing Balloon Bouquet ($130.00) Wonderful Balloon Bouquet ($140.00) Deluxe Balloon Bouquet ($150.00) Upscale Balloon Bouquet ($175.00) Triple Luxe ($245.00) Premium PACaKe ($225.00) Luxury PACaKe ($270.00) Deli Confetti PACaKe ($285.00) Deluxe PACaKe ($475.00) Upscale PACaKe ($485.00)
ADDRESS140-8627 91 Street., Edmonton, AB T6C 3N1 (Office)
CONTACT DETAILS1-780-604-4904
OPERATING HOURS9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday Closed on Saturday and Sunday

When it comes to event decor, the best balloon store in Edmonton is Deluxe Balloons Decorations. They create balloon decorations that can make any venue whimsical, glamorous, or elegant—whatever fits your theme.

They also have other services for events, including chair covers, table covers, and lights. In addition, they have experty event planners who can help your event become a success.

Several businesses and institutions in Edmonton have trusted Deluxe Balloons Decorations for their events. Their clientele includes the University of Alberta and multiple car dealerships in the city.

This store also offers balloon packages for intimate gatherings. Even if you’re just celebrating at home with your closest friends and family, Deluxe Balloons Decorations can still help make your party more memorable and special.


  • Packages include delivery and setup
  • Personalized decor


  • No products for small and personal gifts
  • No physical store
  • Rush orders and same-day deliveries not available

Customer Reviews

See what this customer said about Deluxe Balloon Decorations products and services.

“From start to finish, Tamara and the Deluxe Balloon Decorations team was incredible! I called from Toronto to order balloons for family in Edmonton and Tamara was so accommodating and made the process so easy. She has a great selection of balloon designs, colors, shapes and styles to choose from. We worked together to come up with two unique balloon bouquets and the end result was amazing! Tamara really helped bring my vision to life. Would highly recommend this company!.” —Vanessa Figliomeni, Google Reviews

5.   Flash Balloons

Flash Balloons
(Source: Flash Balloons)
KNOWN FORBalloon Performer and Artist
SERVICESBalloon Entertainment Balloon Twisting Displays and Decor Kids Party Packages Fairy Finding Tours
ADDRESSNo physical store
CONTACT DETAILS1-780-668-3629 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Daily

This is a bit different, but he’s still a great source of balloons so he’s in the list: Phileas Flash of Flash Balloons is a performer and artist using balloons. For thirteen years, he’s been creating unique balloon sculptures and entertaining people at different events.

Kids in particular love Phileas. His performances are a combination of comedy, magic, and balloon entertainment, which is perfect for very young audiences.

You can book one of six kids’ party packages from Flash Balloons. We recommend The Fairy Finding Tour package, a treasure hunt for kids, and The Platinum Party package, a comedy magic show that comes with balloon twisting and a balloon sculpture.

Aside from entertainment, you can also commission Phileas to create balloon displays and decor for your event. He can create show-stopping, life-sized balloon sculptures as well as balloon columns and arches for your venue.


  • Balloon entertainment for all types of events
  • Unique life-sized sculptures
  • Six types of packages for kids’ parties


  • No physical store
  • No products for small and personal gifts
  • Limited slots for bookings

Customer Reviews

Look at this happy bride’s review of Flash Balloon’s performance.

“You will not be disappointed!! 5 stars plus!!

We recently hired flash balloons for our wedding reception. We couldn’t have asked for better entertainment for the children. Parents were thrilled with his performance. Everyone was able to enjoy our wedding. Thanks again for the amazing performance.” —Stephanie Chartrand, Google Reviews

FAQs about the Best Balloons in Edmonton

This has been our list of the best balloons in Edmonton. You can find the perfect arrangement for your gift or event from the stores above.

For more party ideas, check out our list of where to get the best party supplies in Edmonton.