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The 4 Best Bearing Suppliers in Edmonton

Best Bearings in Edmonton
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Bearings are unsung heroes of engineering and are essential to replace when they’re worn out or to source properly for any project involving their use. Fret not if you need that because we’ve made a list of the best bearing suppliers in Edmonton here today for you.

After extensive research and investigation, we’ve put together this article with companies that have diverse product offerings, unique services, and excellent customer feedback.

If you’re ready, let’s get the ball rolling and take a look at the best bearing suppliers in Edmonton.

How Much Do Bearings Cost in Edmonton?

The good news is that standard bearings are surprisingly affordable, with an average price of around $4-$7. However, many factors can affect the price of higher-end industrial bearings: these include the material they’re made of, dimensions, and also the machine the bearing is meant to be installed in.

Here are a few sample prices, to start with.

1/2″ X 1-1/8″ Flanged Ball Bearing$1.54
1/2″ X 1-1/8″ Flanged Precision Bearing$4.29
8mm X 22mm X 7mm Bearing, Rubber Seals$2.26
3/4″ X 1-3/8″ Flanged Precision Bearing$6.29
1/2″ X 1-3/8″ Flanged Precision Bearing$6.09
5/8″ X 1-3/8″ Caged Roller Bearing With Flange$8.09
3/4″ X 1-3/8″ Caged Roller Bearing With Flange$7.79
5/8″ X 1-3/8″ Flanged Precision Bearing$6.29
1/2″ X 1-3/16″ Flanged Precision Bearing, Short Barrel$6.09
1/2″ X 1-3/16″ Flanged Precision Bearing, Long Barrel$6.09
5/8″ X 1-3/8″ Ball Bearing /w Flange$1.64
3/4″ X 1-3/8″ Flanged Ball Bearing$1.89
20mm X 1-3/8″ Flanged Ball Bearing$2.36
1/2″ X 1-3/8″ Flanged Ball Bearing$1.79

The real challenge will be finding the exact size or dimensions that you need, which is why having custom fabricated bearings is not uncommon. Oftentimes, bearings are made so well that they outlast the company that manufactured them!

The Best Bearing Suppliers in Edmonton

Now that you know have a general idea of how much bearings cost, then we can take a look at our picks for the top bearing suppliers in Edmonton.

1.   Daemar Inc.

Daemar Inc.'s Homepage
Source: Daemar Inc.
PRODUCTSStainless FDA Linear Bearings, Spherical Bearings, TH 650 Bearings, TH 450 Bearings, TH 250 Bearings, Ceramic Coated Linear Bearings, Minuteman Self Lubricated Bearings, LM76 Linear Motion Bearings
ADDRESS6763 – 59th Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3P8
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 435 8899
Toll-Free +1-800-214 9590
Fax: (780) 435 9090
Email: [email protected]
After Hours Service
John – (780) 298 2249
Craig – (403) 835 9862
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Established in 1973, Daemar has been providing the fluid sealing and precision parts markets with its high-quality products ever since. Today, they have four locations throughout Canada to serve customers in every corner of the country.

The Edmonton branch actually started elsewhere: it was relocated to a bigger place boasting 11,000 square feet of warehouse space. This local location offers premium services to the oil field, petrochemical, and agricultural industries.

Focusing its efforts on high standards, Daemar Inc. has taken strides to ensure that most of its suppliers have either TS-16949 or ISO-9000 quality registrations. No matter what country you’re purchasing their goods from, you’ll rest assured that it’s passed international quality standards.

One of their featured products is the LM76 linear motion bearing, which are geared towards food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, and medical equipment. With three variations, these low-friction bearings are self-lubricating, lightweight, and compliant with Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

On the other hand, for high temperature and load coupled with low-speed applications such as assembly lines and mills, Daemar Inc. offers three types of TH bearings. These are the 250 (cast iron), 450 (bronze alloy), and 650 (pure bronze).

To protect your bearings, Daemar Inc. offers Protech Seals, which are designed for zero leakage of lubricants and to keep out contaminants. If these seals don’t fit your machine, they can custom-fabricate these along with bearings or any other component design.

Choosing Daemar Inc. as your bearings supplier means that you’ll have customer representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency needs. However, there’s an additional fee of $125 if you call after regular operation hours, even if they don’t have stock of your requested item.


  • Provides customer representatives on call 24/7
  • FDA approved self lubricating bearings
  • Specialized in linear motion bearings


  • Charges $125 for after-hours calls
  • Non-conforming product might be included with pre-packaged products
  • Third party retailer; doesn’t sell self-branded products

Customer Reviews

In a complicated sector such as industrial supplies, technical jargon can often complicate things. The best way to appease clients is by providing excellent customer service – or so Daemar’s philosophy seems to say.

N Banat appreciates the helpful assistance of Daemar Inc.s customer service representatives. He shares his experience:

“they are the best of the best, i talked to Shane he went above to help me out and save me so much monye , they are really great , for sure they got everything you want.  Thank you”

Perhaps Evan Dunville’s short but sweet comment best summarizes what Daemar Inc. represents as he says:

“Excellent customer service!!!”

2.   Wajax

Wajax's Homepage
Source: Wajax
PRODUCTSBall Bearings, Roller Bearings, Mounted Units And Inserts, Plain Bearings, Linear Motion, Bearing Mounting, Maintenance, And Removal Solutions, Bearing Accessories, Special Bearings
ADDRESS6418 Roper Rd NW, Edmonton, AB, T6B3P9
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 463-5500
Fax: (780) 465-3663
Toll Free: +1-877-GO WAJAX
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Wajax is one of the oldest businesses in Canada with humble beginnings as a blacksmith shop opened by B.J. Coghlin in 1858. They now have over 100 stores across Canada and continue to contribute to the country’s infrastructure today.

Continuing its tradition of stellar service, Wajax provides high-quality products for a wide range of industries that include construction, oil, gas, mining, industrial, and commercial. They also provide maintenance and repair services for any product they’ve sold with, over 700 technicians across the country.

While their having personnel who can assist with any repairs is a bonus, it’s slightly disappointing that Wajax doesn’t focus on manufacturing their own self-branded parts or products, especially with their roots in blacksmithing. Instead, they offer OEM parts from other manufacturers and offer to build clients’ custom designs.

Regardless, with a wide range of bearings that include ball, linear motion, and roller bearings, Wajax has over two million available products in their inventory that are ready to ship out to you. To help you find what you’re looking for quicker, their in-house technical resources and engineering team will suggest the best product for your needs.

One of their featured products is the food-safe mounted ball bearing, which they’ve provided to the poultry industry for decades. These IP69-rated water-resistant bearings are resistant to grease washout and corrosion, which helps save companies millions of dollars in repairs.


  • Highly skilled team of technicians and engineers to consult and advise you
  • Provides in-house repair services
  • Rents and sells used heavy-duty machinery and equipment


  • Does not manufacture their own bearings
  • Requires a customer service representative to find the part you’re looking for

Customer Reviews

At the end of the day, nothing beats great customer service. Najeeb Mirzad, a customer, was highly satisfied with the treatment he received at Wajax as he shares:

“Excellent service and well understood stuff Especially the lady at reception was really nice I think annex was her name. I highly recommend my freinds to use this location for their heavy duty or light duty transmission works.”

Crystal Giraudier, another client, was not particularly experienced in industrial supplies. She shares:

“Great, amazing service, and very knowledgeable staff, they answer and explain any questions about your unit being worked on”

3.   Casterland

Casterland's Homepage
Source: Casterland
SERVICESCasters, Wheels, Tires, Glides, Precision Ball Bearings, Ball Bearings, Delrin Bearings, Swivel Head Bearinngs, Flanged Bearing, Roller Bearings, Tapered Roller Bearings & Raceways, Toy Bearinsg, Lazy Susan Bearings,
ADDRESS#3, 9743 – 51 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 4W8
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 432-5575
Fax: 780-432-5780
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00am – 4:00pm

Casterland first opened its doors to the public in 1975 and remains locally owned and managed. They are Canada’s largest supplier of casters, wheels, and material handling utilities with a large inventory for all your needs.

You might be asking yourself what a caster is and the truth is that you probably already know. Casters are attachable wheels that are fastened to a bigger object to allow it to move, such as the wheels on grocery carts, shopping carts, hospital beds, and so forth.

Bearings are vital for a caster or a wheel to function and are often the part that needs replacing when you experience a troublesome shopping cart. Fortunately, Casterland understands the importance of bearings and offers a wide range to choose from.

Whether it’s standard ball, delrin, swivel head, or precision ball bearings, Casterland has it all. With their diverse product range, the best way to browse through catalog would be online via their webstore, which services the entirety of North America.

Yes, the bearings in their store feature sizes that are specific to their line of casters and wheels, so you’ll have to know the size of bearings you need to effectively purchase one from Casterland.

However, you can always give the branch a call to get some assistance because choosing the right bearing to match what you need can be quite complicated.

The best part about Casterland is their price-match policy – if you find the identical item selling for a cheaper price at one of their competitors, they’ll sell it to you for the same price!

Take note, you can only purchase a “reasonable amount” of the item that’s discounted, meaning you can’t do a major bulk order.


  • Offers discounts with their price-match policy
  • Wide range of bearings offered in different sizes
  • Largest supplier of casters and wheels


  • Bearings are specific to casters and wheels
  • May not carry the bearings needed for industrial machines
  • Does not custom-fabricate designs

Customer Reviews

Richard Maier was looking for replacement casters and was pleasantly surprised that the staff suggested a cheaper alternative option. He shares:

“The guy who helped me today replaced bearings on some heavy duty casters that I didn’t know could be replaced, instead of replacing the whole caster, and it was much cheaper that way for the same result. He charged me $16 for putting new bearings in two wheels and also a replacement axle for one that was seized. That’s extremely affordable in my opinion.”

Ray Landry had a similar experience as he writes:

“Excellent service, very helpful in choosing the right parts for the job.”

4.   Motion Industries

Motion Industries' Homepage
Source: Motion Industries
SERVICESBall Bearings, Bearing Collars, Sleeves & Locking Devices, Bearing Heaters & Accessories, Bearing Rings, Bearing Seals, Shields & End Covers, Flange-Mount Bearings, Hanger Bearings, Insert Bearings & Cartridges, Machine Monitoring Equipment, Mast Guide Bearings, Mounted Bearing Rebuild Kits, Parts & Accessories, Mounted Hydrodynamic Bearings, Mounted Wheel Hub Units & Integrated Assemblies, Pillow Block & Base-Mount Bearings, Plain & Sleeve Bearings, Raw Materials, Rod Ends & Spherical Plain Bearings, Roller Bearings, Slewing Rings & Turntable Bearings, Stud-Mount Cam Followers, Take-Up Bearings & Frames, Thrust Bearings, Yoke Rollers
ADDRESSAB05 – Motion Canada
5736 59th Street, Edmonton, AB T6B 3C3
AB72 – Motion Canada
11723 – 170th Street, Edmonton, AB T5M 3W7
CONTACT DETAILSToll Free: +1-800-526-9328
AB05 – Motion Canada
Phone:  (780) 465-0821
After Hours:  (780) 414-1873
[email protected]
AB72 – Motion Canada
Phone:  (780) 483-7775
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Motion Industries has been around since 1946, founded by U.S. veterans of World War II under the name Owens-Richardson Company. Thirty six years later, they would merge with Bearings & Transmission Supply (BATS) to officially form Motion Industries.

With roots in manufacturing bearings, it’s no wonder they have over 170,000 different types of them in their inventory. Whether its ball bearings, thrust bearings, or roller bearings of varying widths and sizes, you’re sure to find what you need at Motion Industries.

Although they only made their way into Canada in 1994, this company now has over 550 locations, 15 distribution centers, and 45 repair and service centers spread throughout North America. However, if you’re a small business that’s not ordering components in bulk, you can expect to be charged a high fee. Motion Industries caters more to larger corporations and sizable quantities.

They have a diverse product range that aims to provide every conceivable industrial solution. Whether its manufacturing, repairs, rebuilding, planning automation, or creating inventory management systems, Motion Industries seems to be moving in every direction.

Unlike its competitors, they offer mounted bearing rebuild kits along with different parts and accessories. If these kits don’t address the solution you need, Motion Industries can also custom-fabricate parts with their in-house team of experienced engineers.


  • Offers next-day delivery and same-day rush options
  • Offers thousands of industrial products
  • Can fabricate custom designs


  • Geared towards larger corporations
  • Expensive compared to other suppliers

Customer Reviews

With such a diverse product range, if you can’t find it anywhere else, you’ll probably find it at Motion Industries. Hari Namboodiri, a customer, shares his experience:

“I was all over Edmonton for a motor bearing and finally found it here.nice staff”

Darcy Burt also shares her thoughts:

“Excellent service and in a timely fashion. Highly recommend.”

FAQs about the Best Bearing Suppliers

This concludes our list of the best bearing suppliers in Edmonton. We hope you were able to find a supplier from this list!

If you have any suggestions or recommendations of other bearings suppliers, drop us a line, and we’ll make sure to check it out.

Now remember, it’s important to regularly check the conditions of your bearings as it can lead to malfunctioning machines that are fire hazards. To be on the safe side, you should check out this list of the best fire extinguishers in Edmonton to make sure you’re prepared for any unfortunate workplace accident.