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5 Best Exterminators for Bed Bugs Edmonton

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Nothing’s more uncomfortable when your bed is infested with bed bugs that bite you when you just want some rest. Getting rid of them and making sure those pests don’t return is good. That’s why the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton are here to make sure that your home is rid of those pests!

We went around, looking for services that can provide pest control that’s safe and effective for this type of thing. And here are those our picks for the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.

1.  Responders Pest Control

Responders Pest Control's Logo
BEST FOR  Insects
ADDRESS 428-99 Street Northwest, Suite 434, Edmonton, AB T6E 5X5
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 640-1066 | [email protected]

As pests are a serious detriment to your health, Responders Pest Control does not take light of this issue, and does a specialised treatment of your bedroom if bedbugs are found. They use heat treatment to dispose of bed bugs in a safe and effective manner.

Their services and thorough extermination using the newest, safest, and most effective technology are what put them in the list of the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.


  • Same-day services
  • Free quote
  • Heat treatment extermination

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about Responders:

Quick to respond to phone calls, and were very knowledgeable about their work. These guys are very professional and will do the best they can. Prices are very reasonable and they are very understanding if anything goes wrong. Would recommend to anyone requiring these kinds of services!
-Anon, ThreeBestRated

Russel came to our house and dealt with our pest problem right away. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. Service was excellent with very good prices. We are very happy with this company. Thanks again!
-Anon, ThreeBestRated


2.  You Kill Bed Bugs LTD

You Kill Bed Bugs LTD's Logo
(Source:You Kill Bed Bugs)
BEST FOR  Residential, Commercial, Industrial Services
ADDRESS 11308 91 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5B 4A3 780-628-6448
CONTACT DETAILS 1-844-411-2657 | [email protected]

Another company that offers heat treatment for bed bugs, they have full-house service and a DIY Safeheat Kit that can kill 92% of bed bugs in one treatment. They offer a year’s warranty for the service.

With great eco-friendly solutions for pest control, you rest assured there’s no toxic pesticides used. That’s why they’re among the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.


  • Eco-friendly
  • DIY tools provided if desired

3.  We Clean Bed Bugs

We Clean Bed Bugs' Logo
BEST FOR  General Pest Control
CONTACT DETAILS 1-587-990-3330 | [email protected]

Next in our list of the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton is We Clean Bed Bugs. With advanced techniques in monitoring, they make sure not to miss any hiding spots where bed bugs may breed.

They operate their heat kit with a minimum temperature of 113 Fahrenheit that is maintained for 60 minutes. With that, bugs will no longer infest your home.

With their quick services, alternative ways to monitor pests, and competitive pricing, they’re one of the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.


  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick services, process done in 6-8 hours

Customer Reviews

Here’s what clients have to say about them:

It worked. Exterminating the bed bugs provided me with a piece of mind and ability to sleep. Excellent technicians, customer service and product.
— MB, Testimonials 

James did an awesome job helping us deal with bed bugs our tenant had brought to our home. Our tenant neglected to tell us about the issue until our home was infested. James assessed the situation and was discreet and very professional. If you discover you have a situation such has ours I highly recommend We Clean Bed Bugs Pest Control Edmonton to give you peace of mind.
— CW, Testimonials


4.  Professional Pest Management

Professional Pest Management's Homepage
(Source: Professional Pest Management)
BEST FOR  Bed Bug Control
ADDRESS 15504 99 Ave NW #1, Edmonton, AB T5P 0J1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 780-217-9047

Professional Pest Management offers same-day services and offers free inspections, especially to those who are plagued with a bed bug infestation.They have a variety of treatments to keep your home 100% bug-free, with a one-year guarantee.

With non-toxic treatments and deep inspections, they offer special prevention training to every customer to protect against any future infestations.

Their dedication to providing great services is what makes them one of the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.


  • Same-day services
  • Free inspection
  • One-year guarantee


5.  Edmonton Exterminators LTD.

Edmonton Exterminators LTD.'s Featured Bug
(Source:Edmonton Exterminators)
BEST FOR  Pest Extermination
ADDRESS 7821 Coronet Road, Edmonton, AB, T6E 4N7
CONTACT DETAILS 780-466-8535 | [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected]

This company asks you to prep your house after you’ve made a call to them so that they can properly clear out your home of pests. They will then evaluate the situation and determine whether to use pesticides, lay traps, or fumigate the area.

Their thorough assessment and preparation process helps make sure that your home will be pest-free. That’s why they’re on the list of the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.


  • Better Business Bureau member
  • Fair pricing
  • Time saving services

There are plenty of ways to kill bed bugs and remove them from your home so you can have a good night’s sleep for once. These best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton will get the job done right.

Are there any services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

If you’re having another type of infestation, by the way, here’s the list of the best pest control in Edmonton. You may find one there that’s more suitable for your pest control needs.