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5 Places for the Best Car Auction in Edmonton

Best Car Auction
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Whether you want to have your car auctioned off or you want to buy a car from an auction, the places for the best car auction in Edmonton are here at your service.

We’ve bounced from place to place, looking for organizations, shops, used car sales, and many more to look for the best car auction in Edmonton. Many of these were suggested by locals. Here are the ones we found to be best after all our inspections!

1. Manheim Canada

Manheim Canada's Logo
(Source: Manheim)
BEST FOR  Auto Auctions
ADDRESS12866 153 St. NW Edmonton, Alberta T5V 1A9
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 784-5555 | 1-877-784-5555 |

First on our list of the best car auctions in Edmonton is Manheim Canada.

They’re a comprehensive, connected automotive buying community that have sales daily. They offer an array of services such as transportation, reconditioning, condition reporting, enhanced vehicle imaging, as well as purchase protection.

Their services are accessible throughout Canada and the US. Locals who’ve bought cars from them assure us that they are one of the places to go to for the best car auction in Edmonton.


  • Comprehensive inventory
  • Commercial deals
  • Simulcast sales available

2. Copart Edmonton

Copart Edmonton's Logo
(Source: Copart Edmonton)
BEST FOR  Auto auctions
ADDRESS3175 4TH ST Nisku, AB T9E 8L1
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 955-5596
OPERATING HOURS08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Copart is an online and live bidding place for automotives that are used, and you’ll find great savings and affordable vehicle options here. Their salvage auction has trucks, ATVs, cars and plenty of other models and types of vehicles.

They encourage buyers to visit Mondays through Fridays between 8 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to meet their staff and have their inquiries answered. They have a massive inventory for both parts and cars that also have known brands.

But not only do they offer cars, they also offer boats, RVs, ATVs, municipal vehicles, tractor trailers, industrial vehicles, motorcycles, and other vehicle types.

Their stellar services and inventory make them one of the places to visit for the best car auction in Edmonton.


  • Online bids available
  • Different vehicles available
  • High-quality service

3. Yellowhead Auctions

Yellowhead Auctions' Logo
(Source: Yellowhead Auctions)
BEST FOR  Auto Auctions
ADDRESS12115 Fort Rd NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 4H2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS780-471-4039 | [email protected]

YellowHead Auctions has held car auctions during Saturdays for 30 years. They’re one of the car auction places that have been serving the area for a long time.

As a long-timer, they’ve climbed the ranks and now hold some of the largest contracts in Alberta with very reputable companies. Their trustworthy services and easy-to-access auctions make them one of the best car auctions in Edmonton.


  • 30 years in the industry
  • Trusted by many major companies for distribution

4. Auto Finance Now

Auto Finance Now's Logo
(Source: Auto Finance Now)
BEST FOR  Auto Auctions

Aside from being a business that sells cars, Auto Finance also auctions them off. Their scope of service stretches from Ontario to British Columbia and just about all of Canada. You can call them up to bid for the cars that are in their inventory.

You can also apply for a car loan and apply for credit at this place. For their multifaceted, reliable services, they’re one of the best car auctions in Edmonton.


  • Used vehicles available
  • Wide inventory
  • Loans available

5. Gary Hanna Auctions

Gary Hanna Auctions' Logo
(Source: Gary Hanna)
BEST FOR  Auto Auctions
ADDRESS11303 Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton, Alberta T5G 3J8
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 440-1075 | [email protected]

As one of the best car auctions in Edmonton, Gary Hanna takes care of everything that has to deal with auto auctions. Many locals recommend this place if you ask them what place is great for someone looking to auction off vehicles.

They don’t just auction off cars either: they have an array of vehicles such as RV, heavy machinery, and more in their inventory. If you want somewhere really dependable, then go to this place, as they’ll have a lot of vehicles that you might like.


  • Accepts VISA and Mastercard
  • All kinds of vehicles auctioned
  • Better Business Bureau Approved

And that ends our list of the companies offering the best car auctions in Edmonton. Auction off your vehicle or join an auction to get the car that you’ve always wanted with these!

Are there any services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you’re also looking for a car detailing service to improve the looks of a used car, check out our other list. That one rounds up the shops that do the best auto detailing in Edmonton.