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Best Continuing Education in Edmonton

5 Options for the Best Continuing Education in Edmonton

By Ethan Cote

Going back to school is one of the biggest decisions you can possibly make. If you’ve decided to go through with it, the places for the best continuing education in Edmonton can help you.

Of course, since you probably already have other obligations, you’ll need a school that would be considerate of your schedule. As well as good courses that will provide you with relevant skills.

So we went looking for schools that tick those boxes. Here, we’ve listed down the places with best continuing education in Edmonton, suggested by many locals who have returned to schooling. Come on and see which places suit your needs!

1.  Metro Continuing Education

Metro Continuing Education's Logo
(Source: Metro Continuing Education)
BEST FOR  Continuing Education
PRODUCTS https://www.metrocontinuingeducation.ca
WEBSITE https://www.metrocontinuingeducation.ca
ADDRESS 7835 76 Avenue NW,Edmonton, AB T6C 2N1
CONTACT DETAILS 780-428-1111

First in our list of the places for the best continuing education in Edmonton is Metro Continuing Education. As a part of Edmonton’s public education system, they present good choices for those who want to keep on learning.

They pride themselves on offering a slew of programs for all ages — whether it’s academic, ESL, or professional & personal enrichment courses, they offer good opportunities that are accessible. Their offerings include small-group tutoring and study skills workshops, including diploma prep courses.

Whether you’re going back to learn a new skill, or to gain more knowledge so you can hit a personal career goal, they’ll give you the tools to succeed. This makes them one of the places for the best continuing education in Edmonton.


  • ESL and LINC language learning available
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Online learning available

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Teachers are hardworking and friendly. Staff is amazing and helpful. Teachers and principal  are very professional. I really enjoyed my time here. Would definitely recommend this place.

—IJ, Google Reviews

I took couple of courses when I was upgrading and for summer school with Metro. I had a really good experience with Metro. All the teachers I had were top notch and well experienced. When I took night classes with Metro, tutors were available for additional help. I will highly recommend Metro for any upgrading purpose.

—Sunpreet Johal, Google Reviews

2.  MacEwan University Continuing Education

MacEwan University Continuing Education's Logo
(Source: MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy)
BEST FOR  Continuing school
PRODUCTS https://www.macewan.ca/wcm/SchoolsFaculties/SchoolofContinuingEducation/index.htm
WEBSITE https://www.macewan.ca/wcm/SchoolsFaculties/SchoolofContinuingEducation/index.htm
ADDRESS 10700 – 104 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS 780-497-4400 | [email protected]

MacEwan University also offers continuing education to many Edmontonians who are seeking to pick up new skills or take up courses that they want.

From writing courses to business and accounting, you can choose the learning that you want, and they offer online learning as well.

They also offer corporate training, and their facilities can host plenty of students. As well as personal enrichment courses that offer cultural studies, languages, art, photography, and creative entrepreneurship.

With their great facilities and services towards students, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most suggested picks for the best continuing education in Edmonton.


  • Personal enrichment courses available
  • Flexible schedules
  • IELTS training available

3.  Bredin Centre For Learning

Bredin Centre For Learning's Logo
(Source:Bredin Centre For Learning)
BEST FOR  Continuing school
PRODUCTS https://www.bredin.ca/unemployed-albertans/training-programs/
WEBSITE https://bredin.ca
ADDRESS 10004–104 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5J 0K1
CONTACT DETAILS 780 425 3730 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon–Fri: 8am–4:30pm

Sat, Sun: Closed

Bredin is more focused on helping unemployed Edmontonians get the help they need. However, they also offer training programs to help you with a career boost.

Said programs entail skill development, language training, computer training, and short-term training.

With an expert team of counselors, coaches and facilitators from diverse backgrounds and skills, they guarantee that the chances of you getting a job is higher after learning from them.

This is what makes them one of the places for the best continuing education in Edmonton.


  • Short-term training available
  • Great quality education
  • For unemployed Edmontonians

4.  University of Alberta Technology Training Centre

University of Alberta Technology Training Centre's Logo
(Source:University of Alberta)
BEST FOR  Continuing School
PRODUCTS https://www.ualberta.ca/technology-training/index.html
WEBSITE https://www.ualberta.ca/technology-training/index.html
ADDRESS B-11 Cameron Library University of Alberta Edmonton, AB T6G 2J8
CONTACT DETAILS 780-492-1397 | [email protected]

If what you need is to learn basic tech skills to improve the usage of technology, then University of Alberta provides a technology training center for those who want to enroll in courses to learn about apps and programs.

They offer courses that teach you how to utilize Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint, Publisher, SQL, Visio, Project, Outlook, OneNote, and InfoPath.

For those who work for the government of Alberta or the government of Canada, you get a 25% discount on full-day computer application courses.

Are you an alumnus? If so, then you get a 25% discount as well: just present your Alumni OneCard. This along with their great services make them one of the top options for the best continuing education in Edmonton.


  • Discounts available
  • Adobe Training available
  • Certification available

5.  NAIT

NAIT's Logo
(Source: NAIT)
BEST FOR  Continuing school
PRODUCTS https://www.nait.ca/nait/continuing-education
WEBSITE https://www.nait.ca/nait/continuing-education
ADDRESS 11762 – 106 Street Edmonton, AB, Canada, T5G 2R1
CONTACT DETAILS 780.471.6248

NAIT is a polytechnic university that brings a wide variety of learning options to Edmontonians. Their flexibility makes them one of the places with the best continuing education in Edmonton.

You see, they have small classes, flexible learning options and experienced instructors versed in online instruction and learning.

They offer programs such as professional development, academic upgrading, career programs, and personal enrichment courses. Along with that they have ESL classes and group training, they boast around 650 courses available online.


  • ESL available
  • 650 online courses
  • Custom and group training available

These schools with the best continuing education in Edmonton will help you in your journey to lifelong learning. We hope any of these choices will help you in your personal goals as well as a boost in your career life.

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