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The 5 Best Gas Companies in Edmonton

Best Gas Company in Edmonton
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The 5 Best Gas Companies in Edmonton

By Olivia Walsh

Gas is a necessary fuel for everyday use. And to keep your stock filled, these picks for the best gas companies in Edmonton are within arm’s reach if you need anything.

We’ve listed companies that don’t just offer car fuel, but also natural gas. Their services have been around for some time and have sold gas to many customers.

We made sure to pick the ones that are known for providing quality products to locals and for delivering them in a timely manner. Come and check them out below!

1.  ATCO Gas

ATCO Gas' Logo
BEST FOR  Gas Suppliers
ADDRESS 16203-114 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB, T5M 2Z3
CONTACT DETAILS 780-451-4454 | 1-800-688-8258 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

One of the best gas companies Edmonton is ATCO Gas. They’re a known supplier of natural gas to power your home and provide heating.

They also have services involving gas meters and even furnace and appliance inspections. Whether for private, industrial, or commercial use, they’ve provided natural gas services to over 1.1 million customers in almost 300 communities across Alberta.

Their accessible services make them one of the best gas companies in Edmonton. If you’re in need of emergency services, using their hotline is a good choice.


  • Safe deliveries
  • Services available all over Alberta
  • Emergency hotline available

2.  Park Power

Park Power's Logo
(Source: Park Power)
BEST FOR  Gas Suppliers
ADDRESS #454, 314-222 Baseline Rd Sherwood Park, AB T8H 1S8
CONTACT DETAILS 780-640-2128 | [email protected]

Weir Gas serves industrial needs and provides products such as natural gas to locals. Their natural gas rates are some of the lowest that you’ll find in Alberta.

They have yearly and monthly packages and good base rates. They have good services and can reach out to anyone too.

That makes them one of the contenders for the title of the best gas company in Edmonton. They also have other services such as electricity and Internet, so go check those out as well.


  • Low rates
  • Online “Self-Serve” business model
  • Packages available

3.  Temp Heat

Temp Heat's Logo
(Source:Temp Heat)
BEST FOR  Gas Suppliers
ADDRESS 9208 – 58 Avenue
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 437-1759 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mo – Fr: 8:00am – 4:30pm

Sat:      9:00am – 12:00pm

Temp Heat provides parts, services, and appliances for all of your propane and natural gas needs. They’re a reliable supplier that serves both Calgary and Edmonton.

They sell a wide range of appliances, especially a number of heaters of different sizes. They also have parts such as hoses, tubing, regulators, and more.

Aside from sales, they also provide services like hook-up to high and low pressure natural gas systems and heater repair. This makes them one of the best gas companies in Edmonton.


  • Natural gas hook up available
  • Specializes in natural gas and propane
  • Parts available

4.  Costco Gasoline

Costco Gasoline's Logo
(Source: Costco)
BEST FOR  Gas Suppliers
ADDRESS 1075 St Albert Trail, St. AlbertT, AB T8N 4K6
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 544-2000
OPERATING HOURS Mon-Fri.6:30am – 9:30pm
Sat.7:30am – 7:00pm
Sun.8:00am – 6:00pm

Costco’s St. Albert Trail Warehouse Branch offers both gasoline and propane. Their propane is known for being priced very low, although users agree that it’s a quality product even so.

Anyway, this is one of the places where you can get the cheapest gas refills around Edmonton, though you should note that they don’t accept cash.

If you’re planning a refill, keep in mind too that their gasoline station is only open until 9:30pm. Their accessibility and affordability has put them in the list of the best gas companies in Edmonton.


  • Accepts credit cards
  • Cheap rates
  • Membership available

5.  Domo Edmonton

Domo Edmonton's Logo
(Source: Domo)
BEST FOR  Gas Suppliers
ADDRESS 10139 Princess Elizabeth Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5G 0X9
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780-421-1614

Next in our list of the best gas companies in Edmonton is Domo.

Domo has plenty of outlets within Edmonton and offers affordable gas for around 85.8¢ to

106.8¢ (as of the time of writing). Every Monday and Thursday, they even have rollback prices around 4 or 5¢ below the given price point.

Do note that only a number of stations participate in the rollback and that you need to check their site for participating outlets. They also have rewards and coupons for loyal customers as well.

Given their many branches and low, low prices, it’s not surprising we’d include them in the list of the best gas companies in Edmonton.


  • 24/7 services
  • Rollback prices available
  • Coupons and rewards available

These best gas companies Edmonton can help with refilling your tanks, or fueling your homes. We hope we helped you look for choices that are affordable and that have consistently great services with customers.

Are there any other great vendors that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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