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5 Best LASIK Services in Edmonton

We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

Have you lost your glasses again? Sick and tired of having to always poke your eyes just to insert your contacts? If you have insurance, the best LASIK services in Edmonton can finally get you seeing 20/20, fortunately.

From clinic to clinic, we’ve searched for the best LASIK services around Edmonton. And we’ve settled with these picks that’ll help treat your eyesight.

1.  King LASIK

BEST FOR  LASIK services
ADDRESS10430 61 Avenue NW Suite 101 Edmonton, AB T6H 2J3
CONTACT DETAILS1-855-308-3937

First in our list of the best LASIK services in Edmonton is King LASIK. The procedures at King LASIK are performed by a surgeon who specialises in laser vision correction.

This clinic has helped thousands of patients restore their vision. With a specialised treatment plan custom-made for each patient, they’ll address your specific needs for your eyesight.

As they use the latest in laser vision correction technology, you’re sure that you will get a safe and effective procedure.


  • Different payment plans available
  • Personalised vision correction plan


BEST FOR  LASIK procedure
ADDRESS10200 102 Avenue Suite S107, EDM City Centre Edmonton City Centre Mall Edmonton City Centre, AB T5J 4B7
CONTACT DETAILS(877) 341-4040
OPERATING HOURS9:00 am – 6:00 pm (Mon-Sat)
10:00 am – 5:00 pm (Sun)

Dedicated to correcting most vision problems at an affordable price, Lasik MD has helped patients achieve clear vision. They offer an interest-free payment plan for those planning to get a LASIK procedure.

They offer a full range of customised vision solutions best suited for your eyes. There are several options for anyone not seeking LASIK treatments as well.

With the patient’s path to health their priority, they have earned a place in our list of the best LASIK services in Edmonton.


  • Advanced technology
  • 2-year payment plan available
  • Budget-friendly

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about LASIK MD:

Just finishing up my third and last visit to Lasik MD. Last April I had my initial surgery done.

Three weeks ago I came in for an enhancement, which I need for both eyes, but,they can only do one at a time. They did my left eye then and right will be done right away.

Every time a patient comes in, you aee multiple people a day.

I have never once had a bad experience with anyone here. They really go above and beyond with their customer service.

I would highly recommend LasikMD to anyone looking to get the procedure done..
— Janelle L, Yelp

Loved my outcome. Staff are very knowledgeable and professional. Still 20/20 a year later. I would do it again in a second. I love my life without glasses!.
— Eliza H, Yelp

3.  EyeQ Premium Laser

EyeQ Premium Laser
BEST FOR  Laser Eye Surgery
ADDRESS250-10216 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 4A3
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 429-2015
OPERATING HOURS8:30 am –4:30 pm (Mon-Sat)

Next in our list of the best LASIK services in Edmonton is EyeQ Premium Laser. The list of their offered services are laser vision correction, LASIK custom, Femto LASIK, and PRK.

They strive to provide the best care for patients with the most advanced technology. Given its high customer satisfaction rate, it’s no wonder this clinic is highly sought out.


  • Better Business Bureau member
  • Accepts insurance

Customer Reviews

Here’s what customers are saying about EyeQ:

I was lasik done last Thursday, and I could not be happier! I was quite nervous going in (as expected) and they did a great job to keep me calm and ease my nerves throughout the whole process.

You begin by getting a free consultation, which was very detailed, and they explain how everything works. I had been to Lasik MD and I did not get the level of service I hoped for there (minimal explanation, pressure to book quickly, and options to choose older, less successful forms of lasik).  At Eye Q, it is more expensive however you are only offered the newest and best technology, the choice is not up to you, which is how I believe it should be.  They are the experts and only having the best was why I chose to go with Eye Q. 

The clinic is very clean, and they are extremely well organized.  I never felt rushed, and the surgeon really took the time to explain everything to me before we went into the surgery room.  The nurses were so nice, and throughout the process I was explained exactly what to expect and what was happening.  This made the whole process painless, and not scary at all. My eyes are healing and my followup questions have all been answered quickly and professionally. 

If you are considering lasik and want the highest level of service, I recommend Eye Q Premium laser.
— Kim M, Yelp

4.  Visionmax Eye Centre

Visionmax Eye Centre
ADDRESSSuite 102 575 100 Street SW Edmonton, AB, T6X 0S8
CONTACT DETAILS780-452-4111 | [email protected]

Providing Albertans with effective, efficient and affordable vision solutions, Visionmax has a whole host of options depending on the age range and eye problems of each patient.

Moreover, Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE), which uses cutting-edge Femtosecond Laser technology, is exclusively available at Visionmax in Western Canada.

Because it doesn’t have the flapping (the frailty and vulnerability) of LASIK or the scratchiness and dry eyes of PRK, this technique is far better than its predecessors.

They also have among the best Google reviews of any Laser Refractive Surgical Center in Canada, with the highest rating in Alberta.

With affordable payment plans and extensive care plans for their patients, Visionmax naturally got a spot on the list of the best LASIK services in Edmonton.


  • Payment plan available
  • Alternatives available
  • Offers Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE)

Customer Reviews

It’s almost being like a whole new person not having to deal with contacts or glasses. Having good vision after all these years is like having a whole new freedom.
— Brittany, Testimonials

I can see better now after the corrective surgery, than when I wore glasses, and I don’t have any of the hassles that come with contacts or glasses.
— Todd, Testimonials

5.  Millwoods Eye Care

Millwoods Eye Care
BEST FOR  Ophthalmology, Treatments
ADDRESS2331 66 Street NW Suite 334 Edmonton, AB T6K 4B5
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 707-3937
OPERATING HOURS9:00 am – 8:00 pm (Mon-Fri)
9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Sat)
11:00 am – 4:00 pm (Sun)

Delivering general eye care, Millwoods gives the best in optical services. They offer LASIK treatments for those who need corrective eye surgery.

Their optometrists provide patient referrals and co-op care both before and after surgery. Their top notch services and after care post-treatment are why they’re in the list of the best LASIK services in Edmonton.


  • Accepts insurance
  • Consultations available

These best LASIK services in Edmonton will help you get the eyesight that you always wanted, eliminating the need for pesky contacts or glasses.

Are there services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

If you need your eyes checked too, here’s a list of the best optometrists in Edmonton who will see if your eyes are doing well. These are the ones we’d consult first before getting LASIK.