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The 5 Best Precast Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Best Precast Concrete in Edmonton
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Are you looking for a bulk order of a single concrete product and need it fast? Precast concrete is the answer you’re searching for and we’ve got a list of the best contractors here!

We did some digging to come up with this definitive list of companies based on their reputations and their product quality.

Before we take a look at the best precast concrete contractors in Edmonton, though, let’s check the average pricing for their products.

How Much Do Precast Concrete Contractors Cost in Edmonton?

Precast concrete generally costs more than regular concrete that’s poured on-site. This is because of the higher quality of materials used and the technology needed to manufacture it.

For customized designs, precast concrete can cost approximately $25-$35 per square foot. However, variations in price may occur based on the total size of the cast and the type of finish.

The most common use of precast concrete is commercial and industrial purposes, so we’ve summarized prices for a few precast items to give you a better understanding of how much this all costs. Items indicated below are the price for a single piece of the precast product.

Standard Block 2’ x 2’ x 3’$60.00
Standard Block 2’ x 2’ x 6’$100.00
Flat Top Block 2’ x 2’ x 3’$70.00
Flat Top Block 2’ x 2’ x 6’$120.00
Corner Block$150.00
Curb 8’ x  6”  x 11”$120.00
Jersey Barrier 96″ x 27″ x 32″$800.00
Jersey Barrier 120″ x 27″ x 32″$1,262.00
Jersey Barrier 144″ x 27″ x 32″$1,514.00

The Best Precast Concrete Contractors in Edmonton

Now that you have a better idea of the costs of precast concrete, you can better adjust your budget and finances. If you’re ready, let’s take a look at our picks for the top precast concrete contractors in Edmonton.

1.   Proform Concrete       

Proform Concrete's Homepage
SERVICESTransportation, Commercial, Architectural, Industrial, Underground, Residential, Engineering, Installation & Erecting,
ADDRESS105 54030 Range Road 274, Spruce Grove, T7X 2S9
CONTACT DETAILSSales Manager: Kim Carmichael
Phone: (780) 243-2500
Email: [email protected]
Technical Sales Representative: Michelle Phillips
Phone: (780) 777-2010
Email: [email protected]

Proform was established in 1975 in Central Alberta and has since expanded to Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton. It has two operational divisions, namely Proform Concrete Services and Proform Construction Products.

Whether you need precast structures for a commercial, residential, industrial, or civil project, Proform is known for its wide array of products. They take pride in their skilled engineers who create solutions for clients’ needs, whether it’s an essential or decorative structure.

Proform has an in-house Canadian Precast Concrete Quality Assurance (CPCQA) Certified Testing Laboratory that can measure factors such as air content in the consistency of their concrete. This grants them a higher standard of quality checks that will no doubt reassure any potential client.

Proform earns a top spot on our list because of its vast inventory and wide array of products. This is all thanks to their two Alberta-based plants that are consistently manufacturing and can deliver products in good time.

Customers will be more than satisfied with the options of their concrete steps and decks – not only can you customize dimensions, but you can choose colors, textures, and angles as well! You’ll also have a choice of different finishes from a Standard, Presidential, Exposed, or Stonehenge finish.

Moreover, installing your precast steps can be accomplished in as little as two hours with Proform! If you want things to move even faster, then you should pick from their line of standard sizes and finishes as opposed to a customized design.

Although we would have liked to see more products geared towards residential areas, you won’t find Proform lacking when it comes to commercial and industrial applications. They offer barriers, parking curbs, LRT platforms, elevator shafts, and manholes, just to name a few.

One of their specialties is bulk storage, offering clients Alfabloc and Shuttabloc high-strength retaining walls that can withstand the elements. These walls are quickly built compared to other precast structures because they interlock and only need solid ground to support themselves.


  • Has its own CPCQA Certified Testing Laboratory
  • Diverse product offerings
  • Offers Alfabloc and Shuttabloc retaining walls


  • Lack of residential precast structures
  • Plants are not located in Edmonton
  • Customized designs take more time to complete

2.   Lafarge Precast Edmonton

Lafarge Precast Edmonton's Homepage
SERVICESConceptual Precast Project Development, Design & Modelling, Engineering, Project Management, Production, Shipping & Handling, Installation, Construction & Utility Precasts, Concrete Girders, Insulcore Wall Panels, Hollowcore Slabs, Concrete Beams, Double Tee Flooring Span, Spandrels, Shear Wall Panels, Columns, Panels, Concrete Ductal
ADDRESS4425 – 92 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2J4
CONTACT DETAILSCommercial Manager: Steve Lapierre
Direct: 780-485-4508
Mobile: 780-777-4401
Email: [email protected]
Standard Products Sales: Larry Johnson
Direct: 780-485-4514
Mobile: 780-777-3069
Email: [email protected]
Business Development Manager: Jason Rabasse, CET
Direct: 780-485-4510
Mobile: 780-777-9267
Email: [email protected]

Lafarge Precast is a part of Lafarge Holcim, which spans 90 countries and has been doing precast concrete since the 1940s. They strive to provide construction materials and services to both the regular homeowner and commercial businesses.

They provide a wide range of precast solutions for warehouses, manufacturing plants, schools, and residential areas, just to name a few. With a large number of resources, Lafarge Precast aims to be the sole supplier for all your construction project’s needs.

However, be prepared since Lafarge Precast may bluntly let you know if your project or design is not suitable for a precast solution and may be better off with other methods.

 Although they do take on custom projects, you can expect this to take longer and be more expensive when compared to using their precast products.

Moreover, working with Lafarge Precast involves having their designers integrate with your design team, which some may not be too keen on.

Nevertheless, their Standard product line offers a wide array of precasts that are used primarily in the construction and utility sectors. This includes containment walls, trenches, curbs, barriers, boat ramps, and signpost bases, just to name a few.

Other Lafarge products include bridge girders, high-strength insulcore wall systems, hollowcore slabs, columns, double tee flooring span, spandrels, and wall panels. With a vast range of offerings, they’ve got it pretty much covered.

You can also opt to use Precast Concrete Ductal in your precasts, which is an ultra-high-performance concrete specifically engineered for the company. It’s more durable and malleable, therefore able to better accommodate customized designs.


  • Uses advanced 3D modeling system in designing products
  • Wide range of offerings for commercial and industrial sectors
  • Has specially formulated ultra-strength concrete


  • Will integrate with your in-house design team
  • May prefer to customize your designs as opposed to precasts

3.   Westcon Precast Inc.

Westcon Precast Inc.'s Homepage
Source: Westcon Precast Inc.
SERVICESCustom Precast, Water Cisterns, Septic Tank & Sump Pits, Barriers & Curbs, Steps, Redi-Rock Concrete Block Retaining Walls, Pads & Bases, Vaults, Fences, Buildings, Boat Ramps, 
ADDRESS19 Riel Drive St. Albert, Alberta, T8N 3Z2
CONTACT DETAILSFax: (780) 459-6670
Toll Free: +1-855-459-6695

Westcon Precast Inc. is a family-owned business that’s been operating in Alberta for over sixty years. With two manufacturing plants in Calgary and Edmonton, they can create virtually any precast product quickly and efficiently.

Westcon Precast Inc. provides a diverse range of services, from designing the molds to installing them on-site. Working with consultants and multiple experts in their fields allows Westcon to provide customized concrete products.

From entire buildings to monuments, Westcon Precast Inc. ensures that all structural prerequisites are met in any construction project, no matter how big or small. They will collaborate with accredited members from The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) to ensure that design standards and environmental conditions are met.

While they don’t offer much in terms of residential services, they do have precast steps with three different variants and finishes. However, this product is the easiest and quickest to order and install.

Now when it comes to installation, you don’t have to worry because a full crew will be present to ensure that everything goes as planned without a hitch. An on-site supervisor will be present, but delays in erecting the structures will be minimal because everything is already precast.

With over 200 years of combined experience amongst its employees, Westcon Precast Inc. prefers to provide solutions rather than products. Their dedicated team of custom builders ensures that they work on time and within budget.


  • Wide range of molds can create virtually any shape or size
  • Highly controlled environment to create the precast products
  • Can create customized precast designs


  • Limited product range for residential areas
  • Doesn’t have in-house designer

4.   RM Precast

RM Precast's Homepage
Source: RM Precast
SERVICESConcrete Lego Blocks, Barriers & Curbs, Residential Steps & Decks, Site Furnishings
ADDRESSBlock Yard:
22235 115 Avenue, Edmonton, AB  

Precast Plant:
47 Elliot Street, Sturgeon County, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: 780-454-6200
Email: [email protected]

RM Precast is an Edmonton-based business that stays true to its roots despite servicing the entire province of Alberta. They are a division of the RMC Group of Companies, which is the largest concrete supplier in the country.

Their main moneymakers here are their Lego and Flat Top Concrete Blocks, which can be used in a variety of ways  – either as a barrier, counterweight, or the foundation of a retaining wall. Numerous textured options are available, as well as different sizes and shapes.

RM Precast also provides jersey barriers and mini jersey barriers that are primarily used on the road to redirect traffic. While the larger barriers come in three different variants, there is only one mini barrier to choose from measuring 10-feet long.

They also have precast curbs with two height options, namely 6-inches and 4-inches. It’s not much of a difference, but take note that it doesn’t include install pins, which will come at an additional cost from the quoted price.

One of the precast structures this company has mastered is steps for residential areas. While they offer it in a variety of finishes and colors, we would have liked to see options for texture included as well, especially from a contractor that’s a division of a larger company.

Nevertheless, RM Precast provides quality precast concrete products in Edmonton at affordable prices, which earns them a spot on our list.


  • Lego and flat-top blocks come in a variety of options and textures
  • Part of a larger company, which means greater supply and resources


  • Doesn’t offer a wide variety of precast products
  • Only offers steps and decks for homes

5.   Concrete Inc.

Concrete Inc.'s Homepage
Source: Concrete Inc.
SERVICESBarriers & Curbs, Underground, Utility Items, Site Furnishing, Tanks, Steps, Window Wells, Stairs, Landings, Grave Liners, Vaults, Caps, Copings, Sills, Landscaping Supplies
ADDRESS11240 199 Street Edmonton, AB, Canada   T5S 2C6
CONTACT DETAILSPhone: (780) 930-4232
Fax: (780) 425-4232
Toll-Free: +1-866-930-4232
Email: [email protected]
Sales Department
(780) 930-4232 ext. 213
Cell: 780-686-9553
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (780) 930-4232 ext. 204
Cell: (780) 293-9942
Email: [email protected]
Accounting Department
Phone: (780) 930-4232 ext. 202
Email: [email protected]

Established in 2004, Concrete Inc is locally owned and operated with a vision to produce high-quality precast products. From their humble beginnings providing site furnishings, copings, caps, and sills, they can rival the largest companies in their field with their products.

They offer industry-standard products that are common with other precast contractors, such as barriers, curbs, site furnishings, and stairwells, to name a few. However one of their interesting offerings is burial vaults and grave liners.

Their precast burial receptacle has been engineered meticulously to support the weight of the ground above and can withstand heavy equipment moving over it. The grave liner is similar, except it has no foundation on the bottom, with both having a standard finish of smooth grey.

Although they began with wall coping, pillar caps, and sills, they offer few precast variations of these. However, Concrete Inc. makes up for it by offering a wide array of stylish finishes such as light sandblast white, smooth sandstone, exposed aggregate charcoal, and many more.

Concrete Inc earns a spot on our list not solely based on their products – they’re one of Edmonton’s best because they donate products and a portion of their earnings to the community. Some of their recipients include Child Find, The Stollery Children’s Hospital, Canadian Cancer Society, and Habitat for Humanity, among others.


  • Donates products and portion of profits to community and charities
  • Member of several associations
  • Offers burial vaults and grave liners


  • Few precast variations for each category
  • Underwhelming line of coping, pillar caps, and sills

FAQs about Precast Concrete Contractors

This concludes our list of the best precast concrete contractors in Edmonton. We hope you were able to find a contractor from this list that suits your needs!

Did we miss some precast concrete contractors that should have made it to our list? If so, send us a message and we’ll make sure to check it out.

Now, if you want to explore other concrete options for your building site or home other than precast, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of the best concrete contractors in Edmonton to help you out.