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The 8 Best Trailer Rentals in Edmonton

Best Trailer Rentals in Edmonton
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

If you want to camp out but would rather rent a trailer than buy one, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to list the best trailer rentals in Edmonton that can be helpful for your adventures in the mountains.

These services have been around for some time and have rented out trailers to many customers for a variety of usages. We picked the ones many locals trust and who are known for providing quality rentals for campers.

Come and check them out! You might find the best trailers at any of these locations.

1.  Beothuck Trailers

Beothuck Trailers' Logo
(Source: Beothuck Trailers)
BEST FOR  Trailer Rentals
ADDRESS 4110 76 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6B 2P1
CONTACT DETAILS 780-468-2417 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday:   8:00 am – 4:00 pm

First in our list of the best trailer rentals in Edmonton is Beothuck Trailers. They’re one of the oldest trailer shops in Edmonton, as well as a full-service trailer facility.

Not only do they manufacture and sell trailers, they offer them for rental too. They also do repairs and replace damaged trailer parts.

Their rental service in Edmonton is very flexible, and rental agreements are customized to suit your business or personal needs.

Their great selection makes them one of the best trailer rentals in Edmonton.


  • Repair available
  • Personalized rental agreements
  • Industry veteran

2.  Shuttle Trailers

Shuttle Trailers
(Source:Shuttle Trailers)
BEST FOR  Trailer rentals
ADDRESS 12235 William Short Road, Edmonton, AB    T5B 2B7
CONTACT DETAILS +1-780-477-1181 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday  8am-12pmSaturday  8am-12pm

With its different types of trailers — cargo, office, flat deck, dump, and the like — Shuttle brings Albertans quality recreational vehicles for any type of use. Their services have made them one of the best trailer rentals in Edmonton.

A good feature of their rentals is that if you want to travel to the US and Mexico, they allow you to use their trailers off-country. However, they don’t do one-way rental.

No additional charges will be done either, unless the vehicle gets damaged or is returned uncleaned.


  • Visa, Mastercard, debit accepted
  • No additional charges
  • Options available


3.  R&D Rentals

R&D Rentals' Logo
(Source:R&D Rentals)
BEST FOR  Trailer Rentals
ADDRESS 15804 – 128 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5V 1G1
CONTACT DETAILS 780.447.1918

R&D Rentals’ attention to detail makes them one of the best trailer rentals in Edmonton and surrounding areas. They have an array of different types of trailers, especially ones used for heavy duty.

They focus more on the oil & gas, construction, food, freight, storage, retail, warehousing, and pipeline industries. So, if your business needs more massive fleets for rental, they’re only a call away.

With a comprehensive listing of vehicles as well as well-maintained fleets, they’ve snagged a spot on this list.


  • Easy rentals
  • Perfect for multiple industries
  • Trailers for sale available


4.  Scenic RV Rentals

Scenic RV Rentals
(Source:Scenic RV Rentals)
BEST FOR  Trailer Rentals
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS (825)333-1345 | [email protected]

Scenic RV Rentals offers an array of trailers for camping. Their trailers are tent trailers that are lightweight and SUV-towable.

They also have great prices depending on the season — usually $90 with a minimum of 4 nights.

They accept payment through credit cards; however, do note that they have a 3% charge on those. Their affordability and availability makes them one of the companies offering the best trailer rentals in Edmonton.


  • Accepts credit cards
  • Cheap rentals
  • Lightweight trailers


5.  Creekside RV

Creekside RV's Logo
(Source:Creekside RV)
BEST FOR  Trailer rentals
ADDRESS 51446 Range Road 224 Sherwood Park, Alberta T8C 1H5
CONTACT DETAILS 780-655-4680 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Another company in our list of the best trailer rentals in Edmonton is Creekside RV. They offer not just camping trailers, but all camping materials such as outdoor stoves as well as linens and bedding.

If you’re planning to camp out in the great Canadian wilderness, they’re a top rental service that you just have to call. They have a good fleet of holiday trailers that are well-stocked and maintained.


  • Weekend and Weekly prices available
  • Stocked with complete camping gear
  • Roadside assistance available

6. Hayworth Equipment Sales

(Source: Hayworth Equipment Sales)

BEST FOR  Truck and Trailer Service and Repairs
PRODUCTS Equipment sales
ADDRESS 26180 – 114 Avenue, Acheson, AB T7X 6R1
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 780-962-9100
Toll Free: 1-877-962-9110
Fax: 780-962-8758
OPERATING HOURS Mon – Fri: 07:30AM – 05:00PM

Started in 1975, Hayworth Equipment Sales is family owned and operated heavy truck and trailer dealership based out of the Acheson Industrial Area, west of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). When their doors first opened, founders Elmer and Doreen Schmidek made every effort to create a unique personalized service. Over 40 years later, they take pride in offering the same personalized solutions to our customers.

They have a well-stocked yard of both new and used trucks and trailers, a full retail parts department, a trailer rental fleet, and a complete service department focusing on trailer repairs of all kinds, as well as trucks. They also specialize in consignment options and offer finance solutions.


  • Well-stocked yard of both new and used heavy trucks and trailers
  • Full retail parts department
  • Semi-trailer rental fleet

7. SNA Rentals Inc.

SNA Rentals Inc -Travel Trailer Rentals in Edmonton, Alberta SNA ...

(Source: SNA Rentals Inc. Facebook)

BEST FOR  Well-maintained trailers to rent
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 1-780-999-5693 | [email protected]

Looking for a trailer to bring to your vacation? Well look no further, with SNA Rentals Inc., travelling through Edmonton will be such a breeze, they let you explore at your own pace, setting your own itinerary as you camp in comfort and luxury.

They have been offering travel trailer rentals to Edmonton and surrounding communities for over six years! Inquire about booking a travel trailer rental from SNA Rentals and experience the simplicity and flexibility of their rental process.


  • Gets the job done with over 6 years of experience
  • Gives efficient advice and accurate information for the client
  • Ensures that the experience they give will make the customer satisfied

8. Answer Trailer Rentals and Leasing Ltd.

(Source: Answer Trailer)

BEST FOR  Well-maintained trailers to rent
ADDRESS  45 Diamond Ave, Spruce Grove, Alberta T7X 3A9
CONTACT DETAILS Sales Number: 780-960-8818
Email: [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Mon-Fri: 8:00am – 5:00pm

Answer Trailer Rentals and Leasing Ltd.’s experienced staff has extensive knowledge of the trailer and transportation industry to assist you with all your sales, rental, and service necessities.

Their sales department is available to expedite any sales, or leasing options, on their expansive fleet. No matter what industry you cater too, they can align you with the proper equipment.

Their rental division can accommodate any short or long-term rental requirements. They stock the inventory, to meet the specifications, for all your trailer needs.


  • Full service, truck, and trailer repair facility
  • 24/7 after hours support
  • In-house parts department

These companies offering trailer rentals in Edmonton can help with finding the best ride for your next trip to see the pine forests and mountains of Canada. We think they’re your best bet for great trailers.

Are there any other great vendors that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you want to own your very own RV, why not try checking out the best RV dealers in Edmonton? The dealers on that list can help you find the ideal camper for your needs.