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Best Services for Water Damage in Edmonton

The 5 Best Services for Water Damage in Edmonton

By Amelie Dube

Water damage is a nuisance that’s best addressed ASAP. If you find water damage in your home, act before it gets worse! Call upon the best services for water damage in Edmonton.

With so many choices in Edmonton, we handpicked the ones that do extensive clean-ups and repairs, as well as being reasonable with prices and being prompt with their services.

Take a look at these amazing water damage services in Edmonton.

1.  Water Damage Edmonton

Water Damage Edmonton's Logo
(Source: Water Damage Edmonton)
BEST FOR  Water Damage
PRODUCTS http://www.water-damage-edmonton.ca
WEBSITE http://www.water-damage-edmonton.ca
ADDRESS 10556 114 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5H 3J7
CONTACT DETAILS 587.524.6390 | [email protected]

Water Damage Edmonton specializes mainly in water damage such as large flooding and sewer backups, and can assess how much damage the flooding would cause. They also have services for fire damage, mould removal, odor removal, and cleaning services.

They also have equipment rental if there are areas that you’d like to do all by yourself. Their prompt, accessible service is what makes them one of the best services for water damage in Edmonton.


  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • Discounts available
  • Equipment rental available


2.  Restoration1

Restoration1's Team
(Source: Restoration1)
BEST FOR  Water Damage
PRODUCTS https://restoration1-edmonton.business.site
WEBSITE https://restoration1-edmonton.business.site
ADDRESS 12558 72st Edmonton, AB T5B 1Y6 Canada
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 288-4409

Next on our list of the best services for water damage in Edmonton is Restoration 1.

They’re a 24/7 service that is fully licensed, certified, and insured with $5 million in liability coverage. They work quickly to make sure everything is dry and sanitary, and that the damage is lessened ASAP.

In short, they’re qualified contractors whose services you won’t regret when water damage rears its ugly head.


  • 24/7 services
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • No additional costs for insurance claims


3.  Canada’s Restoration Services

Canada’s Restoration Services' Logo
(Source: ASAP Garage Builders)
BEST FOR  Environmental Consulting
PRODUCTS https://www.canadarestorationservices.com/services
WEBSITE https://www.canadarestorationservices.com/
ADDRESS 17877 106a Ave NW Unit 101, Edmonton, AB T5S 1V8
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 638-1769 | [email protected]

Canada’s Restoration Services is well known for cleanups for chemical or organic hazardous materials. What’s less well-known is that they also provide services for water damage.

They offer services for both residential and commercial areas, they also assess and fix secondary damage caused by the flooding.

This makes them one of the go-to’s for the best services for water damage in Edmonton.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Works with several insurance companies
  • Homestars Awardee since 2012


4.  Remediation Experts

Remediation Experts' Homepage
(Source: Remediation Experts)
BEST FOR  Remediation & Damages
PRODUCTS http://www.moldedmonton.com/services/
WEBSITE http://www.moldedmonton.com/
ADDRESS 10180 – 101 Street Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS (587) 410-4228

Experts in remediation, they fix water damage as well. They’ll do basement cleanups and check every nook and cranny of the home to inspect damage.

There’s no flooding too big or too small for them and they’ll come up with a plan that can fit your unique set of circumstances. With thorough services, they’re a contender for the title of the best services for water damage in Edmonton.


  • 24/7 services
  • Locally owned
  • Budget-friendly


5.  Alberta Restoration Services

Alberta Restoration Services' Logo
(Source:Alberta Restoration Services)
BEST FOR  Water Damage
PRODUCTS https://www.albertarestorationservices.com/services/water-damage-restoration
WEBSITE https://www.albertarestorationservices.com/
ADDRESS 2331 Lemieux Place Northwest Edmonton, AB, T6R 0C3
CONTACT DETAILS 587-338-4911

Alberta Restoration Services brings restoration to basements, living rooms, kitchens, and other parts of the home that have been damaged by water. Their water damage experts arrive quickly and get to work fast before certain types of damage can set in.

Whether it came from a burst pipe, drainage backup, or foundation cracks, they’ll get to business and make sure as little damage is sustained by your home. This makes them one of the best services for water damage in Edmonton.


  • Consultation available
  • Certified professionals


These best services for water damage in Edmonton will help you fix everything and prevent mold growing in the affected, flooded areas. Call them up before your property’s water damage gets worse!

Are there any great services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you call a water damage remediation service too late and mold does form in your house, then head on over to our list of the best mold removal services in Edmonton to help you get rid of it.