Gift Ideas for Mother's Day in Edmonton

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day in Edmonton

Mothers are some of the most amazing yet underappreciated creatures in the world. They deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year.

However, since Mother’s Day only comes around once in May, we think giving them gifts is a good way of letting them know that we love them and appreciate them.

Read on for great gift ideas for Mother’s Day in Edmonton.


One kind of gift that will never go out of style is flowers. There are so many kinds you can choose from based on your mother’s favourite flower, favourite colour, or favourite scent. 

You can go with real flowers–a single stalk or a bouquet. You can also buy the artificial ones that she can use to decorate the home.

You can buy her something similar to her wedding flowers to instill nostalgia. You can also give her a flowering plant that she can put in the garden to take care of and remind her of you.

The best thing is if you’re unable to come to visit her on Mother’s Day, you can also choose a flower delivery service to send your gift to her.

All in all, flowers in any direction are great gifts for moms this Mother’s Day. 


Sweets make people happy, but nothing quite screams celebration more than a cake. You can bake your own for a personal touch, or order from your mother’s favourite cake shop.

The great thing is there are so many ways you can customize a cake to suit your and your mother’s liking. You can choose a cake made of ice cream, buy something gluten-free, or bake something completely vegan.

If all else fails, you can always go with a cupcake. We’re sure no matter what your mother will appreciate it.


If you have money to splurge, you can also indulge your mother in some jewelry. Something sparkly to brighten up her day is always welcome.

If your mother has damaged jewelry she absolutely adores, you can surprise her by having the jewelry repaired

Either way, we’re sure your mother will be absolutely thrilled when you present it to her.


Another great gift idea for your mom is pieces of art. If you have a bit of literary talent, you can make her a poem or write her a letter telling her how important she is to you and your family, and how much you appreciate her.

You can also prepare some music for her, whether by performing a favourite song of hers or gifting her a record she may like. Another idea is to take her dancing, whether in a restaurant or just in your living room.

Whatever it is, make sure you spell out your love and appreciation and we’re sure she will have a blast.

More Resources for Other Gifts

There are so many more kinds of gifts you can prepare for your mother this Mother’s Day, but we know for sure no matter what you pick your Mom will love it. Even just your presence and a greeting will go a long way.

However, if you want to wow your mother further, you can prepare a party for her this Mother’s Day. To help you, here are some resources you may want to check out: