Top 5 Tips to Improve Car Mileage

Top 5 Tips to Improve Car Mileage

Gas prices are continually creeping up to unimaginable heights. For this reason, many drivers are looking for ways to save and deal with the price hike. 

For today’s article, we’ll share tips to improve car mileage to reduce your total fuel expenses. 

Drive conservatively and be mindful of the pedal. 

Your driving habit affects your gas mileage. Avoid abruptly stomping on the brake or accelerator as much as possible. 

If you do so, the engine will work harder, so the car will burn more fuel in the process. 

You see, poor driving habits such as speeding and sudden braking can increase gas consumption and decrease gas mileage due to the tire and air resistance.    

Make sure your tires have the right air pressure. 

Underinflated tires require more force to keep rolling, so your car’s engine will be required to function harder to maintain a consistent speed. As the engine revs non-stop, your car’s fuel efficiency suffers. 

To avoid this, you must find ways to lower the friction between your tires and the asphalt below. See to it that your tires’ air pressure is at an optimal level, and check the wheel alignment

Besides that, don’t forget to get a full car inspection at least once a year. 

Reduce the load inside your vehicle. 

Unlike big trucks, your car is not built to carry heavy loads. Stuffing your vehicle with bulky items can affect its overall performance and gas mileage. 

With a heavy load, your car’s engine will be under more strain because it will work harder to keep up when you speed up or slow down. Since more energy is required to carry larger items than relatively small ones, you can expect to consume more fuel with a heavy load. 

To avoid this, travel light and try not to bring your whole closet or house when you go on a road trip. 

Switch off the AC unless you really need it. 

The AC system is the leading auxiliary feature in your car that gobbles up a lot of fuel. Well, given the ever-changing climate, there are times when you should keep the AC running. 

However, if you want to reduce your fuel consumption and increase fuel efficiency, switching it off is best, especially when you don’t need it. 

Moreover, you can also install sun visors to keep your vehicle cool when it’s parked under the sunlight. 

Keep your car in good shape. 

A car is composed of different parts, each of which has a specific task to accomplish. Each car part has to be in tip-top shape for the vehicle to work. 

If one unit in the system fails to do its function, it can affect the others so getting your car maintained and serviced periodically is a must. 

Even if you think it doesn’t need car repairs or replacements, you should get your vehicle inspected. Regular cleaning and maintenance can improve your car’s mileage and life cycle. 

Nonetheless, we also suggest hiring a towing service or roadside assistance to guarantee that a professional team can help you if your car is in trouble.