5 Ways to Make Your Composite Deck Last

5 Ways to Make Your Composite Deck Last

Composite decking is a popular landscaping project. Many homeowners prefer this environmentally friendly deck material because of its visual appeal and durability. 

However, even if composite decks require less upkeep, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to maintain them at all. 

With that in mind, we gathered quick and easy ways to make your composite deck last for the years to come. 

Regularly clean your deck. 

Regularly cleaning your deck may seem like a no-brainer step. However, it’s of key importance in maintaining your composite deck. 

You can do routine cleaning at least once every three to six months. You don’t really have to hire a professional cleaning service most of the time. 

You just need a soft-bristled brush, mild cleaner, and a bucket of warm water. Before you start cleaning, remove all the decor, furniture, upholstery, or blinds on your deck. 

After that, gently wash along the lengths of the boards to remove surface dirt and debris. Sweeping often also helps because it prevents leaves and other debris from getting caught in the board’s gaps.

Be extra careful when using a power washer. 

Although power washing is not generally recommended for composite decks and other flooring options, sometimes it’s the only choice left to get rid of deep-seated dirt and stains. 

If you use the power washer too close or too strong, it can permanently damage your deck’s surface. That’s why if you use it on your deck, make sure to keep it at its lowest pressure. 

For routine cleaning, we recommend that you only use a garden hose. 

Get rid of standing water 

Even if composite decks can resist rot and water, they are still susceptible to organic decay. That’s you should minimize having standing liquid on your deck. 

Note that composite decking is water-resistant and not waterproof, so it can still absorb water when submerged or exposed for a long time. 

For example, if there are puddles and spills on your deck, see to it that you clean them immediately. Furthermore, you can also hire a drain cleaning service or redirect your downspouts and sprinklers to avoid having standing water on your deck. 

Remove oil and grease stain

If you have a portable grill on your composite deck, you should avoid getting oil and grease on your deck’s surface. You shouldn’t leave oil and grease stains that can be difficult to clean, especially if you left them on your decking for too long. 

In worst cases, these stains can be permanent and affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your deck. The easiest way to remove stains on deck boards is by scrubbing the affected area with soapy water. 

Alternatively, if there are stubborn stains left, you can also use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. 

Redirect your dryer vents 

Dryer vents are very beneficial to households because it ventilates excess heat during a dryer cycle. 

However, if you have dryer vents at home, it’s best not to set them near your deck. This is because the heat can raise the temperature of the deck material and cause mold and mildew build-up. 

Too much moisture can also lead to organic decay. Hire a dryer vent cleaning team and opt for a dryer vent repair service to redirect them away from your deck.