A Complete Guide to Planning an Edmonton Wedding

A Complete Guide to Planning an Edmonton Wedding

Congrats! Now that the day you’ve been waiting for the most is coming, your excitement is probably growing day by day.

But before the wedding bells and the fancy reception, there’s the task of planning and arranging everything to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly.

Crossing out each task can take months, from picking out what you’ll wear to selecting the venue, to choosing the catering services. As such, knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming.

That’s why we’re here to help you plan your Edmonton wedding. We’ve put together a complete guide to make sure that everything goes exactly as you want on the big day.

Before Everything Else

Because planning a wedding is a gargantuan task, it is important to plan every aspect and detail month by month.

This makes the tasks more manageable. You also get to develop a system of determining which tasks should be taken care of first.

The ideal engagement time for couples is around 12 to 14 months, though this may vary between each couple.

However, 12 months is usually enough for most couples. In this time frame, everything should be ready before the set date of the wedding.

We’ve prepared a sample time frame to guide you in every aspect leading up to your special day.

12 to 8 Months Before the Big Day

The first task to be done should be to determine the budget. It may be tricky to plan, but you should try your best to come up with a definite budget.

Start breaking down the budget based on which details are priorities and which aren’t. Allot funds accordingly.

You can also use a spreadsheet that you can update regularly as the funds change over time. Also, make sure that you always keep this budget in mind in every decision you make.

During this time frame, you should also be able to accomplish more intensive details such as:

  • Putting together your guest list
  • Picking a theme, venue, and caterer
  • Plan the overall design and aesthetic

These are ideally planned first since they are major aspects of the wedding. By the end of your planning months you should only be busy with more minor details.

Now is also the time to hire other vendors such as the photographer, band, DJ, and videographer.

If you’d like some guidance (and you most likely would), enlist the help of a wedding planner. This may be the best course of action if you want to guarantee that you are making the best decisions.

A wedding planner will be with you every step of the way. They will be responsible for helping you decide the venue, and they will also keep track of your budget along the way.

The bride should also start picking out and shopping for the wedding dress. The bridesmaids should start their fittings as well.

Hotel rooms for guests should also be booked in advance to ensure availability. 

Of course, wedding invites should be designed as early as now. Remember that they should be sent out to the guests around 6-8 weeks before the official date.

7 to 4 Months Before the Big Day

By this time, it is expected that you have already chosen and hired an officiant for your wedding. This is done only if you plan to have your wedding outside of a place of worship.

Other rental items should also be secured during this period, and these include chairs, event furniture, linen, drapes, lounge furniture, the dance floor, and other related items.

All these items can be found here.

Other venue needs should be secured now, and these include lighting technicians. Lighting plays a huge role in setting the mood, and this service is sometimes included in event planning services as well.

Begin booking the newlyweds’ transportation services, such as limos or specialty cars, like luxury cars or even bicycles. There are a lot of choices that will suit you as a couple.

It can also help you as a couple to get premarital counseling. It will be a great help for newly-married couples to know how to address issues that they will be facing in the future.

You should also pick out your wedding bands. This can also be a good time to choose other jewelry that will be worn to the wedding.

Hair and makeup trials are also ideally accomplished around this time.

Lastly, this period should also include the final tasting with the caterer of your choice, as well as a decision on what cake you would like to have. 

3 Months to Go

Around this time, you should have created and planned the menu for your reception. Start finalizing your choices from your previous tasting, and from there build the menu of your choice.

Also, don’t forget to finalize your vows with your partner. The tone totally depends on you as a couple, as well as the chosen formality of the event.

This is also the time to send out the wedding invites. This ensures that you have plenty of time for the RSVPs, which should be due a month before the wedding. 

Don’t forget to secure your marriage license! You can’t get married without it.

A wedding isn’t a wedding without flowers. Consult with your florist for floral mockups which include the table setup, centerpiece, and the bouquet.

As you get closer to your wedding day, make sure that all your hired vendors are already paid in full.

You should also plan the seating chart, taking into account the venue’s floor plan, and deciding which guest sits with whom.

Once all this has been accomplished, a final walkthrough of the venue should be done to make sure everything is in order. This can be done with a trusted friend or your wedding planner.

The Final Week

Almost there! Since you’ve already accomplished all major details, hired all the vendors, these last few days are dedicated to minor aspects and finishing touches.

Final fittings should be done for the couple, who should also have practiced their vows out loud. 

You should also contact the guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet in order to secure your final head count. Late responders are unavoidable, so you have to chase after these guests weeks before if you must.

The day before the wedding itself is characterized by excitement and anxiety. So it can be helpful for the couple to take as much care of themselves as they need.

Savor the Moment

While the entire planning process may seem like such a huge chore, take time to enjoy every step leading up to the day of your wedding. This only happens once in your life, so take everything in as much as you can!