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The 8 Options for the Best Psychotherapy in Edmonton

Best Psychotherapy in Edmonton
We extensively test and research all services we review. Here's why you can trust us.

When we’re going through a hard time and doing everything we can to feel better, we often look for ways to divert our focus and let time take care of everything. For some people, distractions are really helpful but they might only work for a while.

That’s why it’s best to just face our problems and talk with our close friends or family or even better, consult with a mental health professional. To help you find the right specialist, we’ve listed the top counselling centres known for providing the best psychotherapy in Edmonton.

Before you take a look at our selections, let’s see first the price range provided by each centre.

How Much Does Psychotherapy Cost in Edmonton

So besides finding a trustworthy and reliable professional, we also know that you’re considering the rates for each session. Therefore, we made a comparison table featuring the price range offered by our selected centres.

The fees vary depending on the type of session, which includes specific therapies for individuals, couples, and families. This can help you easily decide which centre on our list fits your budget.

Psychotherapy CentreRates Per Session (50-60 minutes)
Summit Counseling ServicesAdult In-Office Session – $220 – $330
Adult Telehealth Session – $220
Adult Telehealth Session – $330
Couples In Office Session – $220
Couples In Office Session – 330
Edmonton Counselling ServicesIndividual Therapy- $197  Couple and Family Therapy – $197
Online and Group Workshop – $107
Firefly CounsellingIndividual, Couples, and Family Therapy
(Psychologist/Clinical Social Worker) –  $165
(Provisional Psychologist) – $100
J. Gordon Psychology GroupIndividual Therapy – $220 (with sliding scale fee options)
Group Therapy – $65
Shift PsychIndividual and Group Therapy – $200 – $300
Allegro Counselling IncIndividual Therapy –  $165 – $185 Couple Therapy –  $19
Welling Centre(Click service for more information)

Psychological and Mental Health
Massage Therapy
Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Where to Get the Best Psychotherapy in Edmonton

Now that you have an idea of the expected costs for each centre, let’s get to know more about their offered therapies, expertise, and more details to help you find the right psychotherapist for your needs.

1. J. Gordon Psychology Group

BEST FOR   Child and Adolescent Therapy
Behavioral/Emotional Regulation 
Shyness/Selective Mutism
Depression and Self-Esteem 
Relationship difficulties 
Grief and Loss 
Preschool and Psycho-educational Assessments
RATESIndividual Therapy – $220 (with sliding scale fee options)
Group Therapy – $65
ADDRESS9804 47 Ave NW #4, Edmonton, AB T6E 5P3, Canada
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

For parents whose child or teen is struggling in the areas such as anxiety, trauma, or self-esteem, J. Gordon Psychology is a group of seasoned Registered Psychologists and Social Workers specializing in psychotherapy practices for children and youth (ages 3-18).

Their therapy options are designed specifically for children and teens experiencing a range of social, behavioural, emotional, and relational concerns.

They have Registered Play Therapists in addition to Child  Trauma and Attachment Specialists to best support your child. They offer a wide range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, DBT, and EMDR for children.

Parents can also request an appointment themselves to discuss parenting challenges and seek guidance for a range of concerns. Providing caregivers with evidence-based strategies (e.g., SPACE and Circle of Security) to foster positive development and to address the emotional needs of children is an integral part of their work. They also offer adult and couples therapy.

If you notice that your child is struggling academically, or showing signs of giftedness, this clinic offers formal assessments so you can gain insight into your child’s unique strengths and needs. Parents can also book an individual session with an Assessment Specialist to learn more about what supports may be available to their child at school and in the community.

Their services are covered by extended health plans; however, the number of sessions and percentage covered may differ depending on your plan.


  • Registered Play Therapists
  • Child Trauma Specialists 
  • Child and Teen Counselling
  • Parent Support
  • Preschool and school-age assessments
  • Virtual and in-person appointments 


  • Don’t currently direct bill (parents pay direct, and then submit their receipts for reimbursement after sessions are completed)

Customer Reviews

Many clients talked about their positive progress throughout their therapy journey with J. Gordon Psychology Group. Due to the warm and friendly approach, parents said that their children were able to openly share their feelings.

Stefki Dayiu left this feedback:

“Dr. Gordon has proved to be an invaluable resource for our new family. She has been able to provide us with important information on the emotional development of our daughter and how best to support her to successfully reach her milestones. She has a pleasant and professional demeanour and we feel very comfortable working with her.”

2. Summit Counseling Services

BEST FOR   Customized Counseling Sessions
RATESAdult In-Office Session – $220 – $330
Adult Telehealth Session – $220
Adult Telehealth Session – $330
Couples In Office Session – $220
Couples In Office Session – 330
ADDRESS10328 121 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5N 1K8, Canada
See website for contact form
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Thursday: 9 AM – 9 PM
Friday: 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturday: 9 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 9 AM – 5 PM

Summit Counseling Services is a center that provides its clients with holistic and versatile psychological services to aid in overcoming hurdles and personal issues individuals, families, and couples may struggle with in a daily basis.

Offering both face-to-face and virtual therapies, we like that their team of professionals makes it to a point to personalize their approach for each individual to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort for them and better understand each perspective whilst they go about each stage of the therapy.

Aside from this, interested clients can readily book a session at various locations in the area to ensure ease of transportation and convenience when it comes to availing of their services as well.

Note though that not all practitioners accommodate the same services which interested clients may need to check beforehand for their availability.

Nonetheless, with their team of experienced professionals in the field, an accessible array of office locations accommodated, and an excellent take on counseling services, we highly recommend interested clients check them out.


  • Personalized psychological services offered
  • Highly experienced and certified personnel employed
  • Convenient booking procedures


  • Range of services differ per practitioner

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Finding a safe space where you are encouraged to reflect and grow in an accepting and encouraging environment is the very stepping stone to healing.  Summit Counselling Services offers that hand to guide you along the path to a higher level of wellness.  Grateful for the grace, enlightenment and peace I was able to experience! Thank you!”

“Really helped with unique approach, very professional and friendly staff”

3. Edmonton Counselling Services

Edmonton Counselling Services' Homepage
BEST FOR   Mindful Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Individual Therapy
SERVICESStress and Anger Management
Couple Communication
Separation and Divorce
Alcohol Addiction
Premarital and Marriage Counseling
Emotional Intelligence Workshop
Interpersonal Skills Workshop
RATESIndividual Therapy- $197
Couple and Family Therapy – $197
Online and Group Workshop – $107
ADDRESSCedars Professional Park 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton, T6K 4C1, Canada
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Edmonton Counselling Services is known for providing an interactive approach to make the psychotherapy process less daunting, letting the clients take the initiative to achieve personal growth.

The counselling centre is managed by a Master practitioner who’s trained in traditional and alternative medical systems.

He specialises in mindful cognitive behavioural therapy as well as managing anxiety, depression, stress, anger, low self-esteem, and more.

When it comes to counselling, he helps the clients in dealing with grief and loss, divorce, work-life balance, career transition, sexual orientation, addiction, and other issues.

This centre also focuses on individual psychotherapy, offering techniques where you can learn a new set of behaviours and skills. Family, couple, geriatric, and group therapies are also part of the services.

For their billing options, they offer direct billing to insurance companies. Just make sure to check the list of insurance providers on their official website and ask your insurance company about the benefits and coverage.


  • Full range of psychotherapy services
  • Offers both in-person and online therapy
  • Offers free 15-minute initial consultation via email/phone
  • Has direct billing option to insurance providers


  • No business hours during Sunday

Customer Reviews

Edmonton Counseling Services has earned positive reviews from customers who found a safe place as they talked about their concerns. They also mentioned the main therapist, who they said had strong listening skills and gave them empowerment.

This is why many recommended the counselling centre for having the best psychotherapy in Edmonton. Kathy Cramer wrote this feedback:

“I have noticed a very big improvement in my mental health. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for many years (20+) It is such a relief to start to feel better. The sessions with Bharat have helped me in my everyday life. My life and my family’s life are improving with each session.”

4. Firefly Counselling

Firefly Counselling's Homepage
BEST FOR   PTSD Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Sports Psychology
SERVICESCognitive Behavioral Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Emotion Focused Therapy Play Therapy
Expressive Arts Therapy
Gestalt Therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Animal Assisted Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Acceptance Therapy Family Therapy
RATESIndividual, Couples, and Family Therapy (Psychologist/Clinical Social Worker) –  $165
Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy (Provisional Psychologist) – $100
ADDRESSCentre 87, 8711 50 Ave NW Unit 201, Edmonton, AB T6E 5H4, Canada
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday – Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Unlike the previous option, Firefly Counselling is housed with a group of skilled therapists who specialise in treating various mental health problems.

Their treatment approaches include cognitive behavioural therapy, emotionally focused therapy, hypnotherapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, play and expressive art therapy, and more.

Aside from these, they also offer psychology sessions for managing depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, workplace stress, social phobia, and more issues.

They offer psychotherapy sessions for children, teens, and adults where they help the clients overcome all kinds of difficulties in life.

Moreover, they’re members of professional colleges and associations, so you can expect high-standard psychotherapy sessions.

For those who are on a tight budget, they have low-cost options where therapy sessions are offered at $60 or $100 per hour.

Also, take note that only some of their clinicians can accept direct billing to specific insurance providers. So, be sure to check with your chosen therapist about the list of their approved insurance providers.


  • Offers multiple areas of psychotherapy expertise
  • Has online therapy sessions
  • Provides low-cost therapy
  • Offers weekend and evening appointment spots
  • Easy to use online booking system


  • Limited hours during Sunday

Customer Reviews

Most clients shared that the office of Firefly Counselling has a welcoming environment, giving them a comfortable and calm space throughout the session. They also said that the therapists were genuinely supportive and the sessions were extremely professional and insightful as well.

Cesar Avila posted this review:

“I’ve been seeming Mona weekly for help with me being in a car accident.  She has and continues to help me so much. It’s very difficult as to how much my life has changed since the car accident. But Mona has really helped and given me good tools to cope with my anxiety, depression and trauma. I will recommend her anytime.”

5. Shift Psych

Shift Psych's Homepage
BEST FOR   Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Advanced Psychotherapy Approach
SERVICESPsychotherapy for Stress and Anger Management
Anxiety, Depression, Loneliness, and Isolation
Alcohol and Substance Use
Trauma and PTSDGrief and Loss
Self-Esteem Concerns
RATESIndividual and Group Therapy – $200 – $300
ADDRESS10445 124 St, Edmonton, AB T5N 1R7, Canada 9148 23 Ave NW #203, Edmonton, AB T6N 1H9, Canada
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Shift Psych offers innovative psychotherapy techniques, helping you deal with traumatic memories. They have a group of therapists who’ll guide you into freeing yourself from everything that’s triggering you.

Instead of then fully constructing a session plan for you, you can decide how many sessions you want, depending on how you want to be.

Their therapy services include treating substance abuse, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and more.

Aside from these, they also help their clients with anger management, parenting challenges, chronic stress and burnout, etc.

When it comes to payment options, they offer direct billing but only with certain insurance providers like Blue Cross, Canada Life, and Green Shield. They accept coverage plans from other insurance companies but they’ll likely reimburse you instead of providing direct billing.


  • Offers online therapy sessions
  • Uses specific and directive program
  • Offers evening appointments
  • Accepts direct billing


  • No business hours during Sunday
  • Doesn’t offer phone consultation

Customer Reviews

Clients were impressed with Shift Psych’s unique approach to therapy. They also mentioned the great atmosphere and how the therapists made them feel at ease during the whole session.

Mary Andrews gave this review:

“Shift has excellent customer service, they are receptive to feedback, and they take an innovative approach to therapy. The bilateral stimulations may be too intense for some people, depending on where you’re at and especially if you have a history of trauma. I personally found the therapy became overwhelming. Although I did not continue at Shift and would advise caution for those who are struggling with significant childhood trauma, I ended up providing feedback to Shift, and Shift’s response to my concerns were above and beyond; it’s clear they have taken my feedback into consideration and that they really do value their clients. If you’re feeling stuck, Shift could be your answer!”

6. Allegro Counselling

Allegro Counselling's Homepage
BEST FOR   Collaborative Psychotherapy
SERVICESCognitive Behavioural Therapy
Art Therapy
Play Therapy
Humanistic Therapy
RATESIndividual Therapy –  $165 – $185
Couple Therapy –  $19
ADDRESS9915B 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1Z1, Canada
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Allegro Counselling welcomes you with a cosy, comfortable, and safe space where you can freely share problems that you’ve been carrying your whole life.

This centre is handled by an experienced psychologist who’s known for performing a collaborative and solution-focused approach. She has helped clients from all walks of life.

She specialises in different psychotherapies that deal with the intellectual, physical, spiritual, social, and occupational aspects of one’s life.

All psychological services are covered by either extended health benefits or workplace insurance. So, there’s no need to worry about the costs as you can get financial assistance from your insurance provider.


  • Wide range of psychotherapy services
  • Offers online counselling sessions
  • Services are covered by health benefits or insurance provider


  • Doesn’t offer direct billing
  • Not available during Sunday

Customer Reviews

Allegro Counselling received a lot of compliments from clients saying that the therapist has truly helped them improve their problem-solving skills. They also mentioned the given compassion and support throughout each session.

Aurora MacCoy shared this experience:

“Sasha has been a remarkable counsellor. She has great insight, and is very professional. She is also quite flexible, and I appreciate the fact that she offers e-counselling as well as in person sessions. In her sessions, I feel supported to make healthy decisions and problem solve, and I am given guidance while still being able to maintain my agency. She has been part of the resources I use to keep myself mentally well during this difficult period of my life, and her services have made a huge difference. I would definitely recommend her as a counsellor.”

7. ReDiscover Psychological Services

ADDRESS6004 102 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 0N4, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-540-4099
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday, 9:00 AM – 8 PM
Saturday, 9:00 AM – 5 PM

If you’re in need of recuperating in some way or another regarding your mental health, or if you need real, solid, and unbiased advice and guidance, then look no further way from ReDiscover Psychological Services. 

ReDiscover is a safe area where couples, families, and individuals may freely and honestly discuss their concerns, feelings, and issues while working toward a common goal of satisfaction, serenity, and healing.

They provide a number of services, including individual therapy, in which a trained expert works with a client to identify the source of their problems and help them overcome them. It can be used to treat a variety of mental health concerns, including depression, anxiety, anger management, and trauma.

With everything they have to offer, we highly recommend them for people who are looking for one of the best psychotherapists in Edmonton. Contact them now to get your free 15 minute consult from a psychologist in Edmonton or one of their counselors.


  • Provides a variety of psychological services
  • Uses a flexible, proven, and tested approach
  • Transparent rates


  • Closed on Sundays

Customer Reviews

I refer clients to Wanda knowing she will provide the best care.

“I have known Wanda professionally and personally for many years. In this time, I have also had the opportunity to see how Wanda relates to clients and have observed her warm, curious, compassionate nature. I believe Wanda has a tremendous skill set and ability to work with a variety of client populations through a non judgmental approach. I refer clients to Wanda knowing she will provide the best care.” – Veronica Wautier

I really appreciate her cross-cultural sensitivity, patience, and problem-solving abilities.

“Both ethical and trustworthy, Wanda is a wonderfully empathetic and compassionate therapist, who has excellent communication skills, and will work with you to navigate life’s challenges. As well, I really appreciate her cross-cultural sensitivity, patience, and problem-solving abilities. I highly recommend her.”  – Sarah Ballard

8. Tina Gal Counselling Psychology

BEST FOR   Counselling Psychology
SERVICESIndividual and Group Therapy
RATESCheck their website for the full pricing
ADDRESS10534 124 Street, Edmonton
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
(587) 800-0660
(sessions online and in-person)
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment basis

At Tina Gal Counselling Psychology, clients can expect a welcoming environment that puts them at ease from the start. Tina’s approach is both professional and compassionate, creating a comfortable space for discussing concerns openly. Her personalized attention and tailored strategies address specific needs effectively.

Sessions with Tina are consistently efficient, with a clear focus on goals and progress. She guides each session adeptly, ensuring time is well-utilized and productive. Clients feel supported and motivated to work towards positive change under her guidance.

The quality of Tina’s counseling services often surpasses expectations. She demonstrates a deep understanding of psychology and therapeutic techniques, offering valuable insights and practical tools for coping and growth. Clients feel empowered to confront challenges and develop healthier perspectives with her help.

In terms of cost, Tina Gal Counselling Psychology offers competitive rates for the quality of service provided. The investment in mental health is considered worthwhile, given the expertise and support offered. Tina also provides flexibility in scheduling and payment options, accommodating various needs and budgets.

Overall, clients find their experience with Tina Gal Counselling Psychology highly satisfactory. They feel heard, understood, and supported throughout their journey towards healing and self-improvement. Tina’s services come highly recommended for anyone seeking professional counseling and guidance in navigating life’s challenges.


  • Provides a variety of psychological services
  • Uses a flexible, proven, and tested approach
  • Transparent rates


  • No promos at the present

9. Welling Centre

BEST FORPsychological and mental health
SERVICES Psychological and mental health
Massage Therapy
Osteopathic manual therapy
ADDRESSEdmonton, Alberta T6E 2S7
CONTACT DETAILS780-222-7405 
[email protected] 
OPERATING HOURSBy appointment only

The Welling Centre is a holistic health clinic dedicated to helping individuals achieve balance, growth, and wholeness. They offer a wide range of services, including psychology and mental health, massage therapy, and osteopathic manual therapy. The clinic is run by a team of experienced practitioners, including registered psychologists, certified counsellors, and licensed therapists, all committed to assisting clients in finding their source of wellness.

Their psychology and mental health services cater to individuals, couples, and adolescents, with therapists specializing in various therapeutic approaches. They offer direct billing and provide options for video, phone, and in-person sessions, making therapy accessible and convenient. Additionally, they offer low-cost therapy options, demonstrating their commitment to making mental health support available to a broader audience.

For those seeking relaxation and relief from muscle and joint pain, their massage therapy sessions are tailored to each client’s needs, and exercises for home practice are provided. They also provide osteopathic manual therapy, a gentle and personalized approach that supports the body’s natural capacity for healing and overall well-being.

The Welling Centre takes a comprehensive approach to healing, considering mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of life. Their practitioners are influenced by various therapeutic perspectives, including depth psychology, psychodynamic therapy, and humanistic approaches. They also incorporate mindfulness practices and psychedelic integration therapy to promote deep healing and self-awareness.

The clinic fosters a safe and supportive environment for individuals and groups, aiming to uncover positive ways to move past challenges and integrate newfound awareness into clients’ lives. They emphasize the belief that each person possesses inner resources necessary for healing, and the therapists act as guides in helping clients connect with these resources.

Conveniently located in South Edmonton, Welling Centre offers a peaceful and nurturing space for therapy and healing. Their focus on holistic health and well-rounded approach to care makes them a valuable resource for those seeking mental and physical well-being.


  • Holistic health clinic promoting balance and wholeness.
  • Diverse services: psychology, massage therapy, osteopathy.
  • Experienced team fostering safe, supportive environment.


  • Does not accept walk-ins

Customer Reviews

I believe it to be very worth while

“I don’t typically leave reviews, however in this instance I believe it to be very worth while. I have been working with Brian since 2019 and he has held me through a challenging process, knowing when to hold space, when to challenge my beliefs and always with a tenderness that his modeling has helped me to incorporate. The staff whom I have interacted with have always been courteous and understanding. Brian is a great resource and I can only imagine those who also work at the welling centre to be as such as well. In healing we require a team, this is a environment where I feel safe and started being able to put my recovery team together. Give yourself a chance and see if there is someone here you can work with and bring onto your team, because you are worth it and life can be so much more.” – Chris Sea

Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and intuitive

“Love all the staff at the Welling Centre! I’ve been seeing Tenille for massage/osteopathy for a couple of years, and every time I leave a session my body feels amazing. Tenille is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and intuitive when it comes to understanding your body and its needs. She’s got the magic touch. I’m currently struggling with a lower back injury, and Tenille has helped tremendously, including recommendations for home care. She’s a body wizard and I highly recommend.”  – Klaudia Sapieja

FAQs About Psychotherapy in Edmonton

There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from a mental health specialist. So if you feel the need to talk to someone and share your inner feelings, it’s better to have a professional guide you throughout the tough phases in your life.

For more options, see our list of the best mental health clinics in Edmonton. They offer different kinds of counselling and therapies, helping you overcome all hardships and become a better person.