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The 5 Best Dim Sum in Edmonton

Best Dim Sum
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There’s something about dim sum that just tickles the taste buds! Anyways, if you’re hankering for some, try checking out these places for the best dim sum in Edmonton. From potstickers to har gau, or char siu bau — well, you’ll get the most sumptuous choices at these restaurants.

Of course, we’ve picked only the ones that are highly recommended by enthusiasts of Chinese dim sum in Edmonton! We even made sure that these places stick to most people’s budgets for dining out (or not, it’s food after all, no one regrets spending money that will hit the spot, right?).

In short, we’ve compiled restaurants that are known for their amazing food and services… so stop dawdling, and come check them out!

1. Jumbo Dim Sum

Jumbo Dim Sum
(Source: Jumbo Dim Sum)
BEST FOR  Dim sum
ADDRESS10451 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5P 4P2,
CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-481-3838

When you ask Edmontonians where to get some good dim sum downtown, Jumbo Dim Sum is typically the first answer. This place has large servings of siu mai, wo tips, char siu bau and more.

Of course, dim sum may be their specialty but they also serve good, traditional, non-dim sum food as well. They serve curries, roasts, noodles, chao fan and so much more that’s worth the price!

But if you really want something that you’ll remember, go for their deep-fried shrimp dumplings. Trust us, that dish is to die for.

With great meals, reasonable prices, and good combos, they’re one of the top picks for the best dim sum in Edmonton.


  • Wide variety of dim sum offerings
  • Parking available
  • Spacious restaurant

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Cozy restaurant and waitresses do their best to explain things in English if you need elaboration on the menu. Ordered thick rice noodles with beef and deep fried shrimp dumplings. Food arrived quickly and was very delicious. Definitely recommend!

—Bryan Nguyen, Google Reviews

The best place for dim sum in my opinion. Super consistent food quality and service. I love coming here so much that sometimes I even go alone and order enough for two or three meals just so I can have the variety that dim sum offers! Always best to come with a big group though so that you can have as much variety as you want as fresh as it comes.

—Spliffrite, Google Reviews

2. Shanghai 456

Shanghai 456's Dim Sum
(Source: Shanghai 456)
ADDRESS14456 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5L 2M5
CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-451-8333

If you want to eat dim sum somewhere a little more secluded, then this place has what you need: a low-key ambiance where you’ll quietly slurp your noodles in peace.

Shanghai 456 is quite the modest place for traditional Chinese eats, from wonton soup, noodles, and of course, their clamored-for dim sum.

They have xiao long bao, vegetarian buns, spring rolls, green onion cake, dumplings, and more. Of course, their xiao long bao is the star of the show, but they also have gluten-free and vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions.

Given all of that, you can see why they’re one of the restaurants with the best dim sum in Edmonton.


  • Large portions
  • Tea available
  • Affordable food

Customer Reviews

Check out what makes them so beloved to customers:

Great authentic shanghai food! Get their regular soup dumplings, and pan fried beef soup dumplings. they have lots of variety in their menu, multiple trips recommended or just bring a large group.

—Vincent Lim, Google Reviews

I was introduced to this place by a friend a few years back and I was amazed. Their soup dumpling is a must get (though expensive). Other than that, their sour and spicy noodle, beef bun, and the “pot with everything” are all worth a try. Overall, it’s probably one of the best Chinese places in Edmonton with a bit of its own style of cuisine.

—Andy L, Google Reviews

3. Dim Sum Delight

Dim Sum Delight's Dim Sum
(Source: Dim Sum Delight)
ADDRESS10812 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2H7
CONTACT DETAILS+1 780-930-1881

Good Chinese food with no frills, that’s what Dim Sum Delight offers its customers. The small eatery brings you delicious dim sum choices such as shrimp dumplings and lo mai gai, or a variety of spring rolls.

This place is definitely a great stop for hearty and homemade Chinese food. Whether you’re searching for dim sum or stir fry with good chow mein, you’ll be able to sate your cravings here.

Their straightforward, belly-filling and heartwarming meals have made their way to this list of the best dim sum in Edmonton. We suggest the pan-fried pork dumplings — they melt in your mouth!


  • Affordable
  • Good choices for dim sum
  • Simple to read menu

Customer Reviews

Find out why customers enjoy this place:

Great food and good sized portions. Ordered some take out dim sum a short while ago and it was great. Given the size of the order, it was ready in very good time and will definitely order from them again.

—Dan Barbu, Google Reviews

I’ve been going to this place for years. Great little restaurant for a mix of western and authentic Chinese cuisine. They also have a handful of dim sum offerings as well. Food always ready soon after ordering. It’s a good clean location.  Has about 12 to 16 tables. Lots of parking. They are usually quite busy at lunch.

—Cameron Cormack, Google Reviews

4. Tasty Noodle

Tasty Noodle's Dim Sum
(Source: Tasty Noodle)
ADDRESS3203 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 5X8,
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 422-6862
OPERATING HOURSMon – Thurs 10 AM — 9:30PM
Fri 10 AM — 10pm
Sat – Sun 9:30 AM — 10 pm

If you’re dropping by Southpoint Shopping Centre, then give this place a try. Plenty of locals living near Calgary Trail usually end up at this joint when looking for good dim sum.

They have a wide variety of offerings that plenty might appreciate. From shrimp wonton noodle soup, to char bau siu, potstickers with a wide range of fillings from scallop to pork, sharksfin dumplings, lo mai gai, and even jian dui and baked custard tarts.

They also offer specials, combos, and even seafood! Currently you can hit them up for both pick up and delivery. So what are you waiting for?

These qualities put them on the list as one of the places with the best dim sum in Edmonton.


  • Desserts available
  • Affordable meals
  • Wide selection of menu items

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what people are saying about their service:

They have Chinese food that is not overly greasy and packed with tasty, tender meat. They tend to be pricier than other Chinese food, but the quality makes up for it. Instead of peaches and shrimp, they have hot and cold shrimp which is peeled shrimp, deep fried shrimp, slender cuts of cantaloupe and honeydew with mayo sauce over it. Good place for good quality Chinese food

—Linley Trac, Google Reviews

These were some of the best dumplings we’ve ever had! They were so good and the home made chilly oil just give it the perfect addition. The owner was really sweet and took pride in the fact that they made all dumplings fresh  and with hand, in the restaurant. The size of the dumplings was huge and they were full of meat. The flavors were spot on. This was an accidental discovery on our trip to Jasper national park. I am so glad we found this gem. I would go back to Edmonton, especially for this. The deep fried dumplings were surprisingly excellent with a super crispy exterior and most inner covering, with delicious meat. Highly recommend this place!

—Gunjan Wig, Google Reviews

5. Shanghai Grill

Shanghai Grill's Dim Sum
(Source: Shanghai Grill)
ADDRESS16336 111 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 4G3
CONTACT DETAILS(780) 930-1828

Next on our list of the places for the best dim sum in Edmonton is Shanghai Grill.

Shanghai Grill is an underrated gem within Edmonton: they have one of the best dim sum downtown. They have a great selection of dumplings, potstickers and familiar Chinese fare.

They offer delivery, pickup, and take out, all from SkiptheDishes — perfect for those times when going outside is a bust. We suggest their delicious xiao long bao, it’s often the first to run out since it’s their best seller.


  • Vegetarian options available
  • Pick-up available
  • Take out available

Customer Reviews

Take a look at what people are saying about their service:

Shanghai grill is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Edmonton right now! Their soup dumplings are some of the best that I’ve ever had. The owner makes them himself every day (such dedication!) The other food is really good too like the chicken soup, the green beans and the snow peas with garlic. My son also loves the green onion cake.

It’s a little out of the way compared to your other Chinese restaurants but definitely worth it (there’s plenty of parking too!)

—Jessica L, Google Reviews

The XLBs are pretty good here. Good authentic taste. Not as greasy as I’ve had in Edmonton or Vancouver. The variety in the menu is good. There are lots of things to choose from. Overall quality of the food is good, it’s not amazing but still very good. A good choice for Edmonton. They have very good desserts as well. The hot and sour soup is also very good if you like the dark vinegar type taste.

—Brian Tung, Google Reviews

These options for the best dim sum in Edmonton will help sate your cravings for dim sum, whether you want it dine-in or within the comfort of your home.

Are there any other great options that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

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