Your Guide to Edmonton’s Snow Valley Aerial Park

Your Guide to Edmonton’s Snow Valley Aerial Park 

Snow Valley Aerial Park is a recreation and adventure park set in Rainbow Valley Park. It’s the first aerial park tower established in Canada with a range of physically challenging courses and activities. 

And, much like other parks in the city, it hums with fun, adventure, and relaxation. If you wish to take weekend adventures to new heights, here’s your guide to Edmonton’s Snow Valley Aerial Park. 

Defy gravity and conquer your fear of heights. 

For starters, Snow Valley Aerial Park is not for the faint heart, but if you want to conquer your fear of heights, this may be the best place for you. 

You see, the aerial courses are safe because the participants must wear a harness and two specialized lanyards with connectors attached to the cables. 

You also need to attend a short briefing to learn how to navigate the park safely. Moreover, all the staff onsite are certified rope course practitioners, so if you need assistance, you’ll always have someone to call. 

Just note that there is a height requirement for the aerial park. The visitor should be at least 1.25 meters (4.1 feet) to try all the aerial courses. 

Get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. 

Aside from the wide variety of recreational activities, this park is also an excellent spot to take a breather from Edmonton’s hustle and bustle. 

Even if some courses can get packed during holidays, you can still peacefully take in the view on top during off-peak seasons. 

For example, at the top of the 50-foot high tower, you’ll spot a picnic table where you can enjoy a different view of Edmonton’s skyline and other scenic landscape areas around the park. Don’t forget to bring your camera to snag some epic shots at the top! 

Share in the fun and recreational activities with your family. 

Snow Valley Aerial Park is like a supersized playground because it features over 100 games. People of all ages can find activities and games that suit their liking because the site is designed in a “choose-your-own-type-of-adventure” style. 

For example, if you enjoy the surge of adrenaline, some of the activities you can enjoy are the free-fall drop, snowboard balance bridge, and rainbow wall. 

Alternatively, if you want to play with your kids, you can explore the games around the tower base. Let them try the jungle gym, nature-inspired climbing boulder, and merry-go-round. 

Plan group parties and events onsite. 

Who says you have to face all the challenging courses on your own? If you need support or want to bring your date or whole crew on this adventure, the staff can provide you with a group plan. 

Snow Valley Aerial Park Tower offers group plans and activities for the following:

  • Birthdays 
  • Field Trips 
  • Corporate and team adventures
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties 
  • Family reunions and outings 
  • School groups, sports teams, and youth groups

Grab some munchies and souvenirs. 

After all the thrilling courses and games, you might want to grab a bite at CreekSide Eats’ outdoor patio

Here you can order thin-crust pizzas, mini donuts, and ice creams. Besides that, you can also enjoy a range of beverages such as wine, beer, seltzers, coolers, and handcrafted cocktails. 

On the other hand, drop by the Rainbow Valley Chalet if you’re looking for sweet treats, souvenirs, or camping supplies.