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Best Deck Builders Edmonton

The 10 Best Deck Builders in Edmonton

By Amelie Dube

Summer’s coming, and you feel like your veranda just needs a little reconstruction to make it look nicer. That’s where the best deck builders in Edmonton come in, making your porches look exquisite and ready for hotter weather.

The best installers of composite decking in Edmonton can turn any ho-hum property into a spectacular one. They can also do deck repair if you need your existing deck renovated.

In any case, whether you want the best Edmonton deck repair firms or the best Edmonton deck builders, we have the answers in this list of the best deck builders in Edmonton. These are the ones with the best reviews, most highly trained workers, and top architects.

1.  Prestige Woodworks

Prestige Woodworks' Featured Deck
BEST FOR  General woodworking
PRODUCTS www.prestigewoodworks.ca
WEBSITE www.prestigewoodworks.ca
ADDRESS St. Albert, AB T8N 3V4
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 217-5128
OPERATING HOURS 7:00 am – 7:00 pm (Mon-Fri)9:00 am – 5:00 pm

First in our list of the best deck builders in Edmonton is Prestige Woodwork. They specialise in custom composite decks, cedar and other wood decks, and welded aluminium and glass railings.

They’ll provide no-hassle contractor services with competitive prices for anyone who’s in need of deck building services. By cutting off the middleman, they’ll spare hours of lengthy negotiation and help you get differently designed decks that can make your porch look great.


  • Hassle-free services
  • Quick process
  • Competitive prices

2.  Red Isle Contracting

Red Isle Contracting's Featured Deck
BEST FOR  Custom deck construction
PRODUCTS https://redisledecks.com
WEBSITE https://redisledecks.com
ADDRESS 5724 109a St NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 3C5, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 1.780.965.6130 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Priding themselves as a premier deck installer in Edmonton, Red Isle customises each deck for your home.They’re one of Edmonton’s leading custom deck specialists.

And they create outdoor spaces suitable for your lot all year round. Red Isle has Edmonton’s only Trex Custom Curve Oven and is Edmonton’s only Trex Pro Platinum certified installer.

They also do fence installations and railing installations to complete the package. Their workmanship and quality puts them in our list of the best deck builders in Edmonton.


  • Better Business Bureau partner
  • Certified Trex Pro Platinum installer
  • Locally-made

3.  Cogan Contractors

Cogan Contractors' Featured Deck
(Source: Yelp)
BEST FOR  Deck Building, Carpentry
PRODUCTS https://cogancontractors.ca/deck-building
WEBSITE https://cogancontractors.ca
ADDRESS T6E 2S2, Edmonton, Alberta
CONTACT DETAILS +1-780-224-4096
OPERATING HOURS 9:00-5:00 (Mon-Fri)

Next in our list of the best deck building in Edmonton is Cogan Contractors. Aside from deck building, they offer an array of carpentry services such as fence installations, gate repair, and basement installations in the winter.

They also offer structural, mechanical, and total home renovation services. These include some of the best deck repair services in Edmonton.

With 20 years of experience in the field, you’re sure to get expert workmanship on your veranda, and well-made constructions around your home. That’s why we put them in this roundup of the best deck builders in Edmonton.


  • Accepts credit
  • Customer-service focused
  • Great value

4.  JK Custom Woodwork

JK Custom Woodwork's Featured Deck
BEST FOR  Deck and Railings
PRODUCTS https://en.yelp.com.ph/biz/jk-custom-woodwork-edmonton-3?osq=deck+builder
WEBSITE https://en.yelp.com.ph/biz/jk-custom-woodwork-edmonton-3?osq=deck+builder
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB T5L 0A7
CONTACT DETAILS +1-780-952-7526 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Building custom decks since 2006, JK Custom Woodwork provides free estimates, and all of their services are backed by a one-year written guarantee (90 days if you acquired their plumbing services).

They’re licensed and fully insured as well, so there’s no worry when they work around your lot and things go south.

Aside from deck building, if you’re in need of home renovations, they offer many services to help you out. They’re also among the best Edmonton deck repair companies, for instance.

The carpentry services they provide include framing, decks and fences, garage packages, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, basement development, door installation, baseboards and mouldings, hardwood and laminate flooring installation, and more.

With their standard of quality, they’re one of the best deck building companies in Edmonton.


  • Free estimate
  • Better Business Bureau A+ rating
  • 1 year warranty

5.  Harder Contracting

Harder Contracting's Deck Building
BEST FOR  Fences and Decks
PRODUCTS https://www.hardercontracting.com/services
WEBSITE https://www.hardercontracting.com
ADDRESS Sherwood Park, AB T6P 0C7
CONTACT DETAILS 780-394-4722 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (Mon-Fri) 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Sat)

A locally-owned company mostly focusing on fence installation and repair, Harder also does deck construction. Whether composite, vinyl, or cedar and pressure wrap, they’re there to make sure your floorboards are nicely constructed.

They’re a good source for custom residential, rural, and commercial fencing and decking.Their finished products never fail to impress their clientele.

Aside from decking, they also offer an array of home renovation services, such as demolition, tree removal, fall and spring clean-up, landscaping, and the like.

With their excellent products and services, they’ve earned a spot in the list of the best deck builders in Edmonton.


  • Flexible schedule
  • Six-step process

6.  Black Swan Decking

BEST FOR  Vinyl Decking
PRODUCTS https://blackswandecking.ca/
WEBSITE https://blackswandecking.ca/
ADDRESS 16916 74st NW, Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 293-4433
OPERATING HOURS 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (Mondays to Fridays)

At Black Swan Decking, decks are meant to last you a lifetime. This is because of the company’s commitment to use one key component for their decks — Vinyl.

Vinyl not only provides you with a stunning deck finish. It’s also one of the most durable materials to be used for decks due to the fact that it’s waterproof. Hence, its ability to withstand the test of the weather and time. Not only that, but it’s slip-proof as well so you won’t have to worry about accidents if you do go out on your deck while the weather is wet.

Alongside the vinyl decking are the aluminium railings. Again, the perfect material to use for something meant for the outdoors. Its look is simple yet sleek, all the while as durable as its vinyl counterpart. Black Swan Decking also makes sure that it’s fitted securely, so no mishaps would occur after their services has been completed.


  • Free estimates
  • Maintenance free decking

7. Bathroom Renovations Edmonton

BEST FOR  Renovations
PRODUCTS https://www.bathroomrenovationsedmonton.ca/
WEBSITE https://www.bathroomrenovationsedmonton.ca/
ADDRESS Edmonton
CONTACT DETAILS Visit their website to send an email

Weekends, By Appointment

They are Edmonton’s renovation experts since 2000. They understand that your garage, bathroom, or living room may be your first and last place to head to before and after you get home 

They are passionate in building customized projects to satisfy your preference. Their professionals see every home a place to prove their creative excellence.


  • Professional workers
  • Customized works
  • Free estimates

8.  Ideal Sundecks

(Source: Ideal Sundecks)

BEST FOR  Outdoor Construction
PRODUCTS Sunrooms and solariums: https://www.idealsundecks.ca/na-572/sunrooms-and-solariums

Patio covers and screens: https://www.idealsundecks.ca/na-572/patio-covers

Decks and railings:


WEBSITE https://www.idealsundecks.ca/
ADDRESS 6704 76 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T6B 0A8
CONTACT DETAILS  780-416-3325 | [email protected]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PMSaturdays 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Sundays & After Hours – Appointment Only

For over 35 years, Ideal Sundecks has been designing excellent quality sunrooms, patio covers, and decks to enhance and expand your homes. With their free consultations, estimates, and special offers, you will not just get to save up money on your outdoor construction, but you will also be able to enjoy the sunshine in Edmonton!

If you are running out of ideas or if you’re not sure which design is compatible with your house, Ideal Sundecks also got you covered. You can visit their showroom located at 67 Street corner 76 Avenue, Argyll Road, or you can visit their website to check their customers’ testimonials.


  • Free consultation and estimates 
  • 2011 Myers Award Winner for Outstanding Operations

9.  Deck Daddy

(Source: Deck Daddy)

BEST FOR  Deck or yard projects
Privacy walls
Custom Deck Lighting
Sun Rooms
Floating Decks
Circular Decks
WEBSITE https://www.deckdaddy.net/
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS https://www.deckdaddy.net/contact
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

Deck Daddy specializes in building custom decks for their customers. They understand that each terrain and property is different, which is why they custom build each project depending on each customer.

Furthermore, their skills also ensure that each project is completed on time and built within your specifications.


  • Free estimates and consultations
  • Only uses high-quality materials

10. Edmonton Decks

(Source: Edmonton Decks)

BEST FOR  Deck experts
PRODUCTS Pressure Treated Decks
Composite Decks
Vinyl Decks
PVC Decks
WEBSITE https://www.deckpro.ca/
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS https://www.deckdaddy.net/contact
OPERATING HOURS Contact for more details

Edmonton Decks has a team of extensively trained and highly qualified team of professionals. Unlike other companies, they ensure that there is a red seal journeyman carpenter onsite for every job to ensure everyone’s safety as well as the quality of their work.

You can be sure that they love what they do and have vast knowledge of deck construction, installation, and design, making them one of the best companies to approach when you want to see if a particular deck is possible on your property.

When they say that they offer no-obligation quotes, they also mean it. They won’t pressure you at all if you think that they aren’t the perfect fit for what you’re looking for in a service provider.


  • Quality craftmanship
  • Over 35 years of experience
  • Free, no pressure estimates

And that’s it for the list of the best deck builders in Edmonton. Whether you need a repair or a full-on renovation of your lanai, these companies will help with the construction in no time.

If you need a full-on house construction, be sure to check out our other service lists in this series. Try out our list of the best home builders in Edmonton, for instance!