Services Available in Vet Clinics

Services Available in Vet Clinics

Veterinary clinics provide helpful services to ensure animal welfare. The extent of assistance varies greatly amongst clinics depending on the size of their facility, available equipment, and personnel. 

However, some services are pretty standard. Here are the traditional services most vet clinics provide. 

Examinations and Diagnosis

If you’re concerned about your pet’s welfare, taking them to a veterinary clinic for a thorough examination and diagnosis is essential. 

Veterinarians can check for specific health concerns with their eyes, ears, hand and mind. Generally, routine check-ups focus on studying the coat, skin, teeth, temperature, behavioural patterns, and diet of pets. 

Full-service vet clinics can access diagnostic laboratory equipment such as X-ray machines or electrocardiography.

Clinical Services

Apart from examining your pet, vet clinics provide various clinical services to treat animal diseases. 

Just as humans need doctors, psychologists, and other health specialists to treat diseases and disorders, pets also need special care when they have medical concerns. 

Vet clinics offer a wide range of treatment options, including surgery, spay and neutering, behavioural therapy, chiropractic care, cardiology, and many more. 

Not all clinics offer all treatment options. Some clinics may not have a specialized animal cardiology department, for instance.

However, most vet clinics are well-equipped to handle routine procedures like spaying and neutering. 


Just as humans require regular visits to dentists or orthodontists to take care of their teeth, animals also need dental services from vet clinics. 

Keeping their teeth in the best shape will help keep them in good condition. You can take your pet in for dental cleaning/prophylaxis or pulling their teeth.

Believe it or not, animals get cavities, too, so getting in touch with an animal dentist will help your pet immensely. 


Vet clinics also offer vaccination services to keep your pets protected against diseases. Vaccinations are suitable for pets, but they sometimes come with side effects.

We suggest thoroughly discussing your options before proceeding with your vet so you can make informed decisions regarding your pet’s medical care.

Drug Prescription

Your vet may need to prescribe medicine if your pet has a medical condition or a particular constitution. 

Many vet clinics also have a pharmacy where you can buy the drugs you need for your pet. 


Apart from clinical services, vet clinics offer grooming services. They provide routine therapeutic bathing services to keep your pet healthy and parasite-free.

Regular grooming will also ensure that your pet’s nails are just the right length to maintain healthy foot structure and posture. 

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Vet clinics offer various services that ensure your pet’s overall health. Regular visits to your vet clinic will help you catch and treat diseases early. 

We suggest going in for a routine exam at least once a year for your pet’s safety.

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