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Why You Should Get Your Dog Groomed

Why You Should Get Your Dog Groomed

Your dog needs to be showered regularly, and sure you can do that at home, but other parts of the grooming process may need a more professional hand.

Find out the reasons why you hould have your dog groomed today.

Better Smell and Hygiene

Naturally, getting your dog professionally groomed can ensure that they come out of the groomer’s squeaky clean. A professional groomer will make sure all dead skin and buildup are cleaned and brushed away.

This way, you won’t need to deal with a stinky and dirty pet. 

Prevent Skin Irritations

If your dog is regular, you can prevent any skin irritations. If you take them to the same groomer every time, the groomer will become increasingly familiar with them and will be able to tell if they have abnormalities on their skin.

This can help you detect any skin and health issues earlier so your vet can address them before they get worse. 

Nail Trim

One of the most difficult part of grooming is the nail trimming, which is why it’s often overlooked. However, trimming your dog’s nails is also important for its wellbeing.

Much like a human will be very inconvenienced by long, untrimmed, and unkempt nails, a dog without a regular trim can be uncomfortable too. Dogs with too long nails may find it more difficult to walk.

As a result, they may change their posture to accommodate the long nails which can create bigger problems such as bad posture, arthritis, and bone deformations. 

Prevent Ear Infections

Regular grooming for your dog can also prevent ear infections. Ear infections are actually some of the most common ailments amongst dogs, and you can avoid this easily by preventing any gunk or buildup in your dog’s ears.

The lengthier parts of hair on your dog could also be causing further issues around their ears, and your dog groomer will be sure to trim those as well.

Using Correct Brushes

The frequency and kind of grooming your dog requires may vary from breed to breed. There are different ways to groom different breeds, and as a fur parent, you may not necessarily be completely aware of it.

There are also different kinds of brushes that work for different fur types. Using the wrong kind may be bad for your dog’s health, so it’s important to get them groomed using the correct brush.

Using the correct brush will make sure damaged and dead hair is removed to allow new growth.

Trust us, your dog’s coat and your couch will thank you for the minimized shedding as a result.

Avoid Matting

Finally, regular grooming ensures that your pet’s fur is detangled and cleaned. This will help your dog avoid matting.

Matting can make your dog pull on their skin and create painful sore patches, so keeping their hair soft and matt-free is important.

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