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The 5 Best Cooking Classes in Edmonton

Best Cooking Classes in Edmonton
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Cooking is a skill everyone needs to learn regardless of age or background. After all, we all need to eat, right? Fortunately, these best cooking classes in Edmonton can teach you tips and tricks in using the stovetop, even if you’re a total beginner.

From simple dishes like French Toast to complicated stews and full-course meals, they’ll teach you dishes that will satisfy hungry bellies and discerning tongues. You won’t regret enrolling in any of their classes.

We’ve looked around, looking for schools or kitchens around Edmonton willing to share their skills for a nice price. And here are the ones we’ve picked out. Come take a look!

1.  Awn Kitchen

BEST FOR  Cooking Classes and Cafe
ADDRESS Edmonton, AB
CONTACT DETAILS 780 906 0509 | [email protected]

Awn Kitchen assures great cooking can be learned from them. They mostly focus on organic and seasonal food, keeping up the mindset that you need to know where your food comes from.

As one of the best cooking classes in Edmonton, they have a more homey approach to cooking food — it’s the stuff “grandma used to make”. Hearty, homecooked, organic, and great meals are what you’ll learn to cook if you go to Awn Kitchen.


  • Scheduled and private classes available
  • Organic ingredients
  • Gift cards

2.  Sorrentino’s

Sorrentino's Logo
BEST FOR  Cooking Classes
ADDRESS 10665 109 Street Edmonton, AB T5H 3B5
CONTACT DETAILS 780.474.6466 | [email protected]

Sorrentino’s is ideal when you want to join a group class. Whether you want an interesting date night, or a fun activity with friends, they can accommodate a large number of people.

After the cooking classes, they offer a family style dinner as well as wine-tasting. That means you can also brush up on your knowledge of fine wines here.

Being one of the best cooking classes in Edmonton, they’ll teach you how to cook Italian meals, and great kitchen hacks. However, you’ll need to call them for a reservation.


  • Free wine tasting
  • Ideal for large groups
  • Gift cards available


3.  Kitchen by Brad Smoliak

Kitchen by Brad Smoliak's Logo
(Source: Kitchen by Brad Smoliak)
BEST FOR  Cooking Classes
ADDRESS 101, 10130–105TH ST, Edmonton, AB T5J 1C9
CONTACT DETAILS +1 780.757.7704 • [email protected]

Kitchen by Brad has got to be one of the best cooking classes in Edmonton, since it lets you learn so much in just 3 hours. They’ll be teaching you how to create amazing dishes, and will offer a family-style tasting after the lesson.

They also provide free coffee, tea, and sparkling water for the participants. They also have customized cooking classes, personalized to your dietary needs, favorite cuisines, or any fun theme you want, as well as express cooking classes for those lacking in time, but still eager to learn.


  • 3-hour sessions
  • Free beverages
  • Suitable for 10 people


4.  Get Cooking Edmonton

Get Cooking Edmonton's Logo
(Source: Get Cooking Edmonton)
BEST FOR  Cooking Classes
ADDRESS MacEwan University Campus, 11050 104 Avenue NW Edmonton AB, T5K 2Y9.
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 566-2106 | [email protected]

Get Cooking Edmonton focuses on the use of local ingredients to create inspired dishes that will satisfy the stomach. They have a calendar that will alert you to what kind of food they’ll be teaching to cook per day.

In this one of Edmonton’s best cooking classes, you’ll enjoy the expertly detailed, step-by-step lessons that they provide. Their goal is to demystify cooking and empower people to become confident in the kitchen.


  • Gift certificates available
  • Scheduled classes


5.  Palates

Palates' Cupcakes
BEST FOR  Cooking Classes
ADDRESS 5546 Calgary Trail NW Edmonton, AB T6H 4K1
CONTACT DETAILS (780) 297-0690 | [email protected]

Next in our list of the best cooking classes in Edmonton is Palates. Catering to children, teenagers, and adults, they teach a very holistic view of cooking.

They do a back-to-basics approach, and develop a healthier lifestyle through the choice of meals one will be cooking. Their classes can be used for parties, special events and more.


  • Caters to all ages
  • Workshops available
  • All events catered to

The best cooking classes Edmonton teach you earn a lifelong skill and can help you improve in it.

Are there any other great classes that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

However, even if you are proficient in whipping up meals in the kitchen, cooking for a large crowd could be completely harrowing. So, if you need food for a big party, a better solution is to call up the best catering in Edmonton to cook hearty, delicious meals, from the hors d’oeuvres to the desserts.