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January 25-February 12: Unsung: Tales from the Front Line

January 25-February 12 Unsung Tales from the Front Line
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January 25-February 12: Unsung: Tales from the Front Line

If you’re a fan of theater, don’t miss out on Unsung: Tales From the Front Line, an immersive performance event. It will be showing starting January 25 and will last until February 12 at The Gateway Theatre (8529 Gateway Blvd NW). 

The show's goal is to celebrate and honor the contributions of healthcare workers from Alberta. 

In this immersive experience, you’ll witness stories of healthcare workers during the pandemic. These are all inspired by actual interviews with health workers who are fellow Edmontonians. 

Unsung was created by Heather Inglis in collaboration with Darrin Hagen. It is presented by Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre in partnership with Theatre Yes and Ground Zero Productions. 

Heather Inglis graduated from the National Theatre School of Canada. She’s a widely celebrated and award-winning director, dramaturg, and producer. 

She was nominated for the Playwrights’ Guild of Canada’s Bra D’Or Award for her work in promoting Canadian women playwrights through Theatre Yes. Nine of her productions were nominated for 17 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards. 

She has directed over 40 productions and has worked with Workshop West Theatre; Northern Light Theatre; Azimuth Theatre; Theatre Junction; Gordon Tootoosis Nikaniwin Theatre (SK), Citadel Theatre, Live Five (SK), The Doppler Effect Productions (NS); Alberta Playwrights Network; Saskatchewan Playwrights' Centre; Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre; The Notable Acts Festival (NB),  and various universities in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon.

Previous work includes Here There Be Night (2020), Metronome (2021), and Tell Us What Happened (2022). 

Darrin Hagen, on the other hand, uses a verbatim technique in order to show real-life events and make them come to life in plays, documentaries, and other media. He arranges the narratives and archival resources he has to illustrate actual events. 

His works worth looking into include The Edmonton Queen, Witch Hunt at the Strand, The Empress & The Prime Minister, among others. 

His technique, combined with Heather’s extensive theater and directing experience, made way for this masterpiece. You’ll get to see living portraits of people in health care. 

Tickets for this show can be booked here. If you buy them online, they come in three tiers: $25, $33, and $40. 

Should you buy them at the door, they will retail for $33.