5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

5 Benefits of Massage Therapy

A good massage can work some serious magic. Ask anyone who’s had a high-quality, professional massage and they’ll tell you how wonderful it feels to have all your kinks worked out.

However, there’s more to massage therapy than removing some tension in your back. Here’s why you should add massage therapy to your health and wellness strategy.

1. Reduce Stress 

Stress is one thing all people share to varying degrees. 

Whether you’re having a tough day at work, a tumultuous divorce, or just having a rough week because of everything that’s going on in your life, a good massage therapy session can help alleviate your stress.

Regular massages can help relieve any stress or anxiety that you experience on a daily basis. For some, this helps them sleep better too.

All in all, this is one activity we will never get tired of recommending if you need to unwind.

2. Reduce Body Pain or Soreness

There are different kinds of aches and pains that our body develops over the course of our lives. Some we get as a result of a gym membership, some we get out of working.

Ever tried horseback riding? That can leave you achy fast.

Whatever the case may be, we can guarantee a good massage therapy can relieve you of any muscle pain or soreness you may have. 

In fact, therapeutic massage is one of the top recovery tools after a tough workout. It can also reduce bodily pain for people with chronic pain or any syndrome with that as a side effect. 

Massage may even relieve pain related to surgery and fibromyalgia.

3. Increase Energy

If you’re feeling sluggish, getting a massage can help improve your mood. Massage can encourage an increase in oxygenation in your body by increasing blood circulation. 

This means you get an increase in muscular energy, reduce muscular fatigue, and keep your muscles strong and healthy overall.

This will help you feel more energized overall, so we suggest you try it soon.

4. Lower Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

If you have hypertension, massage therapy may be able to help you. Not only does it reduce high blood pressure, it can also positively affect your sympathetic nervous system.

The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for raising your blood pressure when you’re stressed. 

However, there are certain considerations you need to take before you get a massage if you have a high blood pressure because not all kinds of massage can be good for you. 

We recommend getting your cardiologist’s approval prior to booking a session to make sure you’re getting the proper treatment.

5. Improve Immune Function

Getting sick is always inconvenient, not to mention costly. If you’re feeling like you come down with a cold or some other minor illness all too often, you may need a bit of help.

Massage therapy can increase the number of your lymphocytes, the type of white blood cells which is responsible for defending your body from diseases. 

Having regular massage therapy sessions may help improve your body condition. Research also suggests it can help reduce markers of disease in your body such as inflammation or stress hormones.

Good massage therapy can help you resolve so many problems, so we definitely suggest you give it a try. If you’re interested in learning how to do it yourself, here’s some of the best massage schools in Edmonton you can check out.