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The 3 Best Adoption Agencies in Edmonton

Best Adoption Agencies in Edmonton
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The 3 Best Adoption Agencies in Edmonton

The choice to start a family is a huge milestone for many. If you’re considering adoption or are looking for adoption-related options, we’ve looked at the best adoption agencies in Edmonton that will offer the necessary support and services for you!

The agencies in this list have been chosen because they cover not only adoption, but also present you with other services such as adoption-related counselling, fostering, and important resources for anyone who is already parenting or currently pregnant.

The Top Choices for Adoption Services in Edmonton

The following agencies have been considered based on experience, services, and the additional resources they offer. No matter which of them you contact, we think that each agency will give you the support you are looking for.

1. Adoption Options

Adoption Options' Homepage
SERVICESopen adoption, special needs adoption, international adoption, private direct adoption processing, home assessments, post adoption support, education programs, training for professionals, counseling and mediation for families, adopted children and adult adopted persons
ADDRESS#6 9363 50 Street Edmonton, AB T6B 2L5
CONTACT NUMBER780-433-5656 (telephone)
403-519-7927 (pregnancy support)
780-718-4272 (birthparent text line)
[email protected]

Adoption Options is at the top of our list because of their experience when it comes to open adoption. In fact, their website offers valuable information about open adoption.

They have multiple programs for anyone looking to adopt. These include their Domestic Open Adoption Program, International Adoption Program, and Private Direct Adoption Program.

Their programs and services for those facing unplanned pregnancies and those already parenting are very detailed. Anyone in need of these services can easily access information about the entire process since they are outlined on their site.

On top of all that, they aim to build an open and non-judgmental adoption circle by hosting annual family picnics and workshops for their members. And for anyone looking for direct support, they also offer one-to-one counselling and can provide peer and professional connections.

We also appreciate their website for including a wide selection of resources and reading materials for everyone, including birth parents, adoptive parents, and children. These books and stories are listed by category and include a short summary. 

While they also have an office in Calgary, their social workers are also available to travel across Alberta. We are pleased to report that they have birth parent text lines, pregnancy call support, as well as weekend and holiday emergency support. 


  • Weekend and holiday emergency support
  • Provides educational workshops and counselling to members
  • Multiple adoption programs
  • Many resources on open adoption and many other areas and topics
  • Social workers can travel throughout Alberta 


  • Fees are not listed publicly

Customer reviews

Helped build our family

“Adoption Options helped us build our family! After struggling to have children biologically, we turned to Adoption Options to learn more about adoption and the process. At every step of our adoption journey, AO was there to offer their expertise, support, and encouragement. Thanks to them, we have a wonderful son and a great relationship with his birth mother. Thank you Adoption Options for all that you do. Adoption rocks!!”––Michelle Weinhandl, Google Reviews

Welcoming and flexible

“This team is extremely welcoming and completely flexible. Unsure about our own journey into parenthood, the people at Adoption Options helped us understand the myriad of possibilities available to us as future parents. They shared countless, wonderful stories of different journeys and adventures. Even more, they have been exceptional at opening our eyes to the exciting reality that we can raise a child with the knowledge and support of birth parents and birth family members. We highly recommend Adoption Options.”––Sean Morrow, Google Reviews

2. Alberta Adoption Service

Alberta Adoption Service's Homepage
SERVICESSpecial needs adoption, private adoption, international adoption, financial assistance for adoptive families, foster care applications, adult adoption, adoption reunion services, 
ADDRESSChildren’s Services Adoption Services
10th Floor, Sterling Place
9940 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2N2
CONTACT NUMBER780-422-0178

The Alberta Adoption Service is the Alberta government’s official adoption service agency. They offer all adoption-related services like private and international adoption, but what’s also noteworthy is that they accept applications for financial support for adoptive families.

The website itself is very well organized, and anyone interested in adopting will very much like the layout. It’s worth noting that the cost of different adoption types are also shown up front, which is useful for those inquiring.

They do not disclose an exact amount, but for private adoptions, expect to pay $250 for filing documents with the Court on top of other charges, and if necessary, an additional $3,000 for a Home Study Report through another licensed adoption agency. The whole process may take 2-6 months after the application has been filed.

For international adoption, they declare that the cost ranges between $15,000 to $40,000, and may take 3-4 years before the family is placed with the child.

For children in permanent government care, there are no costs except those charges for obtaining supporting documents, and undergoing medical exams. Adult adoption is also an option, and the cost of application is $250.

It’s also good to know that all necessary and specific resources are provided. The complexities and procedures are well-outlined on their website.

We also find that their program, Wednesday’s Child, may make it easier for those looking to adopt to match with a child.

This program selectively features the children in government care who are seeking families. They show profiles of the children on CTV Edmonton, CTV Calgary, and CTV Two Alberta.

Former Wednesday Children happily provide their testimonies and success stories on the site, too, attesting to the success of this program by the Alberta Adoption Service.

On top of that, child profiles are also provided. Here, interested individuals can describe the child they are looking for, and the profiles of children who want to be part of a family are provided.


  • Cost estimates of legal procedures are declared
  • Well-outlined procedure showing application flow and necessary documents
  • Resources are provided
  • Offers financial support applications for adoptive families
  • Directly affiliated to the government of Alberta


  • Open adoption is not listed on the site
  • No text or call line for pregnant parents

3. Pathways Family Services

Pathways Family Services' Homepage
SERVICESFoster care, home assessment, home study reports
ADDRESS6758 – 75 Street NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 6T9
CONTACT NUMBER780-488-2444
[email protected] (foster care)
[email protected] (home assessment) 

If you think that you are capable of and are interested in providing foster care instead, then Pathways Family Services is the way to go. They are looking for qualified individuals to care for children who mostly have special needs.

You’ll appreciate the clear requirements for eligibility listed on their website. They’ll also walk you through the entire process from beginning to end.

Each step is accompanied by an estimated timeframe, so you’ll know what to expect. Typically, the whole process takes up to 5-6 months.

Pathways also does home assessment and home study reports, which are sometimes required for applicants looking to adopt. They also complete other written reports, such as those for private guardianship, foster care, foster to adopt, kinship care, adoption, child specific adoption, and custody.

Since fostering is different from adoption, they also answer a lot of questions potential foster parents might have. It is also good to see that a host of resources are readily available too, to ensure that foster caregivers are well equipped before taking on the responsibility. 


  • Various useful resources are available on their site
  • Eligibility requirements are well outlined
  • Step-by-step process is clear


  • Website can benefit from a blog section
  • Adult foster care not covered

FAQs about Adoption Agencies in Edmonton

We hope you’ve decided on which agency to pick for this major decision. Please reach out if you have a question, or would like to recommend other agencies we might’ve missed.

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