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Best Bed Bug Exterminators in Edmonton

The 5 Fastest and Best Bed Bug Exterminators in Edmonton

By Ethan Cote

A good night’s sleep is almost unattainable if you’re plagued by pesky bed bugs. Luckily, the best bed bug exterminators in Edmonton are just a call away, so you’d have no trouble getting rid of them.

We went all over to find pest control services whose methods are tried-and-tested, as well as safe and non-invasive. And these were the ones that were suggested to us by many locals.

Come and check them out!

1.  Birch Fumigators

Birch Fumigators' Logo
(Source:Birch Fumigators)
BEST FOR  Pest Control
PRODUCTS https://www.birchfumigators.ca/services
WEBSITE https://www.birchfumigators.ca/
ADDRESS 20412 118A Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2S7
CONTACT DETAILS 780-809-3237 | [email protected]

Birch Fumigators is one of the most dependable as well as the best bug exterminators in Edmonton. They have a unique way of detecting bed bugs, which is deploying K-9 units to see if there have been bed bugs nesting around your place.

They use a safe way to get rid of bed bugs without being invasive or without involving the usage of dangerous chemicals. That’s one reason so many customers with families and pets love them.


  • Same-day services
  • Free quote
  • Heat treatment extermination

2.  You Kill Bed Bugs LTD

You Kill Bed Bugs LTD's Logo
(Source:You Kill Bed Bugs)
BEST FOR  Residential, Commercial, Industrial Services
PRODUCTS http://www.midgaardsprayfoamsystems.com
WEBSITE http://www.midgaardsprayfoamsystems.com
ADDRESS 11308 91 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5B 4A3 780-628-6448
CONTACT DETAILS 1-844-411-2657 | [email protected]

They offer a full-house service for those who want to get rid of bed bugs. But if you want to save cash, they offer a DIY Safeheat Kit that can kill 92% of bed bugs in one treatment for a reasonable cost.

With no toxic pesticides, their extermination is not invasive or dangerous. That’s why they’re among the best bed bug exterminators in Edmonton.


  • Eco-friendly
  • DIY tools provided if desired
  • 1 year service warranty

3.  We Clean Bed Bugs

We Clean Bed Bugs' Logo
BEST FOR  General Pest Control
PRODUCTS https://wecleanbedbugs.ca/pest-control-alberta/
WEBSITE https://wecleanbedbugs.ca
CONTACT DETAILS 1-587-990-3330 | [email protected]

Next in our list of the best bed bug exterminators in Edmonton is We Clean Bed Bugs. They have a very quick, efficient manner of using heat treatment in getting rid of pests.

It only takes an hour and one treatment to get rid of those bugs for good. With their immediate services, non-invasive manner of extermination, and competitive pricing, they’re one of the best bed bug exterminators in Edmonton.


  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick services, process done in 6-8 hours

Customer Reviews

Here’s what clients have to say about them:

Wonderful costumer service. Very professional. Highly recommended. As a woman I was very comfortable with the gentleman that came over. Great company to deal with.

— Charna B, Testimonials

Phenomenal work and completely restored my peace of mind!

—William Potter, Testimonials


4.  Professional Pest Management

Professional Pest Management's Logo
(Source: Professional Pest Management)
BEST FOR  Bed Bug Control
PRODUCTS https://professionalpestmanagement.com/bed-bug-removal-services/
WEBSITE https://professionalpestmanagement.com
ADDRESS 15504 99 Ave NW #1, Edmonton, AB T5P 0J1, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS 780-217-9047

With non-toxic treatments and deep inspections, these exterminators stop at nothing to keep your home bug-free. They provide alternative solutions to getting rid of pests and even for detecting them, to make sure no nook or cranny is overlooked.

They also offer special prevention treatments to make sure that no future infestation happens. Their dedication to providing great services is what makes them one of the best exterminators for bed bugs in Edmonton.


  • Same-day services
  • Free inspection
  • One-year guarantee


5.  Edmonton Antipest

Edmonton Antipest's Logo
(Source:Edmonton Exterminators)
BEST FOR  Pest Extermination
PRODUCTS https://edmonton-antipest.ca/bed-bugs-edmonton/
WEBSITE https://edmonton-antipest.ca/bed-bugs-edmonton/
ADDRESS 11027-102 St., Edmonton, AB, T5H 3X2
CONTACT DETAILS 780-999-9965 | [email protected]

Edmonton Antipest boasts one of the cheapest services around Edmonton. They use chemicals in their home treatment, but don’t let that bother you. You see, they follow through their mission of green service, which means that they only use safe chemicals that are nontoxic.

Their thorough assessment and 24/7 services mean your home can be made pest-free at any time of the day. That’s why they’re on the list of the best bed bug exterminators in Edmonton.


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Low prices
  • 24/7 services

Getting rid of bed bugs means getting a good night’s sleep — so why not call these best bed bug exterminators in Edmonton to help you get an uninterrupted slumber?

Are there any services that we missed, though? Send us a message and we’ll update the article promptly.

And if you still need more extensive choices, here’s the list of the best exterminators of bed bugs in Edmonton. You may find one there that’s more suitable for your pest control needs.